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    When will backlings be live ?

    ddesigns in SEO

    Hello, I have tried to build backlinks for one of my website since its inception i.e. since last November 2015, This backlinks have been made using comments, article submission etc. ... [read more]

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    Keyword Competition - How to find out?

    Springy in SEO

    I've got one problem. I've researched and now I've got about 250 potential good keywords, but I'm not sure about keyword competition. If I'm doing that with Market Samurai with ... [read more]

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    Case Study: Getting a Site Indexed by Doing Nothing

    irawr in SEO

    There's been a bunch of posts lately about indexing and trying to get indexed fast and I have no idea why that's an issue. So I'm trying this! I got ... [read more]

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    should i do keyword research for every single blog post ?

    moinu95 in SEO

    I need to know about keyword research. should i do keyword research for my every single blog post? if yes then how much avg monthly search keyword should i use? ... [read more]

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    High pr SEO forum posting website list

    logoinnovator in SEO

    Hi friends High pr SEO forum posting website list. please send me.

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    Backlinks not showing up

    mwilliams054 in SEO

    I made a few 2.0 websites with spun articles from my main website and they all have links back to my main site. I go into backlink checkers on webmaster ... [read more]

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    Blog Commenting give bad impact to our site?

    kerneltraining in SEO

    Hello guys, I getting confused about blog commenting, Please tell me if we did blog commenting daily then because of that our site will face spam problem? Please tell me ... [read more]

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    H tags advice please?

    mikehende in SEO

    Hey guys, I am ready to start with the SEO work on my new theme, just one last thing I need to finalize now which concerns this page: Data Recovery ... [read more]

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    best blog commenting software

    Moyam in SEO

    hi guys , please i need to know what's the best blog commenting software? i tried comment kahuna, but i was finding an extremely low success rate with it.

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    Homepage Meta Help

    paco8723 in SEO

    Hi guys, Need some help please ! I have my site here which is and the meta description is set as this >>>>> "Carpet Cleaning in Bromsgrove - Tile ... [read more]

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    LenoVo brand smartphones.

    rtbnsmithh085 in SEO

    hello my dear friends good morning to all guys here is the list oll new and top popular smartphones of LenoVo brand. Watch Kung Fu Panda 3 onlineWatch The Revenant ... [read more]

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    Need help! SEO White Hat

    jackdawnson in SEO

    Hello friends ! I'm "SEOing" for my website and I have to know some basic way, but not as an expert Some ways to build my links are advised not ... [read more]

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    content above the fold effect seo

    tim967 in SEO

    Good morning all, We are currently in the process of creating a lot of new pages for our website targetting various keywords. At the moment at the top of the ... [read more]

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    How to increase my keywords ranking in SERP?

    anne3 in SEO

    Hey friends, my keyword “PPC services in Faridabad” ranked on second page so can anyone suggest me some strategies to increase my keyword ranking.

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    Meta Title changing on its own ??

    Shayne Oconnor in SEO

    Hi guy, I need to sign up here as this would be best place to ask my problem I'm having with the meta titles being changed on every page on ... [read more]

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    How is this called and how can I rank for this?

    AmirFaria in SEO

    Hello guys, I am trying to figure it out how it´s called this kind of content preview. In portuguese is a new feature and I want to know how to ... [read more]

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    est Way to Create SEO Content for Multiple, International Websites

    cody109 in SEO

    I have a client that has multiple websites for providing to other countries. For instance, they have a .com website for the US (, a website for the UK ... [read more]

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    Is this google penalty or just Dance

    iman24 in SEO

    Hi Everyone i have a website that had good ranking position since started and increasing daily but suddenly since 2 days i lost all keywords (more than 45k) without any ... [read more]

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    Long posts seo

    Skizowapa in SEO

    Hello everyone does long posts like2000 words good to rank ?

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    Can I still this type of back links to my website?

