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    black hat vs spamming

    DeenaForiya in SEO

    what is the difference between balck hat vs spamming ..

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    Google Search Quality Team Members Take Bribes???

    theexpert101 in SEO

    Do you think that Google search quality team members get bribed? Why when I approached Google web spam team and ask them why | the OFFICIAL site for phentermine ... [read more]

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    When Should I Start SEO For an New Website?

    storejvz in SEO

    Hi everyone ! i have a question that is : When Should I Start SEO For my New Website? when should start build backlink ? after 1 month or 2 ... [read more]

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    Automated SEO ad clicking software?

    valerieacola in SEO

    Do you have any automated SEO ad clicking software? This software should be able to click on an ad 100 times until ad disappears. Do you have any suggestions?

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    How to get dofollow backlinks manually and perfectly? [Beginner]

    yazooda in SEO

    Hi friends, I have a website and knew that dofollow backlinks are so good for websites especially how does it upgrade Google PR! My question came when I saw a ... [read more]

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    Backlinks From PBN

    mudasir45 in SEO

    Is it right to get backlinks from PBN in 2016.

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    Analytics keyword "Not provided"

    yagobi21 in SEO

    Hello, Guys I am really not liking that google hides the keywords that people find us with. Is there a way around this? I want to invest into SEO related ... [read more]

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    Short tails within long tail keywords - How does Google treat them?

    spoonyvoid in SEO

    Hi there, I'm a beginner SEO, who's got a lot to learn. I've been scouring through the net for an answer to this question, but I haven't been able to ... [read more]

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    How important is silo structure?

    sconer in SEO

    When talking about a small local contractor, how important is it for the website to be silo structured? Will it make any real difference, or is it just one tiny ... [read more]

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    organic search results coming with jibberish


    In one of my websites (or all of my sites I guess) I am getting keywords from searchers that are jibberish or random having nothing to do with what my ... [read more]

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    Managing PBN Network?

    Realtawk in SEO

    Quick question about managing a pbn's 1) How do you manage the network? 2) How many links/website should you link from each pbn? 3) Do you continuely keep posting on ... [read more]

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    What to do with search queries?

    shtoss in SEO

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for your advice. I am a newbie in SEO. I have a site related flash games for girls (gamesgirls[dot]club). The site is quite new. I start ... [read more]

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    when using keyword tools....


    if i am using the adwords keyword tool, when selecting the proper keywords for my articles on my website, how can i pick such keywords to engage the proper audience ... [read more]

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    Tool for measure relevance between 2 keywords

    Linegend in SEO

    Hello, Is there a tool that can provide the level of relevance between different keywords ? Thanks you

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    Difference between indexed and cached

    Ross02 in SEO

    Hi, I've been looking into some old SEO campaigns a website I'm working on paid for before I started working on it. I can see they paid for 10 web ... [read more]

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    Ever wonder if you are targeting the right keywords?

    dburk in SEO

    How to determine the business value of a keyword Someone PM'd me a keyword research question about using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool for selecting keywords for SEO. Here ... [read more]

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    Backlink confusion

    monachus in SEO

    Hi warriors. There is something in link building that i cannot understand. I use webmaster tools console, and some 3rd party seo tools like ahrefs and open site explorer to ... [read more]

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    Experiments with Neutral Expressions

    bartiseth in SEO

    Experiments with Neutral Expressions Rolex 24 At Daytona 2016 Live Stream Iowa State vs Texas A&M Live Stream

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    Need offpage SEO advice?

    neteater in SEO

    hi, i recently designed a press release site, based on wordpress, and currently i am in process of doing off page seo, i got hold on some expired pr1-4 tubmlr ... [read more]

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    Guest posts SEO problem!

    seo2ever in SEO

    Hello If I want to target KWs in gaming niche, can I guest post on authority tech blogs!! OR the blogs must be about games ONLY? Thanks in advane.

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    Why Press Release Site pagerank is decreased?

    deepakrajput in SEO

    Hello Warriors, a PR 6 press release submission site has lost their pagerank. Now its 2 Why its happen any idea?

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    Is this my site qualified for adsense?

    technobreath in SEO

    HI Everyone, My website name is TechnoBreath. This is technology related site. Please review my website and tell me if i will apply for adsense in google adsense dose they ... [read more]

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    Why Meta Title is not updated on the site?

    deepakrajput in SEO

    Hello Warriors, My site is I have done on-page SEO for its via Yoast SEO plugins. I have updated Meta Title, Description & keywords tags on site But Meta ... [read more]

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    Been stuck on page 2 for months

    Seokix in SEO

    Hello! I was hoping to get some opinions on a predicament of mine. I have been working on a site for 7+ months and the site just will not budge. ... [read more]

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    Free or Cheap Tool to Manage Broken Back Links?

    Chloe Brooks in SEO

    Hi Guys Do you know of a great tool that is free or cheap to manage the back links to my site. I want to check if the back links ... [read more]

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    pardeepmehta in SEO

    Hello, Friends ! I am New In SEO field. this Is My Site. This Site Not Show In How Can Do It?

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    How To Get Maximum Exposure For Your Website?

    AminaMbaye in SEO

    How To Get Maximum (MORE) Exposure For Your Website On Google Easily?

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    What is Infographic Submission?

    compchamp in SEO

    Hi, Can any one tell me What is Infographic Submission? Can it is useful in SEO?

