How Can I Increase My Instagram Followers?

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Hi guys !
I have an Instagram account and I want to increase the number of followers.
Man, Anyone can help me to increase that?
I want to know the strategy.

Please help me !!
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    Can you tell us if you have done something to increase the followers.
    There are several ways to increase followers.
    Like You can go with Follow/UnFollow strategy, Or you can go for Shoutout and Instagram advertising.
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    People are selling Instagram followers on fiver but I am getting reports they fall after some time. How strange is that.

    I tried Facebook advertising but it was not 2 successful.
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    You can pay for shout outs or paid ads to gain followers faster.

    Otherwise if you want to grow it free I suggest following around 100 people per day that are in your niche or demographic. Don't do much more than 100 per day you don't want Instagram banning your account for spam.
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    Hii Johnconnor0,

    Daily posting on Instagram. Follow your target audience.
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    Hashtags look bad to some people, but it's a great way to garner traffic to your posts. Instagram allows no more than 30. When you find the right combination of hashtags you'd be surprised how much it can help your page!
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      Maybe there are some famous sites that promotes the Instagram account for money !! and that's legal anyway.
      I also stumbled from 5-6 years ago with Facebook paid people that could sell 100 likes for money but that is considered as spam.

      I would love to hear about legal Instagram advertising services.

      Thanks & regards,
      -Gustavo Woltmann
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    If you want to do it organically just be consistent. 2-3 times a day, post at times where people are just getting out of work, but also keep in mind the different time zones. Sunday is by far the only day out of the week besides holidays when timing doesn't matter unless you want to post at 11pm and some places its already monday. THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle, post great content, eye catchy... nothing blurry or that doesnt fit your audience. ENGAGE with people in your niche even if you dont follow them. Go out of your way to send a nice comment. These are just a few tips, i can go and on.
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    Two things I would recommend are:
    * Using focused and appropriate hashtags and,
    * Creating engaging posts through storytelling or asking questions.

    Use the caption below your image to write and engage with your audience; talk about something personal and relevant, ask genuine questions or for feedback. Don't shallowly ask for follows or for obvious responses (like "who else has a cat?!"), ask something that requires more thought ("Have you ever had a moment where you thought you'd lost your cat?") or something with a story behind it.

    As for hashtags, you can post a comment immediately after posting and include 5 '.' one under the other, then list your relevant hashtags.
    e.g: .
    #instagram #warrior #forum #etc...
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