Adding affiliate links to Facebook?

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I have just started doing affililiate marketing on facebook but I don't know much about it as yet.

I have heard that facebook do not allow paid affiliate links (i.e. straight to a sales page) but I have seen what appear to be many on the site?

Is this just the case that you are not allowed to do it but everyone does it anyway? Do accounts get banned if so?

Also I have tried to include a clickbank affiliate link on facebook but it does not show the anchor text so my link just looks like an incoherent mess of no's and letters. I tried deleting the part that says 'Click Here' within the anchor text and writing the anchor text that I wanted but it did not show (the link was just a mess of no's and letters)

Any idea how i can create an affiliate link from clickbank in facebook that just shows the anchor text as the link?
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    I still don't know the answer to this question so if anyone does would really appreciate an answer. Thanks.
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    Wow thanks alot for the responses! Theres a lot to take in but you've cleared alot of things up there. This is definitely a long term project for me. To start with I am just going to create value and trust with my statuses that appear on my faceback feed and then every now and again I am going to slip an affiliate link in with a suggestion.

    One thing I would still like to know (if anyone has the answer) is if it is possible to create anchor text with an affiliate link from clickbank directly into your status?
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    You can use an affiliate link by making it look like a normal link! But you need to be smart about it.

    This is going to sound a tiny bit blac'k hat, but it works very well.

    You can use Prosper202 along with the AffiliateTeachings Link Cloaker. By combining the two you can create a super cloak which their team can NEVER pick up. Damn...Google can't even do it.

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    Very informative posts. Been thinking about using facebook but didn't know how. I may need to integrate this into my current project.
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    IMHO, people don't visit sites like FB to see a sales message. For some, it's a turn-off. Better to use it to build relationships and authority, but include links to your website, blog, squidoo, etc... and do your selling there.

    Good luck!
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    John what do think will happen when Google real time kicks in then you have buyer coming from the search engine to facebook. I think that will improve conversions
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    Originally Posted by int-mark View Post

    Any idea how i can create an affiliate link from clickbank in facebook that just shows the anchor text as the link?
    You can use FBML (Facebook Markup Language) (basically, a modified version of HTML) to add anchor text to your pages.

    If you add anchor text without using FBML sometimes it works and sometimes not, because FB have a habit of stripping out code.

    If you add anchor text without using FBML it's a good idea to go back and test your links occasionally to check they still work.
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    Could anyone help me with two problems I`ve got with Facebook application?
    Despite having put "everyone" and "allow" for Public search (on search engines) results my Facebook name+"Facebook" doesn´t show up on google at all. As I understand it then really should(?)
    Second ,on Privacy settings, it is impossible to change for "Privacy-photos". Although I many times have chosen under "Who can see this" and clicked "save settings" it remains on "edit settings" and then of course my choice is not activated.
    Two for me strange problems I cannot fix.
    I first thought it could be restrictions on my MAC behind it but it is the same with my Vista Labtop
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    I suppose you could always require people to pm you for the referral links you are promoting on facebook. For example, some companies, such as Global Domains International and Yuwie have invite systems (where you can send email invites to people interested in the site you are promoting), you might could require people interested in what you are promoting to pm you and then you could email him/her the link that way (or send him/her an email invite if the program you are promoting allows you to send email invites to people). Just a thought
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    I would have to agree that facebook is not a place to put affiliate links. It is a place to drive people to your websites once they are interested.
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    What's to keep me from posting my own affiliate link on someone else's fan page?
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    I guess just building a fan page and fans is the important part and later you can post the odd link.
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    They allow bit ly links and redirects. So get a little creative and stop using those hideous Clickbank links. After you do that, all you have to worry about is actually getting you FB friends and fans to click on the link
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    this is my facebook page.... Carol Finlayson Coaching | Facebook

    I write a blog post and I share it on the wall of loads of pages that I have liked, all relevant to my content. ( someone here advised no more than 3/4 shares per half hour )

    Once I posted an affiliate link on my page because i didnt know that fb dont like you doing that at all. I got an instant message saying I was banned from sharing links for 15 days and if I did it again I coudl risk losing my page.

    after a year of super hard work to build up my following I would not like to lose that page....... so now I just offer great content and drive the traffic to my website, I add affiliate links to my articles.

    my traffic is rubbish so I dont make many sales yet, but I will.
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    Hi Buddy,

    I use URL shorteners and this hides the affiliate links. It does work via Facebook!

    I also suggest other Social Media like Twitter, Pin interest they are all great sources of internet traffic, YES it takes time to create accounts but it actually converts and in the long run it’s far more rewarding. With these social media sites you can get a sale within just hours of posting quality content.
    Also Google Alerts is great since you can jump into your niche discussion provide quality content which results in sales.

    Traffic is so IMPORTANT, and is the vital Key to your Internet Marketing Success.
    Traffic= Sales=Money

    For other Quick, Easy to implement, auto-pilot traffic solutions, check out my sig Box

    Good luck Buddy
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