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    SEO on a clients site built with Dreamweaver... But I don't have Dreamweaver arrrrghhhh!

    Mena Jo in SEO

    Hiya Really need some advice here guys. I've only ever worked with WordPress sites, but now I'm faced with doing some on-page SEO work for a client who has built ... [read more]

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    chistyle in SEO

    Hi over the past few months I've noticed that my Webhost provider (Hostgator) has got Attracta SEO Tools in the Cpanel . I'm just wondering if anyone has used the ... [read more]

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    Quick question about silo structuring.

    Karribu in SEO

    Hello. I understand the 3 groups. Landing page Category Pages Posts I know about not contaminating each silo, but I'm confused about the linking back up to landing page. Do ... [read more]

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    Website Index disappears from Google certain keyword search

    ryonn in SEO

    Hi there, I am new to this thread. I would like to enquire about this problem that I am having I have a new website that went online 2 weeks ... [read more]

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    Minimum exact search count

    cbnet in SEO

    What you recommend for exact gloabal minimum search count & exact minimum local (US) search count with medium competition & low competition while doing google keywod search tool.

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    SEO question for page in an Iframe

    D_Incredible_Hulk in SEO

    I want to know if i call a page on my site in an iframe on FB .... and I get users to comment (i will have the FB comment ... [read more]

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    Google new updation

    akashseo in SEO

    please share some Google updates if anybody well-known about it,

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    What exactly are unnatural links

    cashtree in SEO

    Since apparently Google fails at solving this simple problem and instead opts to punish webmasters who have no control over it. What exactly are "unnatural" links according to google? are ... [read more]

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    Quick backlink question (I've always wondered about this)

    xxxJamesxxx in SEO

    Hey guys I've always wondered about this but would I get any benefits blasting links to a page of my site even though I've already blasted links from the same ... [read more]

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    Am i banned from Google Adsense

    Badshah in SEO

    My Adsense account is active, I use it on all my domains other than one, (which was my key money maker) receive payments and account is fully functional. google sent ... [read more]

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    How to get Live link after submitting an article on a article directory

    seoglobalexperts004 in SEO

    Hello mates, I know this is a stupid question but actually i am stuck with a website . I submitted my article on it and also it is showing ... [read more]

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    ghazia in SEO

    User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: Disallow: /*? Disallow: /content/ User-agent: Bingbot Disallow: Disallow: /*? Disallow: /content/ User-agent: Slurp Disallow: / Disallow: /*? Disallow: /content/ User-agent: * Disallow: / Disallow: /*? Disallow: /content/ ... [read more]

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    Is it a good idea to buy anything on fiverr relating to SEO?

    pepper81 in SEO

    Hi guys, Do you think it is a good idea to buy backlinks or any other type of seo service on fiverr? I've been thinking of buying a few different ... [read more]

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    Website using MAN dropped its ranking

    smithwhite in SEO

    Hi, i was building backlinks, using MAN, but yesterday my website dropped its rank form Top7 page 1 to page20. Anybody else facing same problem.

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    Reccomended Tools For Web 2.0 Account Creation?

    seococonuts in SEO

    Hi guys I just thought I would ask and see who is using what for creating their accounts as web 2.0 sites. I normally do this manually and hand-pick the ... [read more]

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    Duplicating content on my site and wordpress movie widget

    amiramin in SEO

    hi, I am creating a movie website, and i thinking of using rotten tomatoes reviews for that, the same way as has linked those reviews to their website. SO ... [read more]

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    Looking for High PR Private Homepage Networks

    ShaneMcc in SEO

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations for legit Private High PR Homepage Contextual backlink networks? I am also looking for quality individual links from pr5/pr6 and pr7 sites if anyone ... [read more]

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    Do URL's w/o <A> tags count?

    agc in SEO

    Does Google count a URL w/o an <a> tag as a link? I suspect they do, but I don't have conclusive evidence. I base my suspicion on a few things ... [read more]

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    I know... yet another stupid keyword question, please help.

    wyatt2011 in SEO

    Just curious. I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere. What happens to the high cpc keywords with low competition... but with a low search volume. Does anybody ... [read more]

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    Adwords help

    bella5 in SEO

    Hi WF, I've just created my first ad using adwords and things haven't gone to plan, perhaps I'm missing something... So, I've created my first with just one keyword to ... [read more]

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    "Quotes" Confusion - Do You Know The Answer?

    kiethdavis in SEO

    Okay, I understand the importance of putting quote marks around your search term in the Google search engine to assess the number of sites that are competing with you on ... [read more]

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    seo problem, need your help, thank you

    GaryBrown in SEO

    Hey guys, I'm new to seo, and hope you can help me with the following problem: I am running a site, its title is "Sugar Mommy Online Dating site for ... [read more]

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    Websites using ALN dropped

    mandos123 in SEO

    Hello, 2 days ago two of my websites using ALN dropped 5-10 positions in SERP. Is ALN having some troubles?

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    Pages of Semi-Related content on site

    redstanford in SEO

    hello I have a product review site on wine refrigerators. it ranks very well on page 1 but in order to help push it to the top, I've been adding ... [read more]

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    Anyone using 'Google Stop Words' in their domain names?

    salegurus in SEO

    Hey Warriors As we all know getting a good domain name with relevant keywords these days is like winning the Lotto. And yes i think keyword rich domain names are ... [read more]

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    Fiverr down??

    lonfore in SEO

    I cant access fiverr at all. is anybody facing this problem? is fiverr down?

