Is there an automatic facebook & twitter poster?

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Is there a wordpress plugin that automatically
posts your blog posts to:
- twitter
- facebook?

Can someone post the plugin link here?

I think it will help lots of people.

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    Twitter Tools 1.0 |

    This is for Twitter
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    Facebook offers the RSS application in your account admin area that can be setup to feed your blog posts right onto your Facebook wall.

    For Twitter I use to tweet blog posts directly to my twitter.
  • Profile picture of the author Dana_W and Hello.txt both do that but I believe he was looking for a wordpress plugin. I don't know if you can integrate them with wordpress.
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    I think that there is but I don't believe it is a free one. I have heard of auto social poster and that is supposed to do Twitter. I am not sure of Facebook, but I will keep an eye out.

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      Twitter Poster plugin does the job. The features are

      - It will post all new posts to your twitter account
      - Automatically add friends related to the tags specified by the user
      - Pings the Twitter feed to the ping list setup in your wordpress installation
      - If you are following 2000 people but have less than 2000 followers, Twitter will stop you following new people. This plugin will remove old members and add new members until you reach the correct number of followers to allow you to follow more members

      Get it here
      Replace hxxp with http
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    When I linked them all, I found a great how to on google by typing in how to linkj twitter facebook. It's the first link. I would give it to you here but it won't let me due to post count.
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    Yeah I use if I'm doing all the social bookmarking. I'm a fan of LinkedIn also.
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    Try twtzilla for free it will do all you need, PM me and I will send you free sign up link.
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    I like Socialite - Ping.FM is pretty good, but I prefer to use Socialite for the Twitter/Facebook/Myspace part and let Ping do the rest. I find it's more reliable, and I find I get better controls on the plugin side.
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      Yes there is:

      it is My Social Cast - - Automated Facebook Posting

      They Due Automated and Scheduled facebook Postings

      Hope this Helps!!

      Mark Wagner
  • Profile picture of the author Curt8888 and Hello.txt? Cool - I thought there would be a tool to make it less hectic! ;-)
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    I have to say I agree that facebook needs to be approached with helpful real life info. If you want to post in facebook go to groups within your niche in facebook. Your responce rate is going to go through the roof that way.

    Twitter is on a major crack down.... Several of the free tools have discontinued mass unfollowing. Twitter has been leaning on them for terms of use violations.

    TweetBig has completely stopped working for me.... Anyone know what is going on with that?
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    I use rss Grafiti to automatically publish my blog posts to my Facebook wall.
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    I'm experimenting with a combo of Twitter Tools and Wordbooker. Seems to be working.

    Now I need to find out why only some of the images in the uploaded posts to facebook can be used as thumbnails.
  • Profile picture of the author haymanpl is very good as it enables you to connect to a large range of social sites and update to all. You can also connect other premium tools to that post updates automatically around the clock to your entire network
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    I'd recommend with pleasure, I think it will help a lot in what you do. You may try Twitter Tools
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    For Automatic Facebook updates/posts, I use wordbooker.
    Just 'seach plugins' in WP Admin.

    Just make sure to set the settings, and actually disable auto post to facebook.

    That way you can just 'tick' the box to publish to facebook, AFTER
    editing/updating posts ... so you avoid the 'constant updating status' problems mentioned by John (Hocking) above.

    Quick, useful and simple integration.

    and you can also set workbooker to retrieve comments from facