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    What's the best way to delete pages

    lisakleinweber in SEO

    I've got a pretty big content site that has some very old, no-longer-useful information on it. The pages have no links in except internal links. I want to delete them. ... [read more]

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    Help with Key Word Selection

    TAG1 in SEO

    Hi, I'm new to the warrior forum, so please forgive me if I post in the wrong area. I'm also new to internet marketing, so am hoping to learn lots ... [read more]

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    What is product optimization?

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi, I would like to know about product optimization. And suppose if I have 15 products on my site and I want to optimize it. What are the things I ... [read more]

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    Senuke X - Which Template For New Sites

    Captain_Morgan in SEO

    Hey Guys Just wanted to know what templates are people using when using Senuke X, for newbie sites?? For example if i have a new site say around 2 weeks ... [read more]

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    Help Setting Up AdSense & Analytics on Multiple Sites?

    johnrapp in SEO

    I'm totally lost on this one. :confused: I have a bunch of sites with AdSense, and I want to be able to tell how much money each of them is ... [read more]

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    Ideal number of URL links for an RSS feed?

    mooble in SEO

    So i visited and have been using their rss feed generator to get links indexed. I was wondering if there was an ideal number of links to put in ... [read more]

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    How do I find backlinks that a website has? So I know what kind I need

    rowebil in SEO

    Hey everyone I posted on another forum of internet marketing, and they said that first, I need to know what kind of backlinks my competition has, then I get those ... [read more]

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    Whats the BEST article directories or blogg sites to post your articles?? And how many times??

    PaxstonInAk in SEO

    Hey Guys!! Thanks for looking! I was curious what article directories you suggest other than ezines. I just submitted a article to ezines and its a week out for approval. ... [read more]

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    Ideal # of Keywords for PPC Campaign

    theleathercollection in SEO

    I've always been running PPC adwords campaigns for my site and never really drilled down on how to get the most bang for buck. I use auto placements for ease ... [read more]

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    Google Adsense Account On Hold

    daweelmac in SEO

    Few weeks ago, I passed my $10 threshold and I got a mail from G that they have sent my PIN to my address. I noticed that since the day ... [read more]

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    If you could only use one program to do your SEO what program would you choose?

    matrixv in SEO

    There seems to be so many programs people use to do their SEO for their websites. If you had to choose just one program which would you choose and why?!?

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    15 Year Old Domain - Crazy High CPC - But Lots of Comp?

    patrich in SEO

    I am looking for some advice here in terms of using an aged domain. I have, and rank, lots of new sites but not quite sure how much I can ... [read more]

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    Can I Remove Non performing Keywords From My Website?

    happyguy in SEO

    Hi everyone, I have this website that I built about 7 years ago. Back then, I knew nothing about keyword research as much as I do now. So, I filled ... [read more]

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    My indexing backlinks get indexed before the site?

    RonnyRaygun in SEO

    Okay, As part of my new indexing method, I use Scrapebox's indexing tool to index a brand new website. The thing is, I find the links pointing to the website ... [read more]

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    Goodle Adwords - Exact vs Broad for "what is time" string

    Maxim Ross in SEO

    Hi Folks, Wonder if somebody can help me to understand how the "what is time" string gives 226 million searches with 'broad' parameter, and 9900 searches with 'exact' parameter, as ... [read more]

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    Keyword research frustrated...Help please

    donaldhh in SEO

    Greetings All; I'm trying to get a good keyword to start my first campaign using Google's tools, i.e. the Adwords Keyword Tool and the normal Google search box. From ... [read more]

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    Keyword Review or Reviews which is better

    mostafa999 in SEO

    Hey everyone; my name is Mostafa I am brand new in affiliate marketing and I am in the process of creating my first website. I found this forum very interesting ... [read more]

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    Left Sidebar vs Right Sidebar

    That Guy in SEO

    Where do you guys put the sidebar on your sites, left or right? I've been experimenting using the left sidebar with ads on the side bar but my traffic is ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Marketing

    carolinehill in SEO

    What are advantages and disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing?

