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    How to Combat Fraudulent Negative Reviews for my Business?

    nofearman in SEO

    About a month ago I noticed a rouge competitor was going to all the “ripoff” report websites and writing completely fabricated reports on my business where he states he bought ... [read more]

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    What's Your Process To Start Linkbuilding For Brand New Site?

    Goldenchute in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I've been building some websites for the Christmas rush. I know, I know I may be a little late now. I'm just curious what Warrior's process for link ... [read more]

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    Nuclear Link Crawler vs Ping-o-matic

    Johnny GotPaid in SEO

    I have a couple of questions 1. Whats the difference between these two? I was about to try out Nuclear Link Crawler then read that he wanted me to upload ... [read more]

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    Should I build new site on new domain or old domain - Need seo advice

    mmancha in SEO

    Can someone with some experience with seo please give me some advice. I'm deciding if I should build a local tutoring center's new website on a new domain name like ... [read more]

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    Confused about pages when creating MFA/Authority sites.

    TheDefiled in SEO

    Well I know for a site you have to create pages, and each page will contain an article, and it's kind of difficult to form a coherent question of what ... [read more]

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    Free Keyword Research Tool

    FromBrokeToRich in SEO

    For doing keyword research before I start creating content I want to rank highly for I usually just use Googles free keyword tool and it gives me enough ideas to ... [read more]

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    Having morning tea with Google in 30min, any questions?

    Tacit in SEO

    I'm with a big Adwords agency and we are meeting with Google in 30min. Anybody got any really tough questions about adwords they want answered?

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    Crazy Paradox: Sites still rank #1 but traffic down 90%??

    jontster in SEO

    Hi I am trying to get my head around some weird goings on with my sites/sales in recent weeks. The facts are as follows: I have a site that has ... [read more]

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    Adwords Sites

    musiclyons in SEO

    Hi Everyone: I have been an IM for about 5 years now and mainly built standard websites. I am now wanting to create a large number of sites especially built ... [read more]

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    Best Way To Check Your Backlinks?

    jeffreyhuan in SEO

    Yahoo Site Explorer is my favorite tool to check backlinks but is going to be closed down by the end of this year. I have noticed my backlinks not updated ... [read more]

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    What Happened to My Adsense?

    sydneypm in SEO

    I have been happily making a steady Adsense income for about 3 years from a certain site with no problems. Various pages are ranked on Page 1 for a number ... [read more]

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    I need to know my daily budget for PPC

    amanita in SEO

    Warriors HELP me please. I am asked to design a Google Adwords campaign for a small business owner in the beauty industry ? As I wish to bring the most ... [read more]

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    Fewer Ad Blocks = Higher CPC?

    lutherlars in SEO

    Hey guys: So is it true that the more ad blocks on the page, the lower the CPC is? I'm trying to optimize my site and want to know if ... [read more]

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    Please Critique My Ad

    robdedgar in SEO

    Here is my ad for a PPC campaign with 7search. I recently added the last sentence of "Download the FREE toolbar here." I ran this ad on a .05 per ... [read more]

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    Need help / advice

    bzvog in SEO

    I've purchased quite a few linkwheels and backlinks over the years.. Got my website to the first page of Google on multiple keywords but can't seem to crack that TOP ... [read more]

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    what parameters do you use to assess keyword competition

    arttse in SEO

    I personally dont care about number of competing sites. I look at the top 10 sites only and analyse the QUALITY of their backlinks.

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    TV and Online advertising can Boost Product Recognition

    recessthegreat in SEO

    Advertisers have been combining cross channel TV and online advertising to have a wider scope in reaching audiences and boost their brands. Nowadays there is even more reason to launch ... [read more]

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    Set to Quit Business Due to Bad SEO

    warriorjohn1444 in SEO

    I really don't know where to begin my story from but i will try to be brief. My name is John and i reside and operate my business from Nigeria. ... [read more]

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    freemium seo

    ingenyes in SEO

    Would you provide a small free SEO service if you could then win bigger deals? Has freemium model worked in seo?

