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    Knowning the difference between losing rankings a google dance?

    IsaacWendt in SEO

    Hey I know what a google dance and lost of rankings are but how do you tell which your site is affected by? I know you can tell with time, ... [read more]

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    Adsense newbie question

    hobokook in SEO

    Hi, I just started using adsense. Right now I have 2 ads on each page (1 in sidebar and 1 after each post) and about 300-400 visitors per day. I ... [read more]

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    Got SEO Clients? Rip Off This Monthly Report Template

    McBrett in SEO

    I've found that providing a monthly report (or monthly update) is one of the most important aspects to keeping an SEO client happy longterm--aside from making them a bunch money ... [read more]

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    Posts vs. Pages Wordpress!

    alinpion in SEO

    Hello! I've seen that lot's of wp seo tutorial are done with posts not pages. And this thing made me wonder if posts will help my site rank better and ... [read more]

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    How to get more traffic from article directories?

    kengperapol in SEO

    I'm finding ways to increase number of people to view my articles. Some of my articles get SEO traffic which good. But I want to know is there any way ... [read more]

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    Google PR and traffic

    latestnewsheadline in SEO

    I think Google Page Rank has nothing to do with traffic. I update my site daily, I made the site SEO friendly and I manually submited to more than 1000 ... [read more]

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    How to make my site more SEO friendly?

    warjun in SEO

    what else I need in order to make my site SEO friendly. what are the need to sort out the site itself, page titles, meta data etc. as well as ... [read more]

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    Link Building - How would you approach this scenario?

    charlesetna in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I'll lay out this scenario and report how I'm considering going about the project. I'm interested in hearing about how you characters might go about things differently in ... [read more]

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    Calling all paid ad experts!

    Rob Howard in SEO

    Ok. I've successfully used Bing and Google in the past, but those places are getting ridiculous for the make money niche. (Google especially) I know of the some other ones ... [read more]

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    BMR/non spun better long term?

    MonopolyMan in SEO

    Ok so we all know that spun articles don't really give much value to the internet. Yes, even the manually spun articles that are readable with quality information are not ... [read more]

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    SEO Software that does this??

    Lemints in SEO

    Does anyone know of a software that will look at sites ranking on the first page for a particular keyword, then show the common linking root domains? So, for example, ... [read more]

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    Weird Google SERP results - Anyone else having this problem?

    shockwave in SEO

    Since Market Samurai is acting a little funky right now, I thought I would use some other tools just to see where my site ranks for a keyword. I type ... [read more]

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    AMR - Live Links

    cooler1 in SEO

    When you get the live links report and create an RSS feed out of the links to submit to RSS directories, should you also ping the live links URLs using ... [read more]

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    My landing page got my AdWords Acct suspended

    Harry B in SEO

    Hi all, To be frank i'm new to AdWords. This backfired badly as they didn't like the landing page that I created. | Make 500 Dollars Daily (this landing page ... [read more]

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    Is there a list of Recommended SEO partners/products on WF?

    zardon in SEO

    There's quite a lot of products on sale on WF, and I've read through the SEO sticky but I'm still unclear on one question, How do I find a recommended ... [read more]

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    Amazon affiliate sites

    lrdc in SEO

    I heard google is banning affiliate sites. I'm adding a couple reviews about amazon products in my site.. There is a small ad versus a 400 words article for each ... [read more]

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    When does Facebook do a manual review after the initial approval of an ad?

    tylerrr in SEO

    I'm redirecting a dating offer to another dating offer. 1. I submit my ad with setup to redirect to a clean offer I know will be approved. 2. I ... [read more]

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    Mix Unique Content & Auto Content - Why?

    Dano1981 in SEO

    Hi Warriors Do marketers ever combine a mix of auto-generated content and unique content? I realize unique content is "exponentially" far and away what Google wants to see... Why would ... [read more]

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    Website Redesign Costs Kid $2.5 Million

    mosthost in SEO

    Interesting story about what happened to a guy who used to rank for "MySpace Layouts" before he redesigned his website and was plummeted into despair.