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    Google Keyword Tool shows 1-year-old data. Are there any tools that show more recent keyword stats??

    Bulldozer in SEO

    What the title says. Google's Keyword tool shows an average summary for a period of 1 year. Are there any tools that can give you the number of searches that ... [read more]

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    How to change anchor text in footer link?

    Ysrayl in SEO

    I'm using Atahualpa, and I'm having trouble finding the code for the home link in the footer.php file. Any ideas?

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    AMR - Results, anchor text and categories

    cooler1 in SEO

    I have a few questions about AMR. Thanks in advance for your help. 1. After you submit an article to AMR, how long does it usually take to see your ... [read more]

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    Create a directory to get link juice?

    SearchingLost in SEO

    The company I work for wants to take a URL and turn it into a directory. The example I am going to use is trophies. We want to call the ... [read more]

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    Is it Possible to go from PR0 to PR4?

    GoodnightSweetRatRace in SEO

    I have been reading about a recent PR Update so I decided to check one of my websites. It has gone from PR0 to PR4?? Is this likely just a ... [read more]

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    when to make conclusions about conversion rate

    DrLegend in SEO

    Hi, me and a friend are currently testing a squeeze page (using PPC) (Approach Anxiety Annihilator Audio). My question is: in your experience, how many clicks do you need in ... [read more]

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    Another one on the AdSense Wheel of Misfortune

    kiwiviktor81 in SEO

    Weirdly, they paid me before disabling my account due to the "risk of invalid activity". I was disappointed with the AdSense program anyway - the ads were often so poorly ... [read more]

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    Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Instantly

    emenacin in SEO

    Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Instantly What are the best ways of getting backlinks for free . Especially do follow links I heard that google panda dose not approve ... [read more]

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    google tool and market samurai showing wildly different est traffic figures, Who to believe?

    Sonny Am in SEO

    Hi Warriors. I am really hoping one of you can help me I found a good keyword I wanted to build a site on. The cpc is a decent amount, ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing newbie question

    AndreiMihai in SEO

    Ok, so a while ago I've started doing some small niche websites, a little affiliate, and now I want to start on something a little bigger, but for this, of ... [read more]

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    Anyone Else Having Problems With Micro Niche Finder Today?

    Liam Hamer in SEO

    Everything has been fine when using it the last few days, but today I am getting an error message after it has tried to pull the information from the Google ... [read more]

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    If you find a PR5 page that is autoapprove and dofollow with low OBL

    ilee in SEO

    Would you: a) flog it for what its worth to as many people as possible b) sell to a select few c) keep it all to yourself

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    Need Adsense Guru- CTR has dropped a few % points over time, 75,000 page views/mo

    verbs in SEO

    So here's the skinny. I have a messageboard with a homepage separate from the messageboard. My website overall has been running adsense in late 2007. When I first put adsense ... [read more]

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    Did Anyone Else Get Google-Slapped Yesterday?

    tomewer in SEO

    Or was it just me? I had to reinstall my WP theme as I had a bug that wouldn't go away, so I temporarily lost some onsite SEO optimization (title/description ... [read more]

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    Pligg Themes

    ulcseminary in SEO

    I have been running my own social bookmarking sites and I use Pligg. I upgraded to a different theme, but apparently to find a free one, there don't seem to ... [read more]

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    Is This All It Take to Rank On Page One On Google?

    fated82 in SEO

    Is this all the steps that is to rank top on Google? 1) Find a low-med buyer niche 2) buy a EMD 3) create quality content for each keyword targeted ... [read more]

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    StumbleUpon the hidden giant

    Quentin in SEO

    According to StatCounter's measurements, StumbleUpon has just surpassed Facebook and now delivers more than half of all social media referral traffic in the U.S. StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garret Camp ... [read more]

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    Add on Domain, WP Themes, Spinning. Does Google Know?

    derekcaldwell in SEO

    I've got 1 local plumbing client with approx. 30 or so sites. We are focused on creating different sites with slightly different content (at times spun to 50% uniqueness) and ... [read more]