    Enuke in SEO

    Hello SEO expert, For my one project one company have diavowed my all back links because of penguin. We tried our self but failed so we decided to give our ... [read more]

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    Breadcrumbs hidden

    seoIsEverything in SEO

    Hi In my shop im showing 3 places, where the customer is currently located: Menu (.active/.current where they are. They cant see the subcategory) Sidebar-menu with all the parent/child categories(.active/.current ... [read more]

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    backlinks faster approval- non www versus www version of the website

    samauden in SEO

    I have a website for which i want to do SEO. But the website non www version like domainname dot com. I feel that for SEO of this version, the ... [read more]

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    How do you check the traffic of your site?

    marsh2015 in SEO

    I have a PBN and I would like to check traffic on the site .. what do you suggest?

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    Google Alerts Question - Please Help

    ahsonwp in SEO

    Hi all, I have a question. I have subscribed with Google Alerts and I receive alerts as per my interest. The problem is, sometimes I receive alerts with only ONE ... [read more]

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    Backlink strategy, natural or blackhat or a bit of both?

    thetravellingphase in SEO

    I've just built a site in the eco-friendly niche with factual blog posts and reviews with Amazon links. I'm ranking on page 1 #10 for one product "product name niche ... [read more]

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    My Website Position is not improved in google why?

    Satya123@ in SEO

    Hi Friends. This is my website . From last 2 months i did both seo and smo. but my website position is not improved. why? Please anlayze my website ... [read more]

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    How can I Guest blog with infographics To Get Authority Backlinks

    maxdosh in SEO

    I heard of guest blogging and guest posting with infographics. But i am a bit confused as to how I can actually build backlinks from authority sites using this strategy. ... [read more]

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    Is duplicate blogs post good or not good in WordPress?

    kasmanishafi in SEO

    I have installed duplicate plugin in WordPress! Example! Topic blog - 10 best rich men in world post! I used to duplicate post then again second make post but different ... [read more]

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    Google My Business Google Penalization

    seovisionclick in SEO

    Hiya! Does anyone know if I could get Google penalized by reviewing a Google My Business page from the same email account where that Google My Business page was created? ... [read more]

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    google map

    hilarioushari in SEO

    Hello, I have two google maps ( same company info ) for two different products. Can i merge those ? How to display my google map for a keyword search ... [read more]

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    Why is this site outranking w/ only 6 backlinks

    Murkr in SEO

    Okay so im noticing anything "Tampa" is a competitive keyword because its so populated here. But i was looking at this keyword this site is ranked #1 with only 6 ... [read more]

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    Site map showing up on n SERPS

    tarpontim1138 in SEO

    My site map pages are showing up in my google analytics. I am concerned customers are landing on those rather then the correct pages. Here is an example: I ... [read more]

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    Why Won't Google Index Parts of my Site??

    SocialBuilders in SEO

    I own a web directory and, in the last month, 200+ listings have been added but NONE of the pages are being indexed by Google. My sitemap (Yoast) has been ... [read more]

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    Average Monthly Searches

    anton355 in SEO

    I am sure you get noobs in here asking the same basic questions so my apologies ahead of time. But I am curious how you determine what is an acceptable ... [read more]

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    TLDS - .com and longer domain or .info and shorter domain?

    Nathan Nielson in SEO

    Lets say Im building an affiliate review site. And I am purchasing a domain - For example lets say the category is computer accessories - Three main targets are keyboards, ... [read more]

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    Problems with ranking Archive pages..Help Appreciated!

    daftdog in SEO

    Hello Warriors, Its been a while but I have a problem that some of you more Techy guys may be able to help with. When I create a new post ... [read more]

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    Is this a title or H1 tag? --- <h1 class="entry-title" itemprop="headline">

    Murkr in SEO

    Hello, so i created my first SEO oriented webpage and i got a question about title and H1 tags. When i created the page, i wrote the page title but ... [read more]

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    Local Business SEO is this Duplicate Content ?