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    Banned From Adwords - Best Option to Get Back On?

    Robert_Rand in SEO

    Hey Warriors, My adwords account was banned a couple years ago for promoting clickbank products. Recently, I tried to get reinstated to no avail. I'm wondering if there are any ... [read more]

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    How much to pay for PR4 - PR7 link?

    HN in SEO

    1) How much are PR4 to PR7 links worth these days? How much should I expect to pay? Is there a big difference between related and unrelated links? May I ... [read more]

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    Google+ Strategies

    LifeinVegas in SEO

    Obviously Google+ is becoming a bigger factor for ranking with Google, but does anyone have some specific strategies on the best way to use Google+ to achieve higher rankings?

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    Comments & Pings on Adsense Sites?

    Frank Ayres in SEO

    I have various asense sites that are wordpress sites. Something i have never worked out is if allowing comments and/or pings helps or hurts me?

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    Do you think adding more than just products to my website would be ok?

    vjboc in SEO

    Do you think adding more than just products to my website would be ok? My site is a price comparison site. I was wondering what else I could add to ... [read more]

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    A good WP Adsense Theme (not the Prosense Junk...) Anyone?

    GeorgR. in SEO

    Can aynone recommend GOOD wordpress themes optimized for adsense, not the usual "prosense" etc. junk themes? ty!

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    Scrapebox users: How to reduce proxy costs?

    KatyaSenina in SEO

    I was just about to purchase Scrapebox until I found out I probably have to spend a fortune (!) on proxies. Ok the thing is I will be submitting tons ... [read more]

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    Adsense Earning

    Vijaypravin in SEO

    Daily I am getting traffic of 500 to 700 pageviews, but clicks are very less so my earning also not up to the mark. Please guide me how to improve ... [read more]

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    Why bother with Adsense when you could be making more and Faster without them?

    Mike Anthony in SEO

    Been meaning to ask this question for awhile but kept putting it off . I was recently reminded of this when talking with a few Imers looking to build adsense ... [read more]

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    Need Some YouTube SEO Help!

    freemen14 in SEO

    My new venture in IM for 2012 is Adsense websites, maybe flipping maybe not. I get the fact that youtube can play a huge part of SEO but not sure ... [read more]

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    Could you please check my SEO strategy? on and off-page. It's going fairly well, could be better

    Dani723 in SEO

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look! I'm making some money online, ranging from £200-about £1000 a month at the moment. Which is very useful but I feel ... [read more]

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    Google Places Problems? Wrong Name, Wrong Descript, Changed But Didn't Work..

    komplex in SEO

    Where to start.. Place #1 - is Dealer Name Honda, shows up as Dealer Name Honda Service Center?! For no reason, and I changed the name verified removed the service ... [read more]

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    SEO Course

    bloggerd in SEO

    Hi Been looking around for seo courses first one iv come across is any one used these or heard anything about them? Cheers

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    SEO keywords for web developers?

    Anton095 in SEO

    Hello dear Warriors! I allready researched that many of web-developing company's named their sites mostly with words in their domains like: 1. "Web" 2. "Design" 3. "The name of their ... [read more]

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    diyakapoor in SEO

    Here is the bad news for all the users who were using blogger. All the blogs have been moved to by Google. And there is no PR of ... [read more]

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    What a positive negative keyword!

    BizzCLick in SEO

    I would like to discuss with you all advantages of negative keywords, your strategies and tactics in negative keywords list building etc. Please, share your experience! Does it work?

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    Sharing my new free article spinner

    lrdc in SEO

    Hello guys, After trying several softwares for article spinning, I decided to make my personal spinner. It's easy quick and fast. It doesn't require any login/signup. I would like to ... [read more]

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    Link pyramides: Stats site backlinks for free blogs?

