How helpful is social media for business?

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Well what I think are as follows and also need your opinions:

Increase significant client bits of knowledge
Increment mark mindfulness and unwaveringness
Run focused on promotions with constant outcomes
Produce higher changing over leads
Give rich client encounters
Increment site movement and inquiry positioning
Discover what your rivals are doing
Share content quicker and simpler
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    I think social mediaits a great way to spread your business and get good trafic ,and by becoming an authority in your niche on desired platform you will get good money
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    In the modern world, social media is simply irreplaceable for business.
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    Social media channels and SEO techniques can be combined together to promote business sales. Social media channels are rich in traffic and using the social media channels can provide the following advantages:
    1. Gain valuable customer insights
    2. Run targeted ads with real-time results
    3. Generate higher converting leads
    4. Provide rich customer experiences
    5. Increase website traffic and search ranking
    6. Find out what your competitors are doing
    7. Share content faster and easier
    8. Geo-target content
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