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    How much should I charge this local bedding client for SEO work...

    invincible in SEO

    Hey guys I've teamed up with a friend who does web design and we've got a local client (UK based) who wants some SEO work done on his site. He ... [read more]

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    Can a site be ranked solely on the basis of Guest Posts?

    singhmanish251 in SEO

    Well i just opened up a new blog and I am planning to submit 1 guest post every day I dont like blog commenting much so i avoid it...So I ... [read more]

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    My keywords disappeared from google?

    charliesheen in SEO

    i just lost all my keywords? this has never happened to me, what is this? I tried to search after my webpage and its still in google, but around 10 ... [read more]

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    What RSS Feeds do for SEO Campaign?

    rafiseo in SEO

    I see people are talking about RSS Feed URLs. They are submitting RSS Feeds on RSS aggregators. But My questions are........ 1) Actually what is the benefit of creating and ... [read more]

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    How to rank well within Document Sharing Sites

    RoniShwartz in SEO

    Hi everybody, I'm in the process of writing a series of PDF mini-ebooks about travelling (kind of "short travel guides"), which will contain affiliate links and I want to upload ... [read more]

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    Anybody Using PixelPipe?

    va_mom in SEO

    I have been using pixelpipe for quite sometime now. I love it because i can link it to several FB and Twitter accounts (in just one pixel pipe acct). But ... [read more]

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    CTR on 0% Help!

    Happytrousers in SEO

    I have 3 sites with Adsense on them, 1 of them is No1 on google with around 40-50 visits per day, another is No 4 with around the same & ... [read more]

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    Article for a category in wordpress

    Diegan in SEO

    Hi, I am trying to follow a guide about creating authority sites, and I am a little confused. I would love to be able to use wordpress for my site, ... [read more]

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    Site's caching problem

    breetrask in SEO

    Hi, Anybody can suggest me that how can I cache my sites within a week? I am doing twitter, pingler etc., but still, my site has not been caching since ... [read more]

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    How would you guys market your errand courier service online?

    matrixv in SEO

    I am starting a small side project errand concierge service and I already registered a website. I was wondering what you guys think is the best thing to do. I ... [read more]

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    SEO Work in a Foreign Language??

    Aaron Egan in SEO

    Anybody on these boards have experience with doing SEO in a language they don't speak/write? A potential client wants us to do SEO for them across all language versions of ... [read more]

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    SEO Question for Ranking UK Site

    Flyer80 in SEO

    Hi there, I purchased a .com as the version for that keyword was not available. So my target market is the UK and where I'm trying to rank. SO ... [read more]

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    Accidently Ranking For EXTREMELY Profitable Keyword

    packerfan in SEO

    Okay, so here's the deal. I built one of my first sites in a really competitive market, targeting long-tail variations for an extremely profitable keyword. Not my keywords, but think ... [read more]

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    Emmanuel Sopitan in SEO was suggest but appears it doesnt exit anymore, please what is or are the alternative

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    How Useful is Video Marketing For Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Sites?

    JDSalinger in SEO

    I was curious if anyone on here has created videos for Adsense and Amazon affiliate sites? I know it can work for other sites but what about these? What strategy ... [read more]

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    The Eternal AdSense Advices That Contradict Each-Other

    Bulldozer in SEO

    I am using the "WordPress SEO" plugin by Yoast to do the on-page SEO for my WordPress-based websites. I am strictly following the advice that this plugin gives me - ... [read more]

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    Most Effective SEO/Backlink Service On Warrior Forum?

    martyJames in SEO

    Hi All, I have a few fairly new sites (couple months old) i am trying to rank on (Australia). I have done my own link building and most are ... [read more]

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    Need Keyword Research Advice

    gjd6599 in SEO

    Here is a situation I run into quite often, and I am never sure what is the best approach. If I have a site on skin care products, and I ... [read more]

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    How important is Google+ and +1?

    Natalie Hill in SEO

    I'm willing to dive in and learn this stuff if it's going to make a difference for me. But if not... ...well, I'd rather spend my time doing things that ... [read more]