More Than One Facebook Profile?

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Michael Cheney recommends creating more than one Facebook Profile. At least one for personal use (so your Aunty June can see your holiday pics in peace) and one for Internet Marketing. He says pages don't get nearly the traction that profiles do. He says everyone in Internet Marketing does it, but he also says that Facebook has cancelled his profiles a number of times. Any thoughts gratefully received.
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    If you want a REAL LEGIT and stable business do not mess around with more than 1 profile or ads account..
    FB know this shit and its pretty tricky to avoid them all the time.
    Just do things the legit way.
    Besides its a lot of hassle dealing with this stuff.
    And yes if you are in shady mmo niches it can be near to impossible.
    If you do create another account and use another ads account.
    Make sure you change everything ip, address, payment methods for ads etc.
    Bare in mind that second account might be cancelled at some point.
    If you ask me id go as legit as you can with fb.
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    Yeah,I figured. It really bugs me when big marketers say things like that so easily, even though as far as I see he isn't taking his own advice. Thanks for the confirmation though, I really appreciate it.
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    I think it's not a bad idea to have one profile for personal use, another for marketing purposes.
    This is for people, who won't mix their real life and friends with a job.
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    I think Facebook is free.. :p So create how many account you want I was kidding..
    I think different account is best Its really great idea

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