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    Should you combine adsense and clickbank??

    hobokook in SEO

    Hi, In general, is it a good idea to combine adsense and clickbank? I have a blog that covers the fitness niche and I have adsense on my site. But ... [read more]

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    spyoftheworld in SEO

    Hey Warriors I have a blog and it already ranks in google 1st page for the main keyword i want to change it to and e-commerce blog is it going ... [read more]

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    Is blog commenting good?

    bradudan in SEO

    I wonder if this works already? There was a time when everybody has done it but now i wonder if it still worth it . If you share also a ... [read more]

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    How I Used Squidoo to make $359 in ONE day!

    socialbacklinks in SEO

    check this out.. January 25th i made a Squidoo lens about how to watch the super bowl online. I wrote a 500 word article and added a few modules (nothing ... [read more]

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    Adwords Compaign Disapproved

    Justin012 in SEO

    Hi all, I have set up an adwords campaign about a week ago and my ads keep getting disapproved. The message i got from google was "Destination url not working". ... [read more]

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    Anyone notice a drop an unusual drop in SERPS in last week?

    consultant1027 in SEO

    I realize SERPs can dance around all the time but on one site that has always been solidly consistent SERPS for a few of our most competitive terms I recently ... [read more]

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    Difference between exact and broad match types?

    2huskys in SEO

    Hello when I put a keyword into google adwords what is the difference between broad match and exact match. Also how accurate is the tool?

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    Weird Revelation about Google Spider Bot!

    Osman Safdar in SEO

    I don't know if this has already been discovered before or not... but I just came across it by accident, so I thought I should share it here. Nothing breakthrough ... [read more]

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    my contact form ranks higher than my homepage

    afam4eva in SEO

    I want to know why my contact page that has no content except for the form is ranked higher than my homepage for my main keywords. I find that surprising. ... [read more]

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    300+ visitors a month but CTR is 0.35%

    Landro in SEO

    I started a blogger blog in 2009 writing tutorials within finance topics - mostly aimed at college students and small business owners who wanted to know more about the fundamentals. ... [read more]

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    M.Samurai - fetching keywords problem

    leven in SEO

    Hello everyone - very new at this. I have Market Samurai (which is frustratingly slow but ok for a newbie like me) - it was working fine then my pc ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking Demon Clear out Schedule

    tyankee in SEO

    Does anyone know to to clear out your schedule on bookmarking demon. I have thousands of tasks scheduled in the future and want to cancel them all but can only ... [read more]

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    Question about backlinking articles

    jdooley13 in SEO

    I tried to do a search on the forum for this as I am sure this question has been covered but I couldn't find the answer. Anyway, the question is: ... [read more]

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    Hidden, but clickable, content. Can I get penalised by Google???

    birdman87 in SEO

    Hi guys I'm currently building something that I aim to turn in to a content authority site. It's within the mortgage niche in the UK. There will be landing pages ... [read more]

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    404 Errors WP

    FreeMeal in SEO

    Just noticed in Google Webmaster tools that I've got a few 404 error pages on one of my wordpress websites where I've altered a few categories names. Are these 404's ... [read more]

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    Buying and overhauling a site from Flippa: SEO & Ranking problems?

    Ben Armstrong in SEO

    Hi guys, I've been watching flippa listings for a while, looking for a good website to buy and believe I've found something suitable. The site is already ranking well in ... [read more]

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    My blog is getting found in search engines *almost* every day now

    The Copy Warriors in SEO

    I just wanted to post this milestone, because I feel it is pretty significant. While I'm not getting found in Google *every* day, I would say that I am getting ... [read more]

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    Having Problems Creating a Video Response on Youtube

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    I'm trying to create a video response on youtube - I click on the comment area and it gives me an option to respond w/ a video - so I ... [read more]

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    Keyword and SEO

    filippot51 in SEO

    Hello say that i have a blog and i have 10 articles in this blog. Everyone of this articles has to contain my keyword ????(with a ratio for example of ... [read more]

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    Warriors: Help me outsource my linkbuilding

