My peerfly offer isn't converting on facebook

by greatdsa 13 replies
I had chosen a highly converting facebook offer of peerfly and started promoting it on facebook but there is no success. You can see the details in the picture.

Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.
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  • Could you add the image again? And, explain the strategy what you are using. I think that would be better to help you and figure out the draw backs.

    Thanks in advanced
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      • I was going through your image. Your ad reached 10k+ but got only 29 clicks. I dont think this it's reasonable. I think you have missed something in keyword selection, geo and target audience. It would be better to STOP ad and go through with that again. That will ensure profit what you look for.

        Best wishes for your business.
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    okay well its obvious you've never started a business before or hung out with professional marketers and entrepreneurs, sorry to be harsh.

    anyways, it didnt convert because you didnt do enough homework, essentially you fell for it, you bought a stock that looks good and didnt do any fundamental or technical analysis on the market and you lost. Dont beat yourself up, thats silly.

    what you have to do now is look at the results of what you created, you created something, so go look at it, then from there learn and keep swimming

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    youre not doing anything wrong, just try again, try again, try again, then try again, then try again, then try again, then try again, then try again, then try again, then try again, by then you will have found something

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      I have invested more than $25 on 1 offer and still haven't earned 1 dollar No conversion yet. Should I keep spending money?
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    you gotta do market research, find a market, just keep hitting different markets and find the most lucrative one

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    there may not be alot of your target demographics or psychographics, but if you keep plugging away it youll get it

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    yeah so your targeted audience doesnt give two ****s about you and what you do, they only care about what they want, so you did your homework wrong, and go find another audience that actually gives a shit about what you do, like i said "you gotta do market research"

    telling you to try again was too vague, my bad

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    A tip for the landing page, would it be possible to make the fields they have to fill out less, like their name and email and they press submit to get an account at which point when they log in they will fill out the rest of the information? People are lazy and want to do the least amount of work possible.

    Maybe change the call to action to something else that screams at them to get free money now and maybe even change the color of the box to orange or green so it sticks out more?
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