    Bundberg in SEO

    Hello, I have quite a lot of link pyramides for my main sites on f.e. Tumblr,, Wix, Edublogs and other similar free blog platforms and my question is: Can ... [read more]

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    noob question about with or without "www."

    raegrex in SEO

    Hey guys, lets say all my backlinks were built to "" but my actual domain uses "" and I put a redirect (so that traffic from goes to, ... [read more]

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    How to get from #5 to #1

    Broyde in SEO

    Hello, I have a website at number 5 in google for its keyword. How do I get it to the number one position?

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    SEO for my new site

    Gdiddy in SEO

    Hello. I have a new website. I really have no idea how to approach getting my website at the top, or near the top, of the google results pages. Could ... [read more]

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    "Must Do It" Checklist To Get SEO On Page Score 100%

    Khalid Abdullah in SEO

    I know the most of you have already familiar with making the SEO Onpage 100%. But, it’s okay if I’d like to shareabout this with you, especially with those who ... [read more]

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    How to change site URL structure without affecting SEO?

    belgianguy in SEO

    I have a site (wordpress blog) that does really well. I have around 60 pages on it, but now I would like to add a couple of related categories that ... [read more]

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    Is There a Way to Unrank a Site from the SERPs?

    MaxReferrals in SEO

    Say I have a site that is ranked. The site is aged 4-5 years, etc. Is there a way in robots.txt (or otherwise) to get the site unranked/de-indexed, so essentially ... [read more]

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    Blogspot URL is now been redirected to .in from .com - All PR lossed

    sivagopi in SEO

    Hi, The Blogspot URL is now been redirected to .in from .com All the PR is been lossed. Please check and confirm

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    How do you tackle duplicate content

    extremejava in SEO

    Recently, I have been victim of copying content from my blog. There was an email id mentioned on the blog which had copied my content and I asked the guy ... [read more]

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    Traffic from stumble upon

    Hogward in SEO

    How can i increase my website traffic from stumble upon? Anyone please explain..

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    400,000 users times $97 equals $38,800,000 and They Can't Fix Rank Tracker?

    dp40oz in SEO

    This is a bit ridiculous Market Samurai. If a human can still go through and search the rankings of every keyword then you can absolutely make a robot do it. ... [read more]

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    any way to display adsense on my local language website?

    Waxdk in SEO

    hello, i have a website with my local language , that's why adsense not showing any way to solve this problem ??

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    Question about google dance?

    boafinancial in SEO

    If my site google dances from 34th position to 168th position and another from 30th to disappearing does this mean that as I build quality back links my site would ... [read more]

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    Where i can get good SEO training?

    Kennyz in SEO

    I'm looking for good SEO training, even if its cost money, i will pay. thanks.

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    Best paid traffics for opt-in?

    kengperapol in SEO

    Hi guys, I'm finding some cheap and good traffic to build my list. I've tried adfly but there are too many fake traffics. Google adwords is way too expensive for ... [read more]

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    SEOLinkVine, Unique Article Wizardm Build My Rank or RankBuilder

    homebizoutlook in SEO

    Just curious what everyone's thoughts are on these products or any other similar products.

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    Blogger Redirect to country specific domain

    Stuart william in SEO

    From today onwards blogger will redirect to country specific domain. if you are living in uk then blog will be redirect to or if you are living in Switzerland ... [read more]

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    Pages VS Posts (Seo differences)

    kithara in SEO

    Although i am aware of the major differences between the 2 ..i would like to hear what you all think.. Its for a business website am building.. should i publish ... [read more]

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    How i can increase my adsence amount.

    Hindimovie in SEO

    hello , i have an website but i have earn few money from adsence ..please give me some suggestion . thanks

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    Pick appart my backlinking

    solado in SEO

    Still fairly new when it comes to efficient backlinking - With all the google changes its hard to keep up as when I feel im mastering the backlinking juice it ... [read more]