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    keyword question when posting

    scruffy77 in SEO

    I use the all-in-one seo plugin and you have the options title, description, and keywords. In keywords should it be like this: battefield 3 guns, battlefield 3 console, battlefield map ... [read more]

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    Looking for Products to sell online!

    DmitryP in SEO

    I am looking for a way that I can sell actual physical products online (not digital). I am looking for something simple like portable air conditioners or simple surveillance cameras. ... [read more]

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    How much traffic should i expect?

    majikz10 in SEO

    I Have a keyword that gets 6600 monthly searches.I want to no how much traffic would i get if i was position 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or ... [read more]

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    It is a long time to analyze keywords,isn't fast?

    spen in SEO

    Hi,guys I get the eight hundred keywords from the Google keywrod tool,and then press the low competition and high search to anaylze,It left two hundred keywords. If I analyze each ... [read more]

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    domain age question

    Jon Yarbrough in SEO

    I have re-registered the very first domain I owned, mainly for nostalgia ( I made alot of cash back then through this domain), but may do something with it. It ... [read more]

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    Ezinearticles is a headache

    discustipated in SEO

    I have been signed up with ezinearticles for 3 months and have yet to have an article accepted. I was banned from the first article I ever submitted. I finaly ... [read more]

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    Plugin Similar To Auto Link Juicer

    jsmith2482 in SEO

    Auto Link Juicer is a paid plugin to boast traffic. One of the plugins says Power Plug-in #1: Auto Link Juicer: Identifies the keywords that are sending you traffic and ... [read more]

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    What SEO Blogs Do You Read?

    kennyk3 in SEO

    Hey Warriors, Just wondering what SEO blogs everyone out there reads. Here are a few I skim through at times: SEO Blog | SEOmoz Blog Featuring Search Engine Marketing Tactics ... [read more]

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    Can a .com site be ranked #1 on Google.CO.UK?

    Bulldozer in SEO

    Can you rank a site with a generic domain extension like .com, .edu, .net or .org on Google UK? Is this even possible??? If yes - how to do this? ... [read more]

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    What are the main things to do for good SEO?

    applegreensnake in SEO

    What are the main things to do for good SEO? Both: -- in build of the site -- and in promotional activities

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    Who Is The Best SEO, Backlink Building, Etc... Service On The WF

    Steve Wells in SEO

    I am looking for a response from someone on here who knows from first hand experience, who they would recommend to do off-page white hat SEO for the long haul. ... [read more]

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    Some SEO questions

    applegreensnake in SEO

    If someone with the know-how has a minute or 2, here are some questions: 1. How would I create and upload an xml sitemap? Do I need to have a ... [read more]

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    Is RSS pinging really effective?

    Monikacis in SEO

    Hello guys, I have heard that RSS pinging is an effective way for quick crawling of a website. I need your opinion in this topic. Thanks

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    Google Panda and EASY Rankings Quick

    James Hussey in SEO

    No I'm not selling anything here. Consider this a poke in the eye of Google's so-called "quality control" (a.k.a. Panda updates). You know, the update to the algo where dupe ... [read more]

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    Do you buy text links ?

    Watch Store in SEO

    Does anyone have any experience on buying anchor text links on the home page of high pr blogs, and if so is it ok to show the text link from ... [read more]

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    My 10 Step Guide To SEO Success (For Newbies)

    PPV Guru in SEO

    What’s up Warriors! I’ve been seeing a lot of people new in online marketing asking a lot of questions on how to get started making money online using SEO. Now ... [read more]

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    Buying high PR domains

    RayW in SEO

    Is it a good idea to buy high pr domains for the purpose of putting links to your sites on it? Has anyone tried this? How did it go? What ... [read more]

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    Need traffic for my website

    gowireless99 in SEO

    I have a website and need traffic. Anyone has any ideas?. I tried some Traffic generation programs (bought through Warrior Forum) and no luck yet. I am looking for a ... [read more]

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    Help me with keyword....

    aygabtu in SEO

    Ok, I have been sitting at #9 on google for weeks for keyword 'iMobsters'. I rank #1 or 2 on combinations of this word, but can't budge higher on just ... [read more]

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    What's the worst thing You could to do a website?

    Peter Helps in SEO

    Hey guys, I thought that would ask that questions because I think many people here are wondering it each and every day. When it comes to SEO, what is the ... [read more]

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    My domains are all hosted together, how can Google NOT discover this?

    dvdpro in SEO

    Ok, before you think I'm trying to create some type of elaborate link web...I'm not. I've been SEOing for the past 8 months for about 8 different subject sites (that ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Version vs. SERP Ranking?

    Chris Sweeney in SEO

    If you have an older version of Wordpress installed, does this affect your SERP ranking? I never really thought about it before until now, but I just got an e-mail ... [read more]

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    Question about redirected backlinks

    Shrike in SEO

    I just made a backlink to my website from a website with good authority, however the backlink redirects to my website in the form of Does this type of ... [read more]

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    Market Samaria Users Is This An Easy Keyword?

    George Kelly in SEO

    I have just started using Market Samurai and was given a keyword from a friend Is this a keyword in your opinion doable

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    Heads Up! AdWords Now Reviewing Paused Ads

    dburk in SEO

    Hi Warriors, This is a heads up about a change in the AdWords ad review process. Beginning this week, AdWords is going through all of your paused ads and ... [read more]

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    What is Private blog network?

    rafiseo in SEO

    When i see some SEO services I see they are quoting about Private Blog Network. In fact what is this private blog network? Also what the benefit of this Private ... [read more]

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    Few Questions about google webmaster

    mazdak in SEO

    Hi There, Have you any idea what does these terms means in google webmaster? Query Impressions Change Clicks Change CTR Change Avg. position Change Thank you

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    WHYYYY do I keep getting adwords disapproved?

