Instagram Mega Plan - If You Are Struggling On Instagram... Get in here!

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Hey guys,

So I thought about writing a guide with all of this information but what the hell I’ll just share it here right now... I see a few people on here asking about how to get more followers or engagement on Instagram.

Well I know exactly how to do it and I’m going to lay out some really actionable steps which should give you a good kickstart on your own Instagram journey.

Now before you read on I just want to remind you that this was going to be a guide so it is going to be a long post but if you read through to the end I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

So here’s what we’re going to be covering.

1) Niche selection
2) Hashtags
3) Hashtag strategy
4) Posts
5) Post strategy
6) Commenting, liking and following
7) Trading shoutouts
8) Growing new accounts
9) Selling shoutouts

I will keep it as short as I can but make it as detailed as I can at the same time because although this was going to be a guide I can’t really devote that much time to a single forum post. Just be aware that this is tried and tested and works extremely well.
I will probably split the writing over a few days because like I said it will be quite a long post.

Anyway lets jump in...

Selecting a niche.

Ok so the strategy that I am going to lay out here starts off with the idea that we will build one large account in a broad niche. Once we have a decent sized account we will use the large account to grow new accounts in any niche we want through shoutouts.

So with that in mind we want to select a popular niche, a very competitive niche that has millions of results. Think funny videos, quotes, photography, pets and sexy women/men.
These kind of accounts grow quite fast and are pretty easy to get going. So pick one and then continue through this post for the strategy.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking “but these are too hard there’s too much competition” and you are right they are ultra competitive but we’re going to be smart with our hashtags. Plus there are niches within these ultra niches, or related niches who appreciate things from within these niches.

So I’ll use an example for this post. I started two different accounts in the funny niche, one was in the regular funny niche using hashtags like #funnyvideo, #funnystuff etc, and the other account is in the cannabis niche.

I figured, when I used to smoke weed, I used to laugh at funny crap all the time so why not give the stoners a laugh. This account doesn’t include anything funny related in the hashtags. Just all cannabis related ones like #cannabis, #marijuana and #weed.

Both accounts post the exact same stuff at the same time of day, the only difference between them is the account names and hashtags they target and the cannabis related account beats the funny account at a follower rate of 4/5 to 1.

So as you can see I am in the funny niche growing an account but not actually targeting the main funny broad niche.

So think outside the box. But don’t worry anyway because when you see my hashtag targeting plan it won’t really matter anyway. You’re going to be using them smarter than 95% of the other Instagram noobs and growing your account 10 times faster.

So lets move on...

Hashtags – Are they important?

Ok, so I see a lot of misconceptions and half truths being thrown about the use of hashtags. Things like they aren’t really that important or that you should limit the amount you use. Or that they don’t really work that well.

Well I’m telling you right now that they are important, you should always aim for 30 on every single post you make and that they work extremely well.

People who tell you otherwise are either plain lying, targeting all the ultra competitive ones like #cute, #follow, #fitness or #quotes. If you target these with a new account they won’t work well, sure you might get the odd post what gains traction and sticks for a while.

But 99 times out of 100 every post you make with these hashtags will be buried below thousands of other posts in less than a minute. They are just too popular and new accounts will never compete.

But there is a great way to work your way up to sticking around the top of these big boys. It just takes time but it’s actually quite rewarding as you progress.
And here’s how you do it.

Hashtags are a game... You need to start as a beginner and constantly level up.

Yes you read that right, I want you to think of this like a game. You will start off as a beginner and as your account grows you will judge your strength and see if you are ready to level up. So let’s look at how I structure my hashtag game.

So using my new cannabis account as an example. I will start off with a list of the biggest most competitive hashtags in my niche. These will be the man keyword on its own #cannabis, #weed, #marijuana an #420.

What I will do is search these main hashtags and then look down the list of all the related hashtags, and since my account is brand new I will write down 30 hashtags for each keyword with 10,000 or less competing results.

So in the example above I would have 4 separate lists of 30 hashtags, 30 for cannabis, 30 for weed, 30 for marijuana and 30 for 420.

Once I have my lists ready I make one post for each hashtag per day. So using the example above I would be making 4 separate posts every single day each of them targeting a different set of keywords.

Now you’re probably thinking that these hashtags with less than 10,000 results are weak and not worth using. But believe me they are powerful for new accounts and some of them have some extremely active followers.

Plus an account with literally ZERO followers can make a post and be right near the most recent posts for days. What’s more... if your post is a good one you will easily land in the top spot on the top rated section of posts an stay there for a long time.

A few days of regular posting in these level one hashtags can get you a few hundred followers fast.

So get your lists o level one hashtags and start posting. But what you are also going to be doing while your followers grow is starting a new list of 30 hashtags for each keyword. Only this time you’ll be writing down all the ones with between 10,000 and 20,000 results.

These will be your level 2 hashtags. All you need to do is monitor your level one hashtags and when your posts are consistently making it into the top rated posts section for each individual hashtag... Simply try to level up.

Take a day out of your level one hashtags and use the new 10,000 to 20,000 tags and see if you make it into the top rated section. If you do, well done you’ve successfully levelled up. If not no need to worry, just stick with level one for a few more days then try again until you do.

You will simply continue like this. Constantly working your way up the levels until you get higher and higher and consistently rank for the big ones.

Ding it like this ensures you have posts ranked for hundreds of different hashtags, which means loads of followers, likes and comments.

Anyway thanks for reading, I’m going to stop here for today and will add more to this post tomorrow. If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask and i’ll help in any way that I can.

Speak soon,

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      this post segues nicely into your signature

      Removed it just for you Al , I really just forgot about it.. not that it matters.

      If I really wanted to advertise a signature link I'd be posting all over the place. I certainly wouldn't be spending a lot of time to write a soon to be massive post pretty much giving a whole system away.

      But like I said its gone now.
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