    Ben Armstrong in SEO

    Hi guys, I have a few Amazon affiliate sites that are making me enough money each month to outsource pretty much everything I do. I've just started outsourcing the content ... [read more]

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    UK SERPS weirdness - Google testing synonyms, or something?

    markowe in SEO

    I have something weird going on in the UK SERPS for a site of mine that has been at a stable no. 1 or 2 for its main keyword/s for ... [read more]

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    Reset Keyword Quality Score & Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

    consultant1027 in SEO

    I've got an Adwords Campaign that has some high-traffic keywords with low quality scores (3's and 4's). The Ad and the Landing Page are well optimized. The problem is that ... [read more]

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    How do you build a PPC team?

    metallic07039 in SEO

    Imagine you start working for a medium sized Internet marketing company (that gets paid on CPA offers within their network of sites) that historically has had little spend within PPC. ... [read more]

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    On-page done, initial rankings terrible in low competition niche?

    Letsurf in SEO

    I just launched a new site (sorry can't give the url) and the initial rankings are terrible (some keywords in the 50's, 80's, and 100's, some not indexed at all). ... [read more]

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    $100 Adsense Coupon & Cannot use

    jbmaill in SEO

    hey Everyone Didn't know where to post this, so I am trying here. Google sent my wife and I $400 in Adsense coupons, 2 for business and 2 for personal, ... [read more]

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    How much budget to start with adwords?

    srkeam in SEO

    Hi I'm new with IM, I already read perrymarshall book (Definitive Guide To Google Adwords) , but still not confident what i'm doing ? I had 300$ for start with ... [read more]

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    Backlinks from Web 2.0 Sites?

    bocephus in SEO

    I'm observing something that further leads me to question the validity of the linkwheel idea and the usefulness of web 2.0 sites to build backlinks. On a few of my ... [read more]

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    Region Based SEO

    tradeglobus in SEO

    If I am targeting any specific region for SEO. Suppose I want to target France then what regional based SEO strategies should I follow? Can anyone share a brief plan?

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    Quality Backlink?

    chiri1979 in SEO

    Hello I advise you can offer a company a potentially high page rank sites in order to properly position my website. Recommend me where to create high page rank backlink. ... [read more]

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    First Page Search Engine Results with no Back links!

    Chris Silvey in SEO

    :p Barely over a week old and took first page of Bing and Yahoo. Google "Shrugs". But good old keyword competition research and old fashion SEO still work. how-to-search-engine-optimize DOT ... [read more]

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    How to draw traffic on your website?

    seo2maker in SEO

    To increase or draw traffic on a website the content, description, title should be more attractive and unique. The design, font and color of that website should be attractive. It ... [read more]

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    Help getting from #7 to#1

    MattJackson in SEO

    Hay there, Okay so currently my site is ranked 7th for my main keyword. I've done no offsite seo yet but my content is pretty good (most of my other ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Welcome Statement

    wilhouse in SEO

    I dont know if there is a better way to do this. I know a little bit of coding so I was able to edit my current theme to include ... [read more]

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    Any free mass article submitters out there

    MattJackson in SEO

    Following a backlink building strategy I found on smart passive income blog. Basically make a few blogs and have them link to your site. Then use the spun articles and ... [read more]

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    Any international marketers around?? Need help please

    Markus123 in SEO

    Hi, I'm a Brit expat living in Bangkok and just started doing some SEO. I'm going after niche markets in the US, and I have two websites up and running. ... [read more]

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    Are facebook and twitter marketing effective for my B2B financial services?

    boafinancial in SEO

    Are facebook and twitter marketing effective for my B2B financial services? I mean for generating leads and customer acquisitions.

