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What's up guys - Josh "Nazir Yahshua" here

If you aren't doing any marketing with Instagram, I gotta say that you are falling WAY behind.

Lately, i've been using a software called Instagress

Guys - this software is simply amazing. If you are an experienced marketer, then you know that our BEST asset is our time.

We simply can't get it back.

That being said, we MUST make the best of it and this is where Instagress comes in.

This software allows you to follow, like and comment on the photos of people you follow, on complete autopilot!

All you do is link your account, upload your comments, hit the start button and you're rolling - it's just that simple.

Obviously you should only use this software for GOOD and not to spam your offer on other people's links.

To avoid this, I recommend you use very generic comments like "cool!" . . "awesome!" . . "great shot!" . . and so on and so forth.

The #1 key to get people to check out your profile is to have an Instagram name that is intriguing enough to anyone who sees it.

Personally, mine is: Cellphone_Cash_Machine

Keep in mind that this software is free - at first. You will see different packages that you can pay, which are really cheap, or you can always open another account under an alternate email :-)

Before using this, I will assume that you already have your Instagram account already set up and ready to convert any visitors that were to hit your profile.

I hope this helps you guys in your social media marketing!

Please do leave a comment/thanks if you found this post helpful and I hope that this benefits you just as it has and still does for me and my business.


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    Thank you for the tip!
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    When using software like this keep an eye on the terms of service. It might be ok to do things automated now but if they change the terms and you get caught out you may loose your account.
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    Also its best not to use any automation and grow your Instagram account organically for a minimum a month also when you do use automation, I highly recommended you DON'T use any comments as it is very obvious it is a bot and makes you look stupid and ruin your reputation.
    Am sure you know how but for those that don't, to grow your account organically all you have to do is
    1.find good hashtags
    2.use those hashtags in your Post's
    3.like and follow users from your niche
    4.leave comments to get your name out there.
    5.unfollow anyone that doesn't follow back
    There are also other software's for automation that you can use after your 3 day trial ends, I will post a list after.
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    Its highly highly likely your accounts will eventually get banned using 3rd party programs. Just use it on accounts you won't care if they get wiped out. I would never ever use program with company main account or your personal account with your real name.

    I will tell you what I do that doesn't require any program: I produce good content every day that fits perfectly into the niche/hashtags of my target audience. Also don't post like your speaking to a room but rather sitting one-on-one with someone.
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    Hey overtonis!

    Thanks for your input - definitely appreciate it :-)

    However, I have been using this strategy for the past 2 years and I haven't been banned.

    As I stated, it is recommended that the comments that are being autoposted should be very general comments. comments that will do well blending in.

    This is how we keep off the radar :-)

    Hope this helps!

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    Great post. I also have been using Instagress for about 2 years or so and never lost an account. I have a video on the settings I use for getting approx 5000 REAL followers per month per Instagram account. Instagress works great and they are constantly adding new great features to their software the latest being gender targeting. Here is my video on warrior forum:


    Also about the comments I also use ones like you OP very generic and people respond to them all the time by saying Thank You and other things related to the comment so loads of people think my comments are manual.
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    Thanks for the tip, I will check into this!
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    couldn't help but notice it says completely free in the OP, but Instagress costs 1.99 to 9.99 depending on how long you use it.
  • Profile picture of the author Joyce Birmingham
    Instagram has been off the radar for me. I may check this out. Thank you.

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