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    Calling All SEO Veterans

    improvman in SEO

    Hey, I have a site currently ranked #1 in Google for my main keywords. It has been there for about a month now and the niche is probably a medium ... [read more]

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    Fast Indexing Tool

    outwest in SEO

    I bought this Adsense course , cost about 50 dollars or so, the thing has rave reviews on the board (Adsense 100k) course They have a "fast indexing" tool where ... [read more]

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    Trusted Warrior PR Packages

    App Developers in SEO

    Does anyone have a trusted warrior for PR link packages of dofollow links? I have seen several ads and a ton of blogs advertising packages but I would like some ... [read more]

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    Content network ads vs. search?

    jr1228 in SEO

    Is there a way to find out which advertisers advertise on the content network versus search for certain keywords? I have a very targeted site that is not showing any ... [read more]

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    Are my sites MFA?

    cmonkey in SEO

    I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I've recently gotten into the world of making a little money with Adsense, and so am new to this. After doing ... [read more]

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    Please guide me about AMR

    kengperapol in SEO

    I have submitted my article to 200 article directories and about 100 succeed. However, I don't know where the list of URL that I submitted save. I want to index ... [read more]

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    Why have my pages gone from the SERPs?

    westportclan in SEO

    Okay, so my site previously ranked on page 1 or page 2 for all my keywords. The keywords were all local business related (ie. london plumbers, manchester plumbers etc.). The ... [read more]

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    Forums ?

    liza01 in SEO

    I need dofollow forums directory lists. Please give me forums lists.

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    Google, Facebook and Twitter dropped to PR9, what's the deal?

    Fking in SEO

    After the last PR update few days ago i noticed all those big 3 (which i believe used all to be PR10) have been dropped to 9. Does anybody know ... [read more]

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    Keyword density

    joemayerich in SEO

    Does it really make much difference to Google if articles have different keyword density of say 2%, 2.5% or 3%? Does anyone have any experiences where the differences in percentages ... [read more]

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    Using Two Anchor Text In Blog Commenting

    eurekapsycrille in SEO

    Hi folks! I just want to ask if could I use two anchor texts when doing blog commenting? Wouldn't they consider me as spammer if I do it? Thanks guys!

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    Plan for A- Z of SEO

    tomocal2010 in SEO

    Hi Warriors, Hope everyone is well.. Ive been outsourcing my seo for the past year, becuase of time restraints. However in the last week i have decided to take things ... [read more]

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    How to optimize google local listing ????HELP

    seopratik in SEO

    can anyone tell me how can we optimize google local listing....what is the process for it...i read many tutorials/books but they only told how to create google, plz anyone ... [read more]

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    Need help to understanding something in keyword sresearch

    oren yanko in SEO

    First Hello everyone My name is Oren I'm new to WF. I have trouble to understanding how to evaluate new information competition. I read some articles saying look with "..." ... [read more]

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    Adwords Accounts and Vouchers ..question

    cryterium in SEO

    Hello all, Just few lines to ask something I'd like to know : I have some vouchers to use in adwords (actually 6 vouchers of 100$). My question is...may I ... [read more]

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    New Firefox Not Compatible with SEO Quake or SEO Book

    scott g in SEO

    Somehow SEOBook's Rank Checker still works, but SEOBook's SEO for Firefox does not and SEOQuake does not... CRAPPY! Does anyone know of any similar/better Firefox plugins that I can replace ... [read more]

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    Best Backlink Indexer/ Maximiser

    flamingphoenix in SEO

    Hi guys/gals, So much it seems to choose from in regards to software etc these days... Just hoped someone could suggest a good backlink indexer/accelerator - lots of articles, blog ... [read more]

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    How much does PR and DA matter when trying to outrank competition?

    thedog in SEO

    I'm doing a bit of keyword research, and am looking at 3 long tails. In Market Samurai, the competition doesn't look too tough, on page is weak... that said, most ... [read more]

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    I need help in getting Adsense approved

    jobyarea in SEO

    I would really appreciate if somebody could set me up a webpage which will get adsense approved. I dont have an existing website or blog. I did get banned from ... [read more]

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    Going to give Adsense a crack, any tips on which niche I should implement.

