Facebook disabled my payments method

by Maria Cielec 7 replies
Hi Facebook disabled my payments method because I was using my business partners paypal to keep payments in one area. Their support emailed me back after appeling my case that I went against their TOS what now ?
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  • It's not clear.

    Did Facebook disable your paypal agreement or your clients' paypal agreements?

    Did it ban your FB Ad account or just the payment method?
    If it's just the payment method you will need to add a CC and youll be good to go.

    If you need to pay in behalf of your clients using their billing method like a CC, ask first support or call them explaining the situation that you are an agency and you will be making payments from the same IP.
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      Our records indicate that your payments account was disabled because it violates Facebook's terms of service. In the interest of protecting our users, we cannot confidently re-enable your payments account at this time.

      Thanks for your understanding,

      I was using my partners PayPall
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        And I am not able to change my payment method now at all.Whats the solution for me now?
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      As I am starting out I want to just have my own account for now . Thanks for the proposition. I need a solution on how to sort out this problem I'm having. If i open a new ad account and put a new CC on the new account will facebook recognize my ecom stores url and ban me again and how long would you leave a new account idle to mature before you would start advertising on it ?
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          Can you explain exactly how it works . I mean all of the details . Thanks
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      I am not that silly Thanks for pointing it out ...!
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    facebook sucks they are weird about payments anyone have a solution?
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