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    1 website, 2 locations, backlinks

    rauld1 in SEO

    Hi, I have an oral surgeon client that has 2 locations. I am currently building backlinks for the client's website to directories. Should the backlink url in the directory link ... [read more]

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    A few questions from Russia

    Iliaa in SEO

    Hello! Sorry, if you create a topic in the wrong section. My name is Ilia and I am from Russia. Please help understand how work your world I've been doing ... [read more]

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    is there a way to get ranked on Google Germany and Italy on the website?

    Azlan.MY in SEO

    Hi, I noticed that while my website is ranked for Google UK and US, it is not for Google Italy. If I want to make the same website appear on ... [read more]

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    Are weeblys noindex?

    Ross02 in SEO

    When you set up a weebly it asks you to upgrade or "your site won't be seen by google". Does this just mean if you pay they help you index ... [read more]

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    does rel='noreferrer' pass link value ?

    mase857 in SEO

    I have seen some links generating rel=noreferrer'.. I know they pass header information but what about link value ? does it pass link value too ? or is it like ... [read more]

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    Video Sharing Sites 2016

    TechMate001 in SEO

    Hi, Hey Can you Tell me the Video Sharing Sites For SEO in 2016!

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    Using free stock photos and its affect on SEO

    TrackerG in SEO

    Hello, do using images from free stock sites like PixaBay can affect my website ranking? Do Google check if images on websites are already posted somewhere else, and do this ... [read more]

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    What is the difference between PBN and SAPE?

    anhtt265 in SEO

    I tried to research about SAPE links. And I see that both PBN and SAPE links can help me rank my sites. But I still doesn't really understand what What ... [read more]

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    Web trends to follow for better SEO in 2016

    atiqi36 in SEO

    Hi guys just wrote this blog so thought will publish it here. It might help few people As you know seo plays a major role in the growth of any ... [read more]

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    Automatic pinging opensource software

    monachus in SEO

    Hello warriors, I have been searching for a while to find an automatic autopinging opensource web softwre to automatically ping my pbn websites. I need pinging for 2 reasons: 1. ... [read more]

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    Client has keyword loaded URL's everywhere

    amagneto in SEO

    Hi guys, I've just started working with a new client offering professional business services. They employed a guy to work on their SEO before and he has honestly just abused ... [read more]

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    How to use wordpress theme settings for SEO

    PGM Sameera in SEO

    Hi, How to use wordpress theme settings for SEO ?

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    SEo issue - traffic falling

    staceyW0077 in SEO

    hi all I am trying to rank this site Cleaning Services and Hotel Staff and in the last 3 - 4 months traffic has been declining. am looking for a ... [read more]

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    Email Marketing Can't Boost SEO

    enjamulahsan in SEO

    Email Marketing is a secret way to market products and business. But email marketing cant give you SEO Boost. Because email links are not do follow links. So email marketing ... [read more]

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    Creating Link building Blog Network on paid domains for Client's site..

    shovon2012 in SEO

    I'm actually SEO professional and working for many clients around the world. I got clients who are having business in various different industry i.e. transport, game and few eCommerce site ... [read more]

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    How do I find .org and .gov sites?

    jiyathakker in SEO

    How do I find .org and .gov sites and how do I link them?

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    What would be the best way to do SEO for subdomain?

    jiyathakker in SEO

    let me give an example...A site is called and has subdomains that they are targeted for seo for particular city (,,r What would be the best way to ... [read more]

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    Is Google true to its requirements on Panda

    dynamyt100 in SEO

    Calling all SEO's. I have a baffling case which Im hoping someone can help with. My site: is being outranked by a competitor Mango : prices, timetables, schedules and ... [read more]

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    Share your link building setup that worked for you.

    h4km4k in SEO

    Let's say I have a brand new website with all on page SEO done. What links would you buy first? What monthly service do you use? Share your favorite Link ... [read more]

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    How Any Udemy Course for $1 only ?

    david177 in SEO

    I am very Excited to see an offer on Forum where I see the access right of any udemy course for only $1 Whereas the mother site udemy is selling ... [read more]

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    A Quick Question - Should I Just Re-open My Website?

    Market4Keyword in SEO

    Hello, I have a website that I did not update for over 6 month now. It contains about 400 posts, 350 of them are low-quality, less than 300 words. All ... [read more]

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    PBN De-indexed - Google Webmaster Shows No Errors

    KostaK in SEO

    My PBN got de-indexed and I linked a throw away Gmail Webmaster Tools account to it and it is not showing any issues as to why it got de-indexed: Screenshot ... [read more]

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    How relevant is Geographical Interest in Google trend ?

    Linegend in SEO

    For the keyword I'd like to target, Google Trend indicates that most of the queries comes from a specific city (in the regional interest section). However, when I use Google ... [read more]

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    Rank Tracker for YouTube Videos ?

    zoro in SEO

    I have tried using Rankscanner to track and monitor my YT video rankings in Google. I have several YouTube Videos of which I want to monitor their rankings in Google. ... [read more]

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    Have my web 2.0s been deindexed?

    Ross02 in SEO

    The company I work for have some old web 2.0s they bought as some kind of SEO package. They're about a year old and most aren't indexed. Over the past ... [read more]

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    What is the procedure to rank website from 2nd page to 1st page?

    jiyathakker in SEO

    what is the procedure to rank website from 2nd page to 1st page. my website provide local services and keyword is like project training,industrial training.what should i do that will ... [read more]

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    How can we Increase our Keywords Ranking?

    campbelljof in SEO

    Hi Guys, We have such a big team for a single projected website, we all tried our best but we are not to able our single keyword in top 10. ... [read more]