How to generate a social media traffic to your site and increase your visitors

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Your goal is to increase your free traffic. Great news! If you create a social site you can do exactly that, increase your traffic for no cost. Lets have a s look at what your social site needs to accomplish.

#1 Incorporate Call to Action Ask your visitors to become involved. If they like what your site has to offer theyll likely return. Your call to action will engage your visitor and ask them to help by inviting others to your site, leaving comments and writing responses.

#2 Make Use of Comments Comments are a great way for you to interact and engage with your visitors. You can stay in touch and respond to comments that are made. You should allot a few minutes daily to respond to comments that have been made. Engaged visitors come back!

#3 Interact With Other Blogs and Sites You can stay connected to other blogs and sites that are in your niche. Leave comments on their posts, get involved with these communities and let people find you. This will increase your traffic. However, dont hog the site and dont be a nuisance. Dont post just to post. Make sure you have something of value to add.

#4 Start Your Own Forum Add a forum to your site. Its a great place for people to gather and discuss everything from A to Z. They can talk about the niche your site handles or about the weather. Active forums are a great way to bring your visibility up in the search engines and that increases your traffic flow. Dont be surprised if your forum grows rapidly the good ones do. Just be prepared to add a moderator to the site to ensure things remain civil.

These are just four things you can do to create a more social site and increase traffic to your website. Think outside the box and enjoy the growth.

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    All keen tips!

    Comments are huge. Comments are the juice that drive social traffic. Really, really important stuff, because being social is the key to social traffic. Be engaging.

    I stop in and chat on all social sites once daily on Twitter and Facebook, and every few days on G Plus. My blog posts gain traffic because when I chat/engage, my posts move toward the top of social feeds, giving me recurring traffic. Chat it up folks!

    Ryan Biddulph
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    I had a forum...once. Will never do that again. While it's building, visitors see few participants so they think you suck. If it IS established and popular, then monitoring all the spam and bots and people gaming the system definitely sucks! Know what you're getting into if this thread inspires you to start a forum.
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    Yes social media site gives huge traffic your website by doing some attractive work.
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    Good Tips

    Blog commenting is also one of my favorite ways to get my site out there and drive traffic.

    However, it is better to leave one or two good, high quality comments per week--than blast out a ton of--great post--style comments.

    If you keep leaving high quality comments--and getting yourself known to the blog owner, you can try asking if you can do a guest post--as this will further help you establish yourself as one to watch in your niche

    Hope this Helps.
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    Social media channels are most effective for increasing the website traffic. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest are among the most famous social media platforms but to increase the website traffic, the website needs to offer high quality contents. Users search on the internet to find valuable information and if a website do not provide valuable information to the users, then users find an alternative solution.
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    There are millions of people using all the social media sites. If you have a presence (a good one) on each of them, then you are very likely to get some good free traffic. Pinterest has laser targeted traffic. You can run targeted ads, but Pinterest does it by design. People only find you by looking for your niche
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    Hello Segiade,

    There are more than 2.3 billion users are active on social media throughout the world.
    If you want to generate more traffic through social media, follow bellows terminology.

    Share content more than once
    Sharing your content more than one time will trigger strong action. Sharing more than once will provide your audience with the value you promised them. your follower isn't subscribers who see and read every post. It is the biggest mistake to give our content one tweet and share treatment.

    Create a right type of content
    Content with more than 2,400 words has the chance of reaching the top position in the search engines. Content length is very important for your success. see what type of content is attracting society, followers.

    Use images
    Implementing images with your post is a good habit. The high-quality image will attract more eyes.

    Use High Conversion Keywords
    Find the keywords which will generate more engagement. Such keywords attract more clicks and get more exposure. Using them into your post can increase the visibility and effectiveness.

    Use HashTags
    Hashtags help to the reach of your posts beyond your immediate followers and help you reach new audiences. 1 or 2 hashtags per post will increase traffic and conversions.
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    1. Inspire Your Audience With Visuals
    2. Make Your Content Easily Shareable
    3. Use Social Media Plugins & Buttons
    4. Improve Your SEO
    5. Continuously Engage With Your Audience
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