the easiest method I know that makes me $30 per day

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This is the easiest method I know that makes me $30 per day.15 mins per day
No investment required

Step1. Create an affiliate account with clickbank

Step2. Create a free account with animoto

Step3. Create a Youtube account

Step4. Choose Long tail keywords with low competition always

Go to clickbank marketplace and choose a product,health converts best,choose a product that have a good landing page,that is attractive.
For example I choose a grey hair product.I went to google keyword tool looked for grey hair.I found a keyword that has a low competition with approximately 8000 monthly searches.I googled grey hair on images and download some good pictures.Then i created a free video on animoto with these pictures and attractive text and uploaded the video on youtube. I use bitly to cloak the affiliate link. Then in the video description,i insert the exact keyword that i found on google keyword tool for the title,insert the same keyword in the description and wrote a little testimonials on how i eliminated grey hair and add the keywords in the description again.After some days,i start getting views from my video and when i searched for the exact keyword on google,my video was on 1st page and 1st position
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