YouTube Annotations is going byebye in May! Here's how to fix that.

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Ever see in youtube videos, links or text thats layered over said videos?

Those are annotations...

And those are going buybuy!

Well, you'll be doing the buy buy probably in the future...

Why is this?


"“With 60 percent of YouTube’s watch-time now on mobile, why go through the work of creating annotations that won’t even reach the majority of your audience?” writes YouTube product manager Muli Salem on the YouTube Creator Blog. “End Screens and Cards work on mobile and desktop, giving you more bang for your buck.”"

More importantly:

"Among other reasons for sunsetting annotations, YouTube reports that End Screens and Cards generate seven times more clicks than annotations — and, on average, viewers close 12 annotations before clicking on one. Also, according to feedback from creators, annotations are difficult to create, while the setup process for End Screens can be up to 10 times quicker."

So how do you fix this yourself?

You level up!

Want to learn how to create Cards and End Screens?

should help bigtime!

Your takeaway?

Youtube will be evolving....

Make sure you're not caught with your end cards blank.

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