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    Country Specific Ranking - Which Domain to develop?

    thankgod in SEO

    hi guys/gals ... going to take-up a few minutes of time and would appreciate if you can share your comments and thoughts. let's presume the following: Company Name: ABC SERVICES ... [read more]

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    cant find high pr blogs in my niche?

    majikz10 in SEO

    I have been looking for high pr blogs in my niche to comment on and can only find some that are pr1 and 2 and 3.Should i comment on high ... [read more]

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    Scrapebox blast question

    DelilahB in SEO

    I bought a Scrapebox blast for 20k successful comments the other day, and I checked it in my own Scrapebox link checker but only found 900 live links. I asked ... [read more]

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    h1/h2/h3 - placing them in order? Does it matter?

    Seofarmer in SEO

    As topic; does it matter which order they go with? For example, for my page, I have a 2-3 h2 tags before my h1 (blog title). then follow by a ... [read more]

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    Tools like article submitters?

    imthebest in SEO

    Many experts emphasize that do not use tools like article submitters and once you got caught by SEs you gonna suffer! But I think there are people still using these ... [read more]

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    help wanted in hiring a blog commenter

    jefflee26 in SEO

    Hi i am willing to hire a blog commenter, for approximately 10 comments/week. I also manged criteria like the comment should be dofollow. niche related. and <10 out bound links. ... [read more]

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    Essential search engine marketing techniques

    Patrick Vikus in SEO

    The techniques are these: 1.Identify the power of Social Networking In case you haven’t heard, many experts predict Social Media will occupy more than 10% of total online marketing efforts ... [read more]

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    Best Google Adsense Niches

    SwayamDas in SEO

    Hey Friends, what are the High Paying Adsense Niche Topics?

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    Schedualing Wordpress Posts

    abckid24 in SEO

    Hey guys. Assuming that Google will rank an aged post higher than a fresh post, how does Google handle the scheduled posts feature in Wordpress? If a post is scheduled ... [read more]

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    Best article submission directories

    mervyngoh in SEO

    Hi Anyone like to share which do u think is the best article submission directory? My recommendation are ezinearticle, go article, article base. Care to share? Will thank u for ... [read more]

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    Best SEO service or tools.

    Arav in SEO

    Hello Folks, Hope everything is going fine. I need your review about choosing SEO service. Recently I visited SEOmoz. Have anyone used their services? Actually I didn't understand their sole ... [read more]

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    Blog commenting - what it really takes?

    sharrydan in SEO

    Are you doing blog commenting? Can you share what it takes? Is it as demanding as for me? I am trying to learn how to do that right way. I ... [read more]

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    best web 2.0 automated software that doesn't get properties deleted....

    ricker95 in SEO

    What is a good web 2.0 automated software maker that creates properties that do not get deleted by webmasters/spam moderators. I want to use some automated software to speed up ... [read more]

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    Best Way to Set Up Amazon Affiliate Website?

    JDAX23 in SEO

    (I was told to move this thread here!) What is the best way to set up a website for amazon affiliate program? Would it be to find a single product, ... [read more]

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    Hosting a Lot of Site Under 1 IP

    That Guy in SEO

    Right now I have 13 sites up on my hosting service, with 6 of them having Adsense and the other 7 being either recreational or projects I don't want to ... [read more]

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    offervault vs. clickbank vs. cj,com

    derh in SEO

    I'm just now getting back into marketing after about 5 months (had to take a temp sabbatical to start a new job) Five months ago...i was making around $200 a ... [read more]

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    For SEO, whats better: HTML5, Flash, or AJAX?

    danielakunz in SEO

    I am setting up a lead generation website. It is going to have a function to capture visitors information without having to go to new pages, so I need to ... [read more]

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    Not recommend to backlink a new website?

    Mr Lim in SEO

    As the title says, I'm wondering this because most new sites being served by Google Dance.

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    Is google keywordtool still fatanstic as it were before?

    rhodah in SEO

    I seem to be having problem using Google keyword tool. I am still new to IM world and i know how important keyword research in IM business. any suggestion on ... [read more]

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    Sales Page: Please Help

    redstanford in SEO

    I am in search of someone to draft me up a nice sales letter for my 1st ebook. i really am not sure the best format for what i desire. ... [read more]

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    How to Get Links Through Different IPs When Link Building?

    dgaubatz in SEO

    Can someone explain to me more about the c-class ip?

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    Google Keyword Tool Broad or Exact Search?

    valdivz in SEO

    I see other internet marketers show videos of them doing keyword research for SEO but they do not show the "Exact" search they always show broad. Now, I understand that ... [read more]

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    CTR in Google Ad Words

    carolinehill in SEO

    How to Improve CTR in Google Ad Words?

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    Did I Configure Platinum SEO Plugin Right? [With Screenshots]

    amarketing in SEO

    Hi all, I installed Platinum SEO plug-in for Wordpress and now I'd like your advice on how I configured it. Here are some screenshots of how I've got it configured: ... [read more]

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    Deciphering SEO Quake stats - help needed

    treasures226 in SEO

    Can anybody help me out with how to decipher all the stats in SEO Quake? I use it with Firefox, and I’m looking for an understanding of what everything listed ... [read more]

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    Keyword ranking help?

    aaronjunited in SEO

    Ok I'm new to blogging in terms of, I've never built a successfull blog and made loads of money. Ive put blogs up before and now the time has come ... [read more]

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    Google Sandbox Paranoia

    emb1781 in SEO

    Hi, Guys I have some questions basically about link building and actually laying out A link building campaign for new sites without getting sandboxed. I have had problems with this ... [read more]

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    How can I use google adwords with Ebay

    pwr47 in SEO

    Hi can anyone let me know what URl I can use to promote my FIXED PRICE listing. the direct url of the page in my browser is very long and ... [read more]

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    I could really do with some emotional support right now - and some advice!!

