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    Google Adsense Stuck Today

    image2all in SEO

    Today Google Adsense stuck. today when I enter my Adsense Id to see Report I saw that It is Stuck. Adsense not showing page impression but show only Click and ... [read more]

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    *[HELP] Site Suddenly Lost All Rankings Out Of Nowhere!!!***

    adz124 in SEO

    Hey Guys, First off I want to say thanks for taking the time to read my post. My SEO consists of: - SeNuke X ( A Full Monty Blast for ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to hide keywords from Competition

    mrmarketer in SEO

    Is there a way to hide keywords from Competition? thank you

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    how to analyze top 10 google competition

    ddDonPaul in SEO

    as i`m new in this, i just read that you must check everytime the top 10 google competition for the keyword you`re targeting. i check them with seobook, but what ... [read more]

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    My URK's Will Not Index Or Cache By Google

    bosmolskate in SEO

    I have 39 websites a client has created. These sites are a few month old and have not been indexed. I have build links to these sites, created and submitted ... [read more]

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    .html on wordpress posts?

    ddDonPaul in SEO

    i have another newbie question does posts in wordpress site ranks as a website page in google with permalinks "/%postname%/" ? i saw a website 1# in google for a ... [read more]

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    Any Trafficrevenue publishers ?

    Bock in SEO

    Any trafficrevenue publishers here ? Reviews ?

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    Great Link Building Service Experiment of 2011 - Final Results and Panda 2.5

    ElectronPlumber in SEO

    Howdy Warriors! My original thread on was closed by an Admin when WF apparently started a new policy not allowing "follow me" posts where the author posts regular updates ... [read more]

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    Public Domain Content - right or wrong

    KentChow in SEO

    Hi all, Not sure if this is a right forum to ask this question. I was reading and maybe misunderstand that all public domain .gov content could be copied and ... [read more]

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    Effectiveness of Backlinks Since Panda

    Ofthemix in SEO

    Use the list below and put them in order of which types of backlinks you think are most effective since the Panda update. Blog Comments Forum Profiles Article Directory Marketing ... [read more]

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    Autoblogging With Google Adsense Question

    MarketingAce in SEO

    I have a couple questions since I'm new to the whole RSS and Autoblogging: 1-I heard that google adsense doesn't allow for duplicate content. Isn't autoblogging the same thing as ... [read more]

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    How to link effectively to a squeeze page?

    GoodnightSweetRatRace in SEO

    Is it wise to advertise your squeeze page at the very beginning of an article / top of your website so it kinda slaps them in the face? At the ... [read more]

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    Google adsense banned

    webbill in SEO

    From the last week a lot of Pakistani and Indian adsense user have been banned so my question is how to be safe from google TOS and get your accounts ... [read more]

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    How important is it to have your keywords in domain name?

    cybertrash in SEO

    What are your thoughts? =) I have seen sites with no keywords in their domain succeed, but it seems rare.

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    Google Analytics plugin update gives fatal error

    Young Samurai in SEO

    Hi, I recently updated Google Analytics WP plugin and it has completely shut off access to my blog's dashboard. The blog itself is still live but the admin dashboard is ... [read more]

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    My top site just recently started slipping

    JROC777 in SEO

    Hey warriors, Would really appreciate any help and advice with this. My top site just recently started slipping in the search engines after ranking page 1 top five for the ... [read more]

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    Backlinks: Drip Feeds Blasts Necessary If You Have Scrapebox?

    Laurel K Harper in SEO

    Hi: We currently have a subscription to Drip Feeds Blasts. However, my husband purchased Scrapebox, and Backlinks Index Express neither of which is being used. We are paying $50 a ... [read more]

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    How Is this site showing 7 Adsense Blocks???

    howudoin in SEO

    (I always thought that the limit is 3 adblocks and 3 link blocks):confused: I'm talking about the page below: Honda Luxury Cars | Honda Cars India - Notice it ... [read more]

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    jrlsage in SEO

    Recently I have begun to use the site in order to buy Links, Backlinks, and Facebook likes. I figured by doing this I could hit the ground running in ... [read more]

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    iPage hosting

    ddDonPaul in SEO

    everyone is waltking about godaddy or hostgator, and i know that these are the best hosting services out there... but i saw on top10bestwebsitehosting[dot]com that ipage is number one, based ... [read more]

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    EDu backlinks indexation

    opportunist86 in SEO

    I recently made some accounts on edu links and left my link either on forum profiles. I assume that my links haven't been indexed by google or google is just ... [read more]

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    Steps to Identify the **REAL** Adsense CPC... [A Must Read For Adsense Publishers]

    IM Ash in SEO

    Many of us make the mistake of judging potential adsense earnings by looking at the CPC that is provided in Google's keyword tool (GWT). This is a mistake as that ... [read more]

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    What's Your Favorite Google Content Network Alternative?

    jonnyq888 in SEO

    Hey Everyone, I'm in the process of trying to diversify the traffic coming to one of my site. I have organic traffic going but really want to get some paid ... [read more]

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    How to find high quality backlinks aside from article marketing

    Letsurf in SEO

    I asked the following questions to some very prominent members of the WF and wanted to share their responses. A special thanks goes out to Alexa Smith, Kay King, Nicole ... [read more]

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    Do articles on my site need to be on a blog?

    Letsurf in SEO

    I asked the following questions to some very prominent members of the WF and wanted to share their responses. A special thanks goes out to Alexa Smith, Kay King, Nicole ... [read more]

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    Multiple domains on same IP

    HN in SEO

    OK, here's my question. I have 250 domain names, they are registered with 4 or 5 different registrars but hosted on same IP. If I build links between my websites ... [read more]

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    Can Backlinks Decrease?

    KenFighter in SEO

    Something weird happened to me again N again ... My sites's backlinks decrease.. :confused: Not one.. But all.. Some 1390 to 1209.. Some 100-78 etc... etc... This is normal thing?

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    how to get high pagerank to a redirected domain?

    Oliver Hart in SEO

    Hi. This is maybe a dump question but I have to ask. Is there any SEO experts in here who can explain to me how I can get a redirected ... [read more]

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    Indexed but not ranked

    RayW in SEO

    My site is about 5 days old and it's been indexed but still hasn't been ranked. How long does it usually take for a site to get ranked? My other ... [read more]

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    First sale but not ranked on Google?

    max2daz in SEO

    Hey guys, I recently made my first sale and I am very happy! There definitely is hope for me in this business. The problem I am having is that I ... [read more]

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    Domains with Dashes or extension OTHER than .com/.net/.org

    MonthofMay in SEO

    I'm really confused as there are so many different threads with people arguing whether .info is worse for SEO purposes than a .com/.net/.org. I guess I've been convinced that the ... [read more]

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    Google not indexing my blog post

    hobokook in SEO

    Hi I run a blog over at My blog is only about 4 months old. I have about 35 posts on my blog, and all of them are indexed ... [read more]

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    What do you think of this competition?

    haiyaiya in SEO

    kw has ~13,000 exact searches each month. What do you think can be achieved in 6 months with full-time dedicated work? If I am able to pull this off, ... [read more]

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    Title tag indexed twisted

    Irsan Komarga in SEO

    It is just odd. I have this on title tag on one website that says something like this e.g. Logitech USB Mouse - Trade Your Old Mouse With A USB ... [read more]

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    Free Press Release which Allow Links in Them?

    rinor81 in SEO

    Hey guys... Wanted to know if you know and can share some Press Release sites which are free and allow placing links in the content/release... Thank you!

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    google search

    chasiffareed in SEO

    hi warriors, Last days i ranked my site at the top level, when i search it in,i see it in 1st place.but i am not seeing my site even ... [read more]

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    Good interstitial ads?

