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Forum: Offline Marketing 18th November 2015, 10:06 PM
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Posted By John Durham
I resign from the WF today.

Ya know....

I could point to the thread where it all started, but Im not going to. I CREATED the market on WF for the telemarketing movement, only it wasnt a market to me , it was a passion. A...
Forum: Offline Marketing 26th September 2015, 11:29 AM
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Posted By tigerbait
Re: Lead Gen/Rent-Site Success Formula

Yep. Exactly. I've had more success building the call volume up first before contacting any businesses. It's a lot easier to sell "Hey, I've got 50 calls a month coming in for XYZ service, do you...
Forum: Warrior Special Offers 24th November 2014, 04:19 AM
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Posted By iAmNameLess
OFFLINER PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: Ultimate Blueprint To Starting Your Own Web Agency

Stop Calling Yourself a Freelancer, and Start Cashing In

The Ultimate Blueprint In Starting Your Own Web Based Business. SEO, Web Design, Reputation Management & MORE. Be Income Independent.

Forum: Warrior Forum News 14th April 2014, 09:16 PM
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Posted By mattbarrie
Re: Warrior Forum joins the Family

Hello everyone!

This is Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of

I am pleased to announce that Warrior Forum has joined the Freelancer family.

We are excited and looking forward to...
Forum: Offline Marketing 11th December 2013, 12:20 AM
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Posted By abbot
Added an extra 100k this year by offering this additional service - Giving back

As the year comes to an end, I figured I would share a little something with the community. I have a love-hate relationship with the warriorforum. As soon as I'm about fed up with noobs asking how to...
Forum: Offline Marketing 6th December 2013, 09:39 AM
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Posted By bob ross
Re: 9x12 Troubleshooting (I guess?)

Easy fix. Stop selling them ads hinged on response. I bet most of us with cards out would agree that our recurring advertisers typically care less about response; they want the exposure.

Forum: Offline Marketing 15th October 2013, 09:32 PM
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Posted By s62731
Re: How to sell lead generation for the big $$$!

Spot on there.

I create the funnel, I own the funnel.

They don't even know what's in the funnel. Heck I seriously doubt some of them know what the funnel really is. And the don't care.

Forum: Offline Marketing 14th October 2013, 10:46 PM
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Posted By s62731
How to sell lead generation for the big $$$!

Hey guys!

I keep getting messages about what I am doing these days, and how my business is going. People keep asking about sales scripts and how I generate clients.

So that's why I've written...
Forum: Offline Marketing 1st September 2013, 06:30 PM
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Posted By midasman09
Re: Easiest way to handle recurring payments

I don't like to have someone else "intercepting" payments from my clients! (PayPal for example)

So....go down to Staples and buy a program called "Checksoft" ($49)

Collect checks from your...
Forum: Warrior Special Offers 3rd August 2013, 07:47 PM
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Posted By James B. Allen
Forum: Warrior Special Offers 3rd August 2013, 07:40 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By nalsur1960
Re: [OFFLINE] Inside: Your HOTEL Reputation Management Marketing Kit...

Hi James,

Is this the same as you offered sometime last year? I already purchased that.
Forum: Warrior Special Offers 2nd August 2013, 07:48 PM
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Posted By James B. Allen
[OFFLINE] Inside: Your HOTEL Reputation Management Marketing Kit...
Forum: Offline Marketing 2nd June 2013, 05:22 AM
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Posted By AndrewCavanagh
Re: The richest handyman in the world...

I'm seeing more and more businesses making significant
turnover using very simple strategies with various free
classified ad sites.

And not just local sales either.

Many are making sales all...
Forum: Offline Marketing 31st May 2013, 09:54 AM
Replies: 22
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Posted By TheBigBee
The richest handyman in the world...

If you live on the east coast you're probably feeling the heat!

Time to get AC's installed! I had a local handyman come install mine. We got to talking after the conversation and it absolutely...
Forum: Offline Marketing 23rd May 2013, 04:10 PM
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Posted By Eddie Spangler
Re: Local Affiliate Marketing Resources

That local affiliate guide has solid info and worthy of reading for anyone doing local marketing, not just those interested in an affiliate arrangement.
Forum: Offline Marketing 17th May 2013, 09:36 PM
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Posted By Eddie Spangler
Why do people buy from you?

This is a very nice presentation about using psychological triggers to motivate purchases.

Although most of the examples are online based, one can implement many of the same principles in their...
Forum: Offline Marketing 16th May 2013, 09:02 PM
Replies: 191
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Posted By Cashflowlife
Re: Failing at Site Rentals? Maybe this will help...

Do yourself a favor and be sure to have a master blacklist of solicitor phone numbers with whoever you are using for your virtual telephone numbers (I use Phone dot com, it's very easy to block...
Forum: Warrior Special Offers 7th May 2013, 01:43 PM
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Posted By IAmPaulJames
Build A Residual Income Month After Month Using OFFLINE Marketing! (Stay Behind Your PC) (
Forum: Offline Marketing 11th April 2013, 06:39 AM
Replies: 515
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Posted By AndrewCavanagh
Re: Jobless Dad Revisted -Offline Secrets' I've Learned Over The Last 3years

I've been asked almost exactly the same question
twice this year..."what has changed in the 5 years
you've been teaching people how to sell their internet
marketing services to brick and mortar...
Forum: Offline Marketing 5th April 2013, 07:16 AM
Replies: 15
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Posted By Eddie Spangler
Re: And The Point Of Directory Sites Are?????

1.Virtual Real Estate- not everyone goes to just the first site and picks a provider. Showing up again and again while people are searching cannot hurt.

2.You can set it up like a review site that...
Forum: Offline Marketing 21st March 2013, 04:39 PM
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Posted By bawls
Re: Never got a "NO" from selling this

Water Damage Norwalk ~ 24/7 Service - (

I sold this site off but you will see that it has no backlinks and ranks along with the other 63 sites I built in this niche,...
Forum: Offline Marketing 16th March 2013, 08:45 PM
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Posted By bob ross
Polishing postcard turds. Here's a postcard that will PULL. Use this formula for your own success.

Hi guys.

A couple hours ago I read this thread (, where...
Forum: Offline Marketing 16th March 2013, 03:31 PM
Replies: 25
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Posted By bob ross
Re: How we went from nothing to $14,000 a month in clients (Housecleaning Company)

Congrats of course!

Mr Subtle is right, the response % doesn't matter, only the ROI.

It's awesome that you're tying in doorhangers with door knocking, that's what I do currently with my home...
Forum: Offline Marketing 15th March 2013, 10:34 AM
Replies: 25
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Posted By mrjosco
How we went from nothing to $14,000 a month in clients (Housecleaning Company)

This is both a success thread, for those thinking of starting their own enterprise, and a request for advice - for those who are like me and looking to improve the offline marketing machine.

Forum: Offline Marketing 12th March 2013, 06:01 PM
Replies: 34
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Posted By Eddie Spangler
Re: Its mabye rude qus' but can i ask you how mach you make each month from offline martketing?
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