Social Media Marketing or SEO SEM Business.

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I want to start a business in Social Media Marketing or SEO SEM area. I want to focus on one topic, i love both topics. I like to offer a service. Which area is better ? Better outlook ? Better options to make money ?
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    There is quite a few people in both markets. Right now there is a big spike in social media, especially Facebook, with many messaging bots being popular. There is a lot of services and teaching that could be used in that field.
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    Social media channels are a great way to get huge traffic to a business company. Most of the business companies are using Facebook and Twitter to earn their revenues but in addition to Facebook and twitter, you can also utilize YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn to increase your product sales.
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    If you love both you can go with both and both have money. Now its up to you that in which area you can provide best service. This is not only about making money but this also about building trust and reliability and these things automatically gives you money. Best of Luck !!
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    this totally depends on the nature of the niche & your patience level. If you don't have time to see the results then go for the paid advertisement on Social media & SEM, but if you want to build long-term business which can generate revenue on regular basis then go for organic social media & SEO.

    But I will suggest you first go for paid advertisements then go for SEO.

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    Both practice are essential for digital marketing business. So should use both.
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    its totally depend on you !!

    every business has different perceptions
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    It depends on your niche. Both SEO and SEM are equally important for website.
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    for me, i think the social media marketing is much more better due to u can easy to get access with the customer rather than SEO SEM area
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    First I will say that Social media marketing is a great place for getting much more traffic now a day every people use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other etc. and if someone create something than he must upload or share in social media it may be business basis or other things.

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