    paco8723 in SEO

    Hi all, I have a site which is for carpet cleaning in Birmingham But wish to advertise for other areas such as Redditch, Droitwich, Halesowen ect Now I've seen some ... [read more]

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    Why My Website is not properly indexing

    dmammar in SEO

    Hello I want to know that my website is Steam and my google webmaster account is showing that this website is indexed But when i trying to search it with ... [read more]

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    Working with amazing Londoners :)

    bonusbunker in SEO

    Hi every one I am new to SEO, I've also got my first gambling site take a look and please let me no what you guys think of my ... [read more]

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    Can i use another person content on my websites in different laguage please tell me.?

    deepakphalswal in SEO

    Hiii Friends Can i use another person content on my websites in different laguage please tell me.? Regards Kriti Sanoon

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    High PR Press Release and Article Sites

    mamtasoni in SEO

    Please give a list of high pr Indian press release sites and article sites. either paid or unpaid

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    Immediate increase of visitors

    santhoshr123 in SEO

    Hi I want to increase the traffic to website and ranking in google search fast. What can I do? Tips and Tricks are appreciable, not by paid methods.

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    Is Shortcodes Bad for your Website SEO ?

    Gabbarsingh in SEO

    Just wondering i have started to use shortcodes on my blog more often after starting to use this coupon code plugin magic lite ..right.. But the thing is i have ... [read more]

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    Seo for a hospital client he need result soon?

    agowtham719 in SEO

    i want to do seo for a hospital client. he needs the result in a couple of weeks. im from coimbatore, india. my client want to do national level. they ... [read more]

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    Shall i build more pages?

    Excitemental in SEO

    Will it help with SEO to have different pages for each keyword we are aiming for? For instance if it was a cake website would it be beneficial to have ... [read more]

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    reciprocal link

    fabalpha1 in SEO

    What is reciprocal link and where i can get it...?Is i submit a reciprocal link with my site is it good for seo.

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    Which Menu Structure is better for SEO?

    magepsycho in SEO

    I am planning to structure my menu and following 4 types came into my mind. **Menu 1** Extensions (/extensions) |-- Magento Extensions (/extensions/magento) |-- Prestashop Extensions (/extensions/prestashop) |-- WooCommerce Extensions ... [read more]

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    Does cliking on website button make you rank better on google maps local pack ?

    Jubaii in SEO

    Do you have more chances to rank better on the google maps 3 adresses pack if you have more clics on your website button? or it doesn't count as for ... [read more]

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    301 redirect on multiple domain changes

    Vcize in SEO

    We're looking at changing the domain for our site for a 2nd time. We currently have a 301 redirect for the entire site and all subpages from* to*. ... [read more]

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    Can someone tell me what are the best SEO strategies 2016

    Jimmyjulian in SEO

    I have an e commerce website and I need traffic so will you guys help me with my website.

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    Index Problems

    ChristopherQ in SEO

    I verified my WordPress domain on both Google Webmaster tools and Analytics, and linked the two. But- and this is pretty odd- Webmaster tools has been telling me I haven't ... [read more]

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    How to push from #4 to #1 in SERP?

    slem in SEO

    Hi, i have a website that ranks on #4 and #5 for two different keywords. Here are two screenshots from Market Samurai's SEO Competition: #4 in SERP #5 in SERP ... [read more]

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    Metrics to consider for competitor analysis

    endovdayz in SEO

    Hi all. i am developing a micro niche site and got puzzled with the competitor analysis part.. would be great if some one could give me a guide line on ... [read more]

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    Manual directory listings for local business. What does client need to provide me?

    Goalie35 in SEO

    I've been using Yext for clients for the past few years but decided to stop recently (I do this more on a part-time basis & I just wasn't making enough ... [read more]

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    How to Fix Soft 404 Errors for PHP Site?

    jiyathakker in SEO

    I am getting Soft 404 errors in my Google Webmasters Tools i don't know how to fix it.i am getting error in 404 page also.consider this image and giAttachment 23773ve ... [read more]