    IsGabeW in SEO

    (is this in the right section?) Background info: Selling an ebook on a pretty standard format sales letter HTML template. I start with headline, intro, story, guarantee, product & buy ... [read more]

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    Adsense - Consistency is Key

    bhuff85 in SEO

    With so many different Adsense threads I've seen lately, I thought I'd swing by here quick to let those who are still trying their luck at Adsense know that consistency ... [read more]

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    Majestic SEO old?

    ulcseminary in SEO

    I signed up for Majestic to check backlinks. The most recent ones found are from July 13. Since I know I've had a bazillion more links since then (okay, maybe ... [read more]

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    How to Get a legal CC/DB Under a Different Name I can use on Adwords?

    bert81 in SEO

    So, I just got off the phone with Google trying to get my 'Permanently Suspended' account fixed, (didn't go so well), and now I need to figure out how I ... [read more]

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    Interesting result about ebooks & adwords...

    IsGabeW in SEO

    I have a pretty standard HTML 'high pressure' sales letter page I was trying to get approved for adwords. I knew this was an up hill battle, but all content ... [read more]

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    Best WP footer (SEO-wise)

    Seofarmer in SEO

    What do you usually include in your WP footer, in order to help boost SERPs etc. I see that most WP footers have 3 columns, what are your 3 choices? ... [read more]

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    Quality Populariti Backlink SITE (Dofollow)

    Blogger Newbie in SEO

    Lets share where can got quality backlink for your Single post or hompage Blog (dofollow only). SITE | PR - PR6 | Dofollow | Dummy article, RSS, BIO ... [read more]

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    better than scrapebox in the WSO?

    visimedia in SEO

    do you have better software offer like scrapebox in the WSO? the final purpose is still to make high ranking of our sites in search engine. Any suggestion?

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    Difference in the ranking of Google India and

    ashishbhatnagar in SEO

    I want to know that why there is a difference between the ranking of Google India and Kindly tell me that what is the exact reason behind this.

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    Does Links to Internal Page Help Main Page Keyword

    fated82 in SEO

    I have a website that is targeting 1 main keyword and other different keywords. If I build backlinks to other internal pages, will it help my main keyword and push ... [read more]

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    Exact Domain Not Available What Should I Do?

    Captain_Morgan in SEO

    Hey Guys Been searching for some exact domains for certain keywords with low competition, but the exact is not available, been told still can rank due to quality content and ... [read more]

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    Free backlinks useful for all websites

    masterjani in SEO

    For all new website owners,To get your their site notified to search engines you are creating many backlinks from various sources like forums,blog comments etc. As a start you get ... [read more]

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    I Want to Clone Myself - Unique Content Question

    Augie Johnston in SEO

    Hi, I have a wordpress blog that I setup with over 50 posts but I did not set it up for in an SEO manner at all. I now want ... [read more]

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    Are Market Samurai results to be trusted?

    TheAge in SEO

    Giving up on SEO, wanting to plan out a PPC campaign - something I've noticed is that there are HUGE differences between Market Samurai's AWCPC and Google's Adword Keyword tool's ... [read more]

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    First page ranking on G, but very low traffic

    moonheart in SEO

    I really depressed seeing the low traffic to my site that I was not expected before creating my site. I am optimizing my site for a gaming keyword that have ... [read more]

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    Blog Comments and Google Rankings

    michaelcorvin in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I want to get your opinion on something. Does Google give more boost to a blog that has plenty of comments on them? What I have heard is ... [read more]

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    Looking for a new Adsense theme... Any ideas?

    Starfusion in SEO

    I'm currently using the CTR theme which was bought through the warrior forum. I'm looking at expanding my Adsense network of sites and looking for other "Adsense Wordpress themes" so ... [read more]

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    Indexing articles

    jbearnolimits in SEO

    So right now I have a ton of articles that are not seeing the light of day with google. How do you get your articles indexed? I am trying social ... [read more]

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    Benefits of Google +1 Button ?

    katrinaketty in SEO

    Hello Guys, Can you please tell me, What is the benefits of Google +1 Button ?? It's Useful to increase Ranking on SERP's ???

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    What are AA backlinks?

    futurepocket in SEO

    Just as the title states, what are AA backlinks? Anyone care to explain? Thanks!

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    Little Question about Keyword Research

    guzpra in SEO

    I just wanna confirm and make sure about this and I know this topic maybe have been said lot of times in this forum.. So, if we search the amount ... [read more]

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    Own an SEO business?

    Lawyer Websites in SEO

    If so what is your biggest pain or frustration with new and existing clients?

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    SEO question and poll number 1

    Newbieee in SEO

    hi guys When building a site for SEO later. which would you prefer. pls list your reasons. 1. blog site 2. article site 3. review site 4. corporate style site ... [read more]

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    delete this

    Hardik Jogi in SEO

    please delete this thread..thank you....

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    Best Fiverr Backlinking Gig?

    Pointzero in SEO

    Hey guys, In your experience, what fiverr gigs that you have used to gain backlinks have produced the best results? I have searched for backlinks, and then sorted by popularity ... [read more]

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    High PR Backlinks

    ups1984 in SEO

    Hi All, I have been a follower of the forum for quite a while and I am sure I will get what I want here. I have a website with ... [read more]

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    What's the best way to delete pages

    lisakleinweber in SEO

    I've got a pretty big content site that has some very old, no-longer-useful information on it. The pages have no links in except internal links. I want to delete them. ... [read more]

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    Help with Key Word Selection

    TAG1 in SEO

    Hi, I'm new to the warrior forum, so please forgive me if I post in the wrong area. I'm also new to internet marketing, so am hoping to learn lots ... [read more]