What kind of opt-in widget drives the most sign ups on your blog?

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You may have content upgrades, header ribbon, footer CTAs, exit intent popups, welcome mats, etc...

Of all your sign up forms, which one produces the most sign ups on your blog these days?
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    I think forms provided my optinmonster and mailmuch gets more signups on your blog. They provides you hundreds of elegant and beautiful sign up forms with drag and drop form builder. You can integrate them with any email marketing sites like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp etc.
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    I like typeforms for anything more than name and email.
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  • Thrive Leads plugin full page exit popup and integrate with Aweber, I think this will be good for blogs.
    I not tried any other plugin in the market, you can test it

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    My oldest blog was created in 2006 and believe it or not I don't use any email widgets at all.

    95% of my leads come after I deliver content then at the bottom of my post...I simply give them a 'Call to Action' telling them to click a link...to my capture page.

    The other 5% come in after clicking a very appealing banner in my sidebar...to my capture page.
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    I get a 30% - 50% opt in rate daily from free traffic but I believe that's because of what I offer rather than what form I use :-)
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    I think its not about form its about how your landing page look and what you offer them

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      For sure, that's the biggest contributor to conversion...

      So the question here is if you have a great offer, which of your forms best promote that 1 offer?
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    I have been putting a Optin Form in right upper hand corner. With a pop up lightbox appearing after 20 seconds or so

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Our team helps businesses improve their conversion rate by easily creating and testing which opt-in widget/marketing campaign resonates best with your audience! The only way to know what works for your website is to simply test all of the different ideas you have. Try placing the offer on different areas of the screen or set up triggers/targeting rules based on user behavior. It's important that your opt-in blends in with your website's design to ensure your visitors aren't annoyed and instead have a great experience.
    What we've seen that usually works is a full page opt-in (welcome mat/exit intent) to new users. Returning users usually see a slide-in opt-in that is triggered on scroll, timed or after x number of page visits.

    PS. Don't forget to create non-intrusive experiences for your mobile users too!
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    The type of opt in form doesn't have as much juice as:

    - the value you provide through your blog
    - the benefits you stress through your opt in form
    - your persistence in creating helpful, targeted content

    An opt-in widget never drove a single opt in Allan. Because a widget is inanimate Can't do a darn thing on its own. But skilled bloggers, offering value, and crafting opt-in forms dripping with benefits, they drive opt ins.

    Note; pop ups (if you get all the stuff I noted above down cold) do tend to rock it out but develop those skills, create value and build your friend network....those are the real list builders.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      I hear you and it seems I could have further clarified it in the OP description...

      I'm in the business of crafting the offer and focusing on the substance (rather than how it's displayed).

      This discussion is about having offers be equal. Let's say that you nailed your offer.

      Of all things being equal, which among the sign up forms, ribbons, popups, content upgrades, etc do perform best?

      That's what this thread is about
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