    HasClicks in SEO

    Anyone got a list of good interstitial ads providers?

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    Oh Mr Index, where art thou?

    Scorched87 in SEO

    I am having a difficult time getting my site indexed. Infact, there are about 5 blog/web 2.0 backlinks that I have created in the past week to get indexed while ... [read more]

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    nest28 in SEO

    I really don't know whats going on, but all of a sudden there are 10 new sites springing up every other day, all crappy made for adsense types sites to, ... [read more]

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    Branding yourself thru Linkedin?

    PrincessJasmine in SEO

    Building backlinks to Linkedin profile? Will that help rank a certain keyword and move me up in SERP? THX in advance.

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    Site losing rank

    opportunist86 in SEO

    My site which I use for adsense earnings, losing ranking day by day. It remained on 3rd rank for 1 month almost and now its on the 3rd rank on ... [read more]

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    MC Hammer takes on Google!

    paulgl in SEO

    You heard it right. MC Hammer introduces the latest and greatest search engine: WireDoo Yes indeed, the world's first "deep" search engine. The goal is relating keywords with related topics. ... [read more]

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    Tips for Google Adwords.

    Zaheera in SEO

    Hi, I am going to promote my websites to Google Adwords, I know my warriors friends are too much cooperative to guide the step by step process of advertising on ... [read more]

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    When to start using BMR?

    rinor81 in SEO

    Hey guys, I have a question.... I use BMR for half a year now I think but my question is, supposed I upload a new page to a site which ... [read more]

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    Adsense position - breaks policy?

    Steve Foulds in SEO

    I searched here but could find the answer - if i position an adsense banner at the top & a nav bar above it, forcing the user to cross the ... [read more]

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    Similar on page seo

    n14charlie in SEO

    If a site has similar keyword for his on page seo does it still count? For example if a site has on page seo for the word "insurances" I should ... [read more]

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    Help with facebook ads targeting

    phonetools in SEO

    Hey everyone... I am a music producer I have a website that I sell hip hop And rap beats on I am starting to use facebook ads to get traffic... ... [read more]

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    Where are the Niche Gurus? I need Tips to Rank my site on Top 15 to Top 10 in 2 weeks

    Kay81 in SEO

    Hello, Four months ago I started my first niche site . I did my research before starting it and knew the keyword was competitive, especially since almost all top ... [read more]

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    Best wordpress site structure for SEO?

    Tom in SEO

    Hi, I'm planning to build a number of affiliate sites using wordpress, but before I build anything, I was looking for some advice on the best structure to use for ... [read more]

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    Adsense and images

    Kukelka in SEO

    Hello, I am building adsense site and having about 10 pictures. And I know that I can't add image from google images,I must have license ! But what to do ... [read more]

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    Google removed a search result, why ?

    mileagedriver in SEO

    I tried a keyword and found google removed a website(thats not mine) and put a message- In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, ... [read more]

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    Adsense clicks only £0.09p

    Adam Smith in SEO

    I have several websites all using Adsense to make money... they all used to be making over £1 per click, but this past week they are only averaging 9pence a ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Finder work for anyone?

    mattr2110 in SEO

    I cannot get the program to work anymore, I always get a script error when doing a keyword search. I'm on the latest version 5.6.31, all windows patches installed, put ... [read more]

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    How is this happening

    marks2424 in SEO

    I have been doing the website thing for about two and a half years and work hard on my main site I have about 4 as of now. I know ... [read more]

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    Boost .com site ranking in non-US Google

    someoneinjapan in SEO

    Here is the background: Thanks to my own SEO efforts and some fellow warriors, my .com website is ranking very well in - I am talking a number of ... [read more]

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    Great backlink for sports sites

    kristianw in SEO

    ESPN has profiles that are dofollow and you can use anchor text. Should be a good backlink for anyone but particularly if you are in the sports field. ESPN SportsNation ... [read more]