    Christi in SEO

    Hi Warriors, Apologies in advance for the long post. Please bear with me and give me your wisdom. I'm living a bad dream right now that I'm sure many of ... [read more]

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    Question about the Google Dance

    MattinSD in SEO

    I'm fairly familiar with the causes of the "Google Dance", but I'm wondering if this happens with Yahoo and Bing as well. In other words, is it common for the ... [read more]

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    Adsense question

    rich7797 in SEO

    Just to clarify, I am fairly new to IM and only recently been approved for adsense. Question is: I have added my publisher I.D to a couple of my sites ... [read more]

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    What type of backlinks are these.....

    Moneyland in SEO

    Hi. I am trying to outsource some backlinking and the packages I am interested in are a mix of profile links and blogs and guestbook. I am just abit unsure ... [read more]

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    Have You Guys Tried Yelp For Local Marketing?

    quickregister in SEO

    I recently enrolled my local injury lawyer directory with Yelp. I was very surprised with the results. It shot my listing right to the top for very expensive keywords. First ... [read more]

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    Exact Mach Domain and ADSense Earnings

    karismasand in SEO

    I still don't understand how you do guys wit EMD domains. There are people here that say he make $70 per day in a least of 2 month. Check this ... [read more]

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    Should I start creating backlinks for my 20 days old baby Webpage??

    rafiseo in SEO

    I see some SEO companies dont accept SEO job for brand new websites. I have a very new website. I want to start building backlinks for the site. But em ... [read more]

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    Pos 1-5 Any SEO Doing Pay for Performance?

    consultant1027 in SEO

    There are many SEO's out there doing pay for performance guarantee for Google Page one ranking. Cost of course depends on keyword. However it is confirmed that that position 6-10 ... [read more]

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    What Link Network are these sites from? $5.00 for correct answer

    tyang in SEO

    Hi I'll give someone $20.00 if they can help me with this

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    Lost in google index

    technologift in SEO

    Dear all webmasters, I want to ask you that my domain : has lost index in google. Please help me by analyzing this domain, why google delete index from ... [read more]

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    how I edit my signature in this forum?

    lukasandy in SEO

    how I edit my signature in this forum? thanks

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    OFF SITE Seo

    albag999 in SEO

    Jut need a tiny bit of advice really. I know many people like a SEO person to work on the online and offline SEO all together. I am just wondering ... [read more]

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    Difficulty, dealing,, with Adsense

    jworsham in SEO

    Am I the only person who has a difficult time dealing with Adsense?

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    I have a few PPC credits

    jerkul in SEO

    Hello Warriors! I have a total of $40 in credits in my facebook account that will expire in a few days. I'm looking for someone with a very well converting ... [read more]

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    submit website for good ranking

    ravi2011 in SEO

    can anyone tell me high PR directories in which we should submit our site for high ranking

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    Quetions about backlink

    NameThatCandy in SEO

    hi there, I am new to IM. I always see people talking about backlinks, I want to start to do it for my website. My question is "Do I backlink ... [read more]

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    Google rankings dropped?!

    MaxZimmer in SEO

    As you can see my rankings dropped! Could this be a Google Dance? I have been on #3 for over a month!

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    Does Build My Rank/Blog Networks Violate Google Webmaster Guidelines?

    Latsyrc in SEO

    Hi all, I have been using Build My Rank and love the results so far. Well, after reading more about Google guidelines I wonder if Build My Rank or any ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Split Testing Plugins

    TimScott in SEO

    Hey Guys, I wanted to pickup a plugin for split testing landing pages in wordpress, these are the top three i found, any one used these or can offer some ... [read more]

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    Would Using Reprint Rights Articles Hurt Rankings?

    yourreviewer in SEO

    I am helping a client build a website and so far he has about 90 odd unique high quality articles on his website. Now he wants to use articles provided ... [read more]

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    For the SEO experts.... what is the best strategy? Solution A or B?

    WGarden in SEO

    Hi beautiful people What is the best way to do this? Say you got a product that helps acne suffers (just as an example) and you found four different keyword-phrases ... [read more]

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    SEO - Is it worth paying to do a course!

    albag999 in SEO

    The title says it all really, but is it actually worth paying for a course in SEO. I know you can read a lot of ebooks and look at you ... [read more]

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    what is the way of checking copetitors backlinks working for specific keyword?

    rafiseo in SEO

    Suppose I want to check which backlinks are working for my competitor's webpage for "doog names" keyword. How can I do that? I have scrapebox. So can scrapebox do it? ... [read more]

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    How to find out what search keywords draw the most viewers to a site.

    matrixv in SEO

    Is there a way to check what keyword or search term is a websites most popular? For example I want to find out a competitors most successful search engine keywords ... [read more]

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    3600 exact searches a month but only 12 unique visitors a day?

    Keep Trying in SEO

    Back in March, I researched for a keyword phrase that got 720 exact searches per month. I was excited because it was a low competition keyword. As a newbie who ... [read more]

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    SEO strategies for MEDIUM / SEO businesses?

    Seofarmer in SEO

    I see that for most small businesses, I know most are into BlueFart (no offense), spamming, commenting, massive article submission (poorly written) etc. But what about medium-big businesses, i dont ... [read more]

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    AMR signup success rate

    cooler1 in SEO

    What is your signup success rate for AMR? I read a post on the forum recently which listed some best practices to follow when signing up such as use a ... [read more]

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    Fast Blog Finder

    Michael Stetina in SEO

    I found this tool while searching for backlinking information. I like that it shows PageRank and follow characteristics of keyword related blogs. Its GUI has a built in browser and ... [read more]