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    Question about Adsense

    solidsoul in SEO

    Ok so I created a blog and I'm using a plugin called adsense extreme; question is that in the settings of this script it asks for my adsense ID # ... [read more]

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    Articles on indexed Page.

    chasiffareed in SEO

    Hi, I uploaded the site using wordpress and put some articles on. I found these articles are not of good quality and some paragraph have duplicate content. I wrote quality ... [read more]

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    SEO advice needed. Experts really welcomed.

    akmal85 in SEO

    My scenario is this : 1) I bought more than 1 domain names according to my keywords. 2) I have 1 aged domain name among them. 3) I have 1 ... [read more]

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    Number 1 on Google with just blank page and one anyone know how he doing that?

    Rockerpreneur in SEO

    I never seen something like this before..type "Something" on Google and see what's the number one.Blank page with just one word on the top left : Something..Is anyone know how ... [read more]

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    Homepage Deindexed but inner oages still indexed?? Help!!!

    gabwilliams in SEO

    Hi guys, very strange. Have just checked on a small bunch of websites I have and they have all just dropped to PR N/A and the homepages have been deindexed ... [read more]

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    Adsense increase method

    tugadot in SEO

    Hello all, I have a question that seems appropriate ... If a user access my site through a Google search and clicking on my adsense banner advertising, this is legal? ... [read more]

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    Why is my site not showing on tracking software

    Eddie Spangler in SEO

    Two things 1. I went through rankchecker and my site does not show up on in any of the google,yahoo, or bing summary for the keywords I have selected BUT ... [read more]

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    I will be banned from google if...

    joinog in SEO

    Hello, One of my google accounts has been banned, because i have putted wrong the banner codes in my template. I have created another website, and another account in google ... [read more]

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    Did Wordpress Plugin deindex my Homepage?

    singaporeasiaco in SEO

    URL: bit[DOT]ly/wa7thz Google: Homepage deindexed (Inner pages still indexed) Bing: Sinks it beyond Top500 but still in index Timing: Both Google and Bing occurances happened 48 hours ago Not sure ... [read more]

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    google analytics bad for link building of new sites

    phans in SEO

    Like most of you know google analytics is a great tool to keep track of your sites traffic but i am not sure if it can get young sites into ... [read more]

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    Can I Change My Site's URL Without Harming Ranking? Input Appreciated!

    Branlan17 in SEO

    Basically I have a site I made in a profitable niche, but I made it back when I was new and it's a hyphenated .info that I'd like to turn ... [read more]

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    Text Really Far Down The Page?

    Mike Hlatky in SEO

    I am trying to push one of my arcade websites higher in the rankings. It does not have any content on the site, just media like images and the games ... [read more]

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    My first Adsense page: What do ya think

    JohnExec in SEO

    I've just uploaded my first adsense page. Very excited. Took me some time to find the right template, but think I got a winner. I'm new at this so any ... [read more]

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    Is there any hope? Paid for article submissions in horrible categories...

    richard3i in SEO

    So about 5-6months ago I paid someone to submit to a bunch of article sites for my site. Unfortunately, they are in HORRIBLY inaccurate categories. For example, if my category ... [read more]

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    struggling with niche and keyword selection

    jsmithii68 in SEO

    i need help. im struggleing with niche and keyword selection. get this wrong and the rest really doesnt matter. i have bought and have learned just about every niche and ... [read more]

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    Can you recommend a SEO dude?

    rednimer in SEO

    Since I cant pretend to have enough time to do a good job at SEO on my own, I need to hire the work out. I am looking to you ... [read more]

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    Focused Keyword Domain Names and Hyphens

    Moniker in SEO

    Do hyphens make a difference in search results? In other words, when someone searches in Google or other search engines for, lets say 'the best diet pills'. What domain would ... [read more]

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    Links Page Yes/No

    T-shirtman in SEO

    I have looked at my main competition on Google and there most powerful links are from directories but they (directories) require a link back so that’s my question would you ... [read more]

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    my first site needs help (Back link companies)

    Steveday8 in SEO

    Hi all, just looking for a little bit of help.... I have just nearly finished (need to do my about us page) my first site! its taken me a year ... [read more]

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    Need Advice about Aging Domains

    LeeLee in SEO

    I need a little help here. First of all, I am not sure exactly what an aged domain is: 1. a domain that has been purchased but never developed in ... [read more]