    IM Lover in SEO

    I have read over some ebooks and discovered that there are lots to choose from, however I thought why not ask some of the gurus on here and see what ... [read more]

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    Should I remove the meta tag?

    ezennaemeka in SEO

    The problem is that since I created my blog and added the meta tag, when Ever I search my site on what shows is my blog name and meta description. ... [read more]

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    Alexa rank falling

    klauzer in SEO

    Can someone tell me why a sites Alexa ranks fall? I am adding content like never before and now Alexa rank falls. When I didn't add any content the Alexa ... [read more]

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    How do you promote products for brand links?

    mosesaaron in SEO

    Google brand links, does it mean that ecommerce sites should start promoting their products along with their brands, like promoting a jacket for being a jacket might make less sense ... [read more]

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    CHECK New Google algorithm changes here

    bg-011 in SEO

    Not sure if you have seen this but it could be helpfull: these are new "Google algorithm changes" Cross-language information retrieval updates: For queries in languages where limited web content ... [read more]

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    PPC Newbie...

    cindy98 in SEO

    Hi fellow warrirors I just joined today. What a wonderful forum. I am just getting started and want to learn how to do PPC. Are there any campaign creating tools ... [read more]

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    Help - my ranking

    cleptoiii in SEO

    Hi all, this is my situation with a one key ("chatroulette"); visits: 23/10/2011 : 68 24/10 : 76 25/10 : 81 26/10 : 64 27/10 : 964 <= 28/10 : ... [read more]

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    Anyone Adsense CPC drop a bunch the last two days?

    aygabtu in SEO

    My adsense CPC dropped by about 80% the last two days. My CTR stayed about the same, but with the much lower CPC, my ad revenue has fallen off a ... [read more]

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    Does anyone use

    Jack Chase in SEO

    Hi, I have started a trial of Tom's and was wondering if anyone else has been using it - and most importantly has it has a positive effect on ... [read more]

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    SEO - Posts from one site deleted and pasted on another

    ChessTrainer in SEO

    Hi I have 2 sites. I want to transfer all the blog posts from one (50) onto the other.. I will delete them from the original site. how can i ... [read more]

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    Can We Get Backlinks From Google Knol?

    JD Warrior in SEO

    Is it good to post articles on Google Knol? Can we get backlinks from it? From those who have experience, did Google Knol give a boost in your website's keyword ... [read more]

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    PLR - To Keyword Research Or Not???

    centextkt in SEO

    Having read the courses of two of the gurus in the PLR arena, they disagree on whether or not to do keyword research in deciding which topics to write PLR ... [read more]

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    SEO friendly URLs can even be harmful says google

    Mitsakis in SEO

    Why everyone gives so much importance to the so called "SEO friendly" urls? Today I came across this article from google: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Dynamic URLs vs. static ... [read more]

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    Private Blog Network and Link Building Strategy

    ricky709 in SEO

    I have heard a lot about how good private networks help in improving SERP, but I have always been skeptic about using them as a main stream link building method. ... [read more]

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    Best product to learn Facebook PPC?

    Supafly in SEO

    Hey Warriors! Any recommendations on a good source to learn Facebook or other social media advertising. There was a WSO a few months ago that I failed to bookmark that ... [read more]

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    How to rank a picture based website

    westportclan in SEO

    I have a website that is based upon images, in that the main content of the website is the images. Now, obviously i use 'alt' tags on the images, but ... [read more]

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    wordpress themes that work well with adsense

    brandonhansen in SEO

    i have a 2 domains that I set up about a year ago and put some adsense on them and kind of forgot about them. I have been making around ... [read more]

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    Google giving competitor 10x more traffic, why?!

    realmaverick in SEO

    Good morning guru's. I am somewhat puzzled by Google, aren't we all at some point? To give you an idea of the setup, the websites are probably best described as ... [read more]