Need advice separating personal page from band page on FACEBOOK

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See pics below to clarify and summarize explanation.

Hey, I'm an artist, my stage name is the same as my real name. Band page name is "Julien Kozak" . When I play shows and promote myself by telling people to visit my facebook page, I don't want them to get my personal page, but rather my band page so that they can like and follow.

Here's my problem:
I changed my personal page name to something else, so only my real friends can find me. I kept my band page name as "Julien Kozak", so that when people search Julien Kozak, my band page is the only thing that comes up related to me. The problem is that when you search "Julien Kozak", by default it searches for other people named Julien Kozak, not my band page. You have to work around it and search only "Pages" for Julien Kozak, and only then do I pop up.

What are my options here? How can I make it so that when you search Julien Kozak, my band page comes up somewhere on the list, rather than a bunch of people with my same name who aren't actually me?... Besides getting really popular of course.

Maybe these pictures simplify the explanation:

Searched my name on and none of these are actually me. My band page isn't showing because facebook by default searches for people, not band pages.

I had to click "Pages" and then search my name and I came up. Most people don't think to do this and simply cannot find my band page.
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