How should I Boost My Social Media Engagement

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How should I Boost My Social Media Engagement... Anyone please help me..
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    You can post in social media following type of post for boost your engagement.
    Service related
    Interesting things about product or services
    Some funny facts.
    Post 3-4 post per week.
    Track the result.
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    It's different for what platform you are using. Generally, you need to know your audience. You need to know what platforms they use and what they prefer on social media. Images and videos are great to get their attention from all the other noise.
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    I agree with Erica. Know your audience and try some visual.
    Research has proven that visual posts on Facebook by 80% and Twitter retweets by 30%! (I'll try to find the study so you know I didn't just pull those figures from my ass!)

    Games, contests and giveaways is another thing you could do to increase engagement. Everyone loves a good 'ole giveaway.

    It's hard to give advice when we don't really know much about why or what you're doing and your circumstances, but I would suggest experimenting on different social media with different types of content. Collect the data and double down on the content that has the highest engagement!

    EDIT: Here's the link.
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      I definitely agree with both Erica and Ciaran. Knowing who it is that you're targeting and the types of things they are in to is key. Once you know this make sure to connect the correct tags/keywords to your post so that your audience will be able to find you in order to engage with you.

      All the best,
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    One way of boosting your social media engagement is knowing or defining your targeted people. From there, create a post that will surely get or catch their attention. Make sure to also join groups where you can post or react to some posts where you can also interact. Also, make a regular update on your social media page because it will surely reach those people who have like your page.
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    The basic steps to be followed for social media platforms are-

    1. Define your audience.
    2. Target your audience through creating engaging content.
    3. Be responsive.
    4. Make your audience aware about your brand by and increase your followers following your target audience.

    Hope this helps!

    Shivankit Arora
    Marketing Masala
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    Here are some things that usually do that trick:

    - Visuals work great for increasing social media presence.
    - Post videos (how-to videos, tutorials, reviews) that are relevant to your market.
    - Make time to respond to comments.
    - Another trick is to post updates (3-4 posts will do), which your audience can benefit from (automate this to make it easier).
    - Follow businesses that can benefit from your products and services. Connect with them.
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    Share motivational or inspirational posts or videos. Share inspiring content, or articles that move a person to think, feel or do.
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    Add value in your posts through content. Easier said than done for sure but the compound effect of being consistent and analyzing what gets the most participation will pay off in the long run. Do not try to eat and elephant whole

    Jeremy Garman - Adaptd State
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    The key to increasing social media engagement is to communicate with your audience. You need to work on continuous basis in order to boost your audience engagements.

    Only then you will get to know about your audience's like and accordingly you should share photos, videos. It is noticed photo and video attract more people than normal text.
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