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    PPC Strategy / Google Paid Search

    skooja in SEO

    Hello Guys. Do you have any new ideas , or any new strategy For paid search marketing . I mean Google Paid Search. I am more interested in Google Paid ... [read more]

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    Large number of indexed links that stay indexed in Google?

    adam westrop in SEO

    Hey guys, I'm after services like are relatively cheap and provide a good amount of dofollow links that get indexed in Google and stay indexed. I dont really mind about ... [read more]

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    Is this a good example of a link wheel?

    AFI in SEO

    Looking to get more traffic going and I was reading all about link wheels. Do you guys think this is a good example? How to Build a Link Wheel to ... [read more]

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    Adsense KW Research - Only a few Good Keywords

    TheGrooby in SEO

    I've been doing some keyword research today for Adsense sites using the Google keyword tool and my criteria for a useable keyword are: -At least 1,600 exact local searches -50,000 ... [read more]

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    Where are my backlinks?

    jvm127 in SEO

    Would someone please offer some advice or an opinion... For the last month I have been writing unique articles and posting them to blogs with good anchor text and backlinking ... [read more]

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    Fiverr Really Helping

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    Just a week a go - I bought only 290 backlinks (they were really profile links) and I moved up two pages already. However, I pointed it at my money ... [read more]

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    Its about blog commenting

    hannahraasch in SEO

    I know blogging including guest blog post helps a lot to generate quality back links. But here i am in dilemma for blog commenting. Blog Commenting activity is still effective ... [read more]

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    Does it matter how many backlinks your site has, when promoting other link?

    FutureMilyonair in SEO

    I am trying to move up in the SERP for a link ( on my site, but ( doesn't have a lot of backlinks by itself, does it matter? my ... [read more]

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    Help from Senuke X Experts

    jpboxersox in SEO

    Hi Warriors, When using senuke x for a fairly new website what do you recommend running? Also, should these campaigns be run everyday or once a week etc. Any advice ... [read more]

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    Did BMR Change Its Submission Guidelines in The Last Few Days

    dp40oz in SEO

    I have never had a problem with BMR rejections. I submit on average about 40 articles a day for the last 6 months and would probably say I have had ... [read more]

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    With Yahoo Site Explorer now gone, can Scrapebox find a websites backlinks?

    madison_avenue in SEO

    With Yahoo Site Explorer now gone can Scrapebox find and return a website's backlinks? Scrapebox was using Yahoo Site Explorer to find backlinks but does it now have the capability ... [read more]

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    Hosting account affects ranking

    IMAnthony in SEO

    Hi, I have some sites in Hostgator and I am in a baby plan, so I can host unlimitad add-domains, but I am worrying because some of y sites are ... [read more]

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    Split testing results on aged domain

    zaco in SEO

    I have recently done a split test to understand how Google ranks your site and on what terms, is it the keywords, backlinks, relevance? Here are my results: I registered ... [read more]

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    Probably asked and answered

    packerfan in SEO

    The links that are included in PDF documents that are shared on sites like docstoc, are those indexed and count as backlinks? I know they're clickable links, just curious if ... [read more]

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    Google's own ad color sheme

    paulgl in SEO

    While tossing around that google does things for a reason here the other day, it dawned on me that maybe they had done a ton of testing on the ad ... [read more]

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    Best Seo Practice in 2012

    Ivica in SEO

    Do you still Prefer Black hat or White Hat? If your answer is Yes or No. Explain WHY!

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    Finally got a page on 1st page of google, now its got "Page Not Found" Help! D:

    TGforever in SEO

    I Just set up and did more onpage seo work and it got my page to the top of google for searches like Accountant in (city)- spot 2 and accountants ... [read more]

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    crosbymkt in SEO

    does anyone now where to buy real targeted traffic?

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    Article Marketing - have I made a mistake?

