how to make a 6 figure income with 5$ A Day Facebook Ad?

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Hi My Goal IS to give you value fast and efficiently so there it is. i'm gonna show you The 4 phase of a lifetime ad from my mentor Adrian Morrison Because This Guy Is Making A shitload Of Money. he made 4 million dollars last year and what's more funny is that some of his student are making more than him lol and im not joking go on facebook and search for Adrian Morrison You'll See.

This is all based on the website conversion ad because it implicate the facebook pixel (the Money Maker)

Just Remember Start with $5 A day ( In Another post i'm gonna talk about how to scale)

Phase 1 interest Precise interest marketing (100k-2m)

A precise targeting would be dog=>pibulls=>I Love Pitbull

Why because when you have a new ad account on facebook or your starting a new niche facebook doesnt have the data to know your buyers where they come from Your Pixel Is like a new baby born. After that then you can do

Phase 2 Broad Marketing (2m-50m)

Because now you've made some sales and facebook knows where your buyers are in the niche you choosed just let like 20-50 sales to start with this one

Phase 3 Look-a-like Audience

Now That you have a good pixel and a big targeted audience full of buyers and a lots of data in the intelligence of facebook you can let facebook put all your buyers together then sell them a lots of others products variation all in the same niche. They Just have to be related.

Phase 4 No Targeting At All

Seems Scary Hin! But Dont Worry just Try It And You'll see The Crazy Amazing results you can get from this one. Remember you have to do all these steps in the chronological way i'm showing you right now

Why because your pixel needs to have a lots of data for this one. you're not targeting anyone but after couples hundreds of sells facebook intelligence will knows EXCATLY where your buyers are. Let them show you the valuable clients who really needs your services.

thanks for your time let me know in the coments what you've thought of this, Have questions need answer about anything on being a valuable teacher businessman women anything ask me i'm here To Help! All Have A Wonderfull Christmas...

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    is this really a $5 method??
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    For a $2,500 course I figured there might be some golden nuggets in there. This is an interesting approach. So is that the secret sauce for the golden nuggets?
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    Let's say I have Facebook Ad and it's working well in Phase 1 (Precise targeting). My pixel learned something already...

    so I am going to Phase 2 and making BROAD interest targeting for the same product (but now my pixel has some knowledge).

    On what BASIS facebook Pixel will know that I want to target similar people like in Phase1 in order to sell the same product? Is is target URL or what? What if URL changes? :/
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    When I type in new interests (more broad) in Phase2 then it could be a new niche as well.

    I'm gonna base my question on "ZERO Targeting" Phase - it will be easier for you to understand...

    When doing "Zero targeting" on what basis Facebook knows what product I want to sell so that they can show my ads to appropriate people?

    I know they use people Interests etc... But how do they know if I want to sell saddle for a horse or child seat???
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    Those pixel ads can be deadly accurate. I was talking to my GF in FB messenger about hostgator and literally saw an ad 30 seconds later, from hostgator asking if I was still looking for hosting... I ended up buying with them.
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    Would this work with CPA offers? Or just products?
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    I recently found out that people are killing it on FB. I thought it was some goofy traffic that doesn't convert. How wrong I was! A friend of mine is also killing it on FB. So I am diving in and trying as much as I can. Hope I will succeed soon. So far made 6 sales from FB ads.
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    Hey guys! Hope you're doing amazing. I want to kill it too on FB and I just want to make something clear ...

    For phase #2, you broaden the targeting of the same adset you used for phase #1 until it reaches an audience of about 2M to 50M. But before doing this, wait until you have 20 to 50 sales. (on $5 a day is it possible to make that much sales in 3 days?)

    For phase #3 you still use the same adset but this time for targeting you use a lookalike audience.

    Anytime you sell a product in a new niche you never sold to before, you should start a new campaign even though you already have one running, because you need data to sell this product and the data gathered by your pixel in the other campaign might not work for this new product in a new niche.

    Is that correct?

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