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We run a small website which is related to IT certifications (career). The website has been very old (more than 10 years) and recently we observed that one important URL has been removed from the google results. When we give the title of the URL in google search bar, some other unrelated site is appearing in the google results in the place where our link used to be. The site has the same Title as our page. Further, we observed that this particular site is showing hundreds of back links to our site as per the webmaster tools (google), which I don't see physically when visited that site. Further, this site has nothing to do with IT certs or career. Is it some kind of hacking? How could it be possible without hacking the site?

Note: Our page is clean and not detected any spam or malware at least as far as we know.

Any suggestions as to how to get back the page in to Google, and how similar thing could be prevented in future?


PS: Already raised spam report with Google.
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    This is somewhat a landing page, but it has some information that may be exactly what you're facing right now. https://cognitiveseo.com/blog/7255/d...your-rankings/

    Also see this forum thread discussing other type of Hijacking and what to check for on your site:

    Hope this starts you on a solution.
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      Thanks for the reply. Gone through the link, and they are very informative. I don't see the possibility of our site being hacked. The search results were manipulated through off page black hat techniques, I guess. It is surprising how a mojor search engine algo could be fooled so easily. Once an irrelevant result is shown, it lasts for several weeks in search results. It's a bit scary if you imagine that happening on a larger scale!
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    Further, we find this post in WebmasterWorld describes exactly what is happening with our site:
    The post is one year old, and it appears that Google had not taken care of the vulnerability.

    One question:
    Assuming our site is siteA, the intermediate site is siteB (this is the site showing in SERPS in place of my site) and the ultimate destination site is Site C (This is the site that loads in the browser when you click on siteB webpage link that appears in Google SERPs), do we have to report both SiteB and SiteC as spam sites to Google Spam Reporter?

    What category does it belong to:

    1. Paid links
    2. Copyright and other legal issues
    3. Objectionable content
    4. Personal/private
    5. This page is inappropriate.
    6. Malware Phishing
    7. This page is infected.
    8. Other Google products
    9. Rich Snippets
    10. Something else is wrong (This page has other, non-webspam related issues)

    Is it point 6 Malware Phishing for both sites B and C? or "7" or something else? (sorry, if found too simple, never had to report to Google earlier)

    Note that SiteB is showing in SERPs, whereas SiteC is the landing page site (It is related to our category, where as SiteB is unrelated content).
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