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    What is Article Robot?

    lonfore in SEO

    I just wanted to know about Article Robot from you expert guys. What it does? I think it writes articles and distribute in article directories. Right?

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    Google is our master, we really are not independent business owners

    outwest in SEO

    Every day you hear new threads, Panda this, Panda that, now google is deindexing HPBL networks, did you know that ALN lost 5000 domains this week (deindexed) Basically when doing ... [read more]

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    Just noticed: Adsense title changes color on hover

    paulgl in SEO

    Found this out by accident, and then noticed the blog post. Highlighting ad titles - Inside AdSense Makes sense to me! Paul

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    Opinions on using same content on money site for backlinks??

    jlady in SEO

    Do you think it is a good/bad idea to use the same content on your "money" site as content for article backlinks on a blog network for instance? My question ... [read more]

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    Local/Offline SEO: To rent or not?

    Bryan V in SEO

    I've been looking into site rental and local/offline SEO for a while now and was wondering how you Warriors handle the job. Do YOU rent or not? What kind of ... [read more]

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    How can i find low CPC keywords?

    rmindel in SEO

    Hi, I've just started with the whole adsense scene, bought a domain + hosting, and some 30$ worth of advertising in yahoo. for those 30$ i thought i would get ... [read more]

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    What is the best pay per lead ad network?

    yaji in SEO

    I know commision junction has those ads, but what is the best pay per lead ad network from your own experience?

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    Website or blog?

    Alex Wilson in SEO

    My wife (who is a published author) has written some new works and I want to market these for her as ebooks, but I'm not sure of the best way ... [read more]

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    Need an expert on adsense/PPC/SEO

    lmooney1028 in SEO

    Hi, I need an expert on adsense/PPC/SEO to deliver a webinar to my list - in return you can use the webinar to market any product or WSO that you ... [read more]

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    Adsense "referral"?

    Emailrevealer in SEO

    I'm helping one of my affiliate newbies to set up her blog with adsense and she's at a point where its asking her for a referral. Is that me? Do ... [read more]

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    How can you find older page of a website

    Ratty in SEO

    I hope someone can help me - I need to find some older web pages from a on of my websits. Is that possible? thanks B

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    How can you attract high paying adsense ads on your site?

    mistyone in SEO

    Hi folks I have a few Olympic sites and one of them is receiving around 60-100 clicks per day now but the problem is, the ads aren't paying very high. ... [read more]

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    Sitemap for SEO

    darnoc92 in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I'm having trouble figuring out sitemaps. I have created a sitemap.xml file, posted it correctly and submitted it to google but have noticed many sites also have an ... [read more]

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    i got contacted by a marketing company wanting to place ads on my site

    loginname in SEO

    Hi Today I got email from asking to pay $185 (check or paypal) annualy for a link on my site. It has never happend to me before that any ... [read more]

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    The death of high PageRank homepage backlink networks

    bradudan in SEO

    I have found a very interesting article today about high PageRank homepage backlink networks . I want to put here to find out your opinion about it .. It is ... [read more]

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    Page views have dropped dramatically

    gwynnsh in SEO

    Hello, I'm new to this site & I was wondering if anyone could help me with a dilemma. I bought a website about a month or so ago on Flippa ... [read more]

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    Good directory submitter?

    soup in SEO

    Can anyone recommend a good directory submitter that logs all submissions and allows you to add new sites?

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    Free Class C IP Directory site List

    sanjuk61 in SEO

    Hello Everyone can you provide me Class c ip Free directory site list with High PR Thanks

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    Bing Adsense?

    tizak in SEO

    Hi Folks, wishing to explore other revenue streams beside Google I wandered over to the Microsoft Advertising pubCenter site. Is Microsoft really this far behind Google? Or is there another ... [read more]

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    is it risky adding an afilliate form to my site ?


    Hi, I understand google is not keen on affiliate sites ? But I would like to add a form prominently on every page, is there a certain way to do ... [read more]

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    Rank Tracker - How to Hide AdWords Results?

    dminorfmajor in SEO

    So I noticed today when I searched for a term I was ranking for that my term showed up as #6 in Rank Tracker but when I manually Google it ... [read more]

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    How important is Phrase-to-Broad in Market Samurai?

    ckbank in SEO

    If you use market Samurai, do you take PBR seriously when picking niche keywords?

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    Root PR Vs. Page PR ?

    TheTruth2011 in SEO

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, if the root PR of a particular page is high (say PR:5), but the page you post a comment to get a backlink is ... [read more]

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    Keyword SERP Tracking Software - WebPosition vs RankTracker

    Vandalizm in SEO

    Hi all how are you this fine Monday? Quick Question: What software do you all use to monitor your SERPs?? I used WebPosition at my old company for a year ... [read more]

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    Are blog netowrks still effective?

    allsystems in SEO

    Just wanted to knw are blog networks still effective? I have read a few posts now saying they are not effective anymore. If in your opinion they ARE effective please ... [read more]

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    Make free money from adsense ($100) in 2 weeks

    karismasand in SEO

    Hi, Like i said in the title i need a person that want to earn some free money from adsense I prefer that person to be from US and must ... [read more]

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    Panda is Updated on 27th Feb 2012

    upendraets in SEO

    Hello To All, After Completing 1 year of Google panda . it is updated again with google panda 3.3 on 27th Feb 2012. there is 40 minor features updated with ... [read more]

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    Fundermentalist in SEO

    will you go keywords that has a high competition or the one that has a low or medium competition

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    Backlink indexing..

    InnoSoft in SEO

    hi, does backlink energizer still works?? is it best to buy backlink indexer and their cluster pack? any info about it?