    FreeMeal in SEO

    I've been updating my blog about once a week. Google indexes each of my posts really quickly, usually in a matter of minutes. Once each post is indexed, I've been ... [read more]

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    Newbie here....please help!

    chinemerem in SEO

    Hi guys.......okay so i want to target a particular keyword....e.g xbox360 buyers guide and i have another keyword xbox360 buying guide. How do i target both since they are basically ... [read more]

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    Lead Gen - New Google Adwords Collects Email Address

    MaxReferrals in SEO

    Apologies if this was already posted, but check it out. Has a lot of different implications for online marketers.

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    Adsense and how to actually make money

    MakeMoney28 in SEO

    So i got screwed and google adsense they disabled my account and it is very new and i almost made a mere $25 then they disabled my account. Just wondering ... [read more]

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    "Authority" Niche Site Question

    ramdom123 in SEO

    Hello WF I am planning to build a "authority" site in niche which around 5-6 other marketers know about. I want to ask if i should use static page or ... [read more]

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    First PPC attempt coming up!

    stesnees in SEO

    Hi everyone I am just about to start my first adwords campaign to an affiliate blog to test the water, only using a small budget to see how it goes. ... [read more]

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    Large number of indexed links that stay indexed in Google?

    adam westrop in SEO

    Hey guys, I'm after services like are relatively cheap and provide a good amount of dofollow links that get indexed in Google and stay indexed. I dont really mind about ... [read more]

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    Need help resolving (restricted by) robot.txt errors

    fivepennies in SEO

    I'm trying to resolve all my crawl errors for one of my domains but there is one crawl error that I just can't figure out. The error is for: www[dot]domain[dot]com/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.7.1 ... [read more]

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    Google tool- Broad vs Exact

    mike3608 in SEO

    I have Invested 2000$USD, after I was recommended by a SEO firm. But now when i saw Google Tool it gave me 720 Searches in Google tools Exact Search Mode. ... [read more]

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    Google's search revamp is all about social

    Morphius in SEO

    Has found on CNN Money. What do you think? Google's search revamp is all about social - Fortune Tech

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    Impact of Bounce Rate of Google on SERP

    reyhan in SEO

    Hi There, I am wondering to know does increasing Bounce Rate of Google has any impact on the google SERP? thank you

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    Why CTR matters so much?

    mun35 in SEO

    I'm a newb, so please bare with me: Since you never know how many AdSense ads are CPC ads or CPM ads, is it really that significant to have a ... [read more]

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    Should I use name or keyword for Blog commenting?

    android45 in SEO

    I have started doing blog commenting, should I use keyword or name in the name section, which one is correct, for some sites I have used keywords, comment is not ... [read more]

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    New Microniche Website Deindexed - Normal?

    soup in SEO

    Hello, I recently built a Micro Niche Amazon site. There is lots of fresh content that is unique but for some reason the site has been deindexed. The site has ... [read more]

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    When I get FULLY accepted by adsense?

    mandos123 in SEO

    Hello, Yesterday I installed adsense codes to my website, but they are still not showing my ads.. Is it takes some time before they get fully accepted or is there ... [read more]

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    My new keyword is not in a good position

    murrad in SEO

    Dear guys...I work for my new website which is about hotel website design & online reservation system(those two are the keywords as well). I work for 4 hrs a week, ... [read more]

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    Question for the Adsense Pros

    JoshuaG in SEO

    Does anyone know how to view the current ads being displayed for a given keyword on the google content/display network? Sort of like spyfu but for the google content/display network. ... [read more]

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    More than 3 adsense

    extremejava in SEO

    Hi, I am displaying more than 3 adsense units by using the default adsense login and 2 using DART which are configured to use adsense. Can I run into issues ... [read more]

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    Newbies Guide To (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Very Helpful

    entrepreneurjay in SEO

    Newbies Guide To (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Very Helpful Free Report. I just finished with this special report for beginners. If you are new to search engine optimization I have ... [read more]

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    How does Google compute adsense?

    daddy03 in SEO

    Wondering how this works- I optimize a site to bring in organic traffic for a keyword that adwords estimates cpc of $3.00. I get a visitor, they click on a ... [read more]

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    With BMR and similar, arent you committed and cant cancel?

    outwest in SEO

    I mean lets say you have a subscription for a year and put tons of backlinks get a lot of nice rankings. Ok the cheap plan is 60 bucks a ... [read more]

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    Wordpress commenting

    Beardo in SEO

    A quick question about Wordpress . Often when I leave a comment on wordpress blogs I include an embedded link in the comment only to see nothing happen. No confirmation ... [read more]

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    How do you promote your site in Facebook?

    ninar in SEO

    Guys, I do not have enough experience in working with social media... So I'm looking for some new ideas from experienced SEO-people How do you promote your site in Facebook, ... [read more]

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    Penalized By Google? How Can I Find Out?

    the_icon in SEO

    Started a MNS a month or so back with an EMD that has above average searches with low competition. Now I know I am not gonna reach the top but ... [read more]

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    Is this homepage lacking enough text for SEO?

    JimMichael in SEO

    Dilemma time... I am having a new site built. Here is the mock of the homepage that's being hosted on the developer's site: Does the homepage lack enough text ... [read more]

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    Not Getting Better Ranking

    amzhr5 in SEO

    I have a PR 4 website which is almost 4 year old and many keywords are already ranked. But the keyword on which I have been working right now for ... [read more]

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    HMA VPN Vs. Squid Proxies?

    trentonlaura in SEO

    I'm looking to run some automated tools and see that Hide My Ass has a special 1 month deal for $10 on their Pro VPN whereas I'm paying something like ... [read more]

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    How effective are backlinks

    oluttuoppi in SEO

    How effective are backlinks from free blogs etc like,,,, etc ? I mean if I sing up, and publish unique articles with 2 links inside ... [read more]

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    keyword density?

    tapori2010 in SEO

    what is the perfect keyword density for a 1 page article? In a 500 words (1 page), how many times should a keyword appear? what % is the best and ... [read more]

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    Squidoo for Backlinking?

    fittrainerkyle in SEO

    I'm working on a site currently and have keyword optimization down but trying to learn backlinking. Luckily I'm good at writing and don't have to pay somebody for articles... but ... [read more]

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    repeating keywords in the title tag

    tyzer in SEO

    Hi i am somewhat of an seo newbie and i have a question about repeating keywords in the title tags. Specifically my title tag is "sell pdf files | selling ... [read more]

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    Can you recommend some decent article spinners?

    lotre in SEO

    Hey guys I was wondering who you guys use for well written spun articles? If its a fiverr gig or someone else you can personally recommend please let me know. ... [read more]

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    Do NoFollow Links provide any juice at all?

    raegrex in SEO

    Hey guys, so 2 weeks ago i spent around 50 bucks with 2 seperate seo services for my site, as it turns out most of these are no follow links ... [read more]

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    Some D-Bag

    GeronimoBee in SEO

    I just bought a domain with a .org extension. The .com was a premium listing that some dude was charging over $1000 for. Not worth it. But wouldn't you think ... [read more]

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    SEO EXperts have a look

    speedylikesKJ in SEO

    i am a student of SEO and always try to learn from this forum just had a question i am carrying keyword research to dominate a niche and so far ... [read more]

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    opportunist86 in SEO

    How come some sites which don't have much content on their homepage rank higher than my blog which has well onpage and off page optimization? I rank #5. All the ... [read more]

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    What Rank Tracker Software That Does This

    Irsan Komarga in SEO

    Contrary to regular rank tracker software/script where we enter our desired keywords and our URL and later on the software spit out the rank for 1 particular URL. Since I ... [read more]

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    Newbie needs help with SEO

    markhenry888 in SEO

    Hi there, I hope you guys could help me out. I've been doing SEO for the past six months and made a lot of beginner's mistakes along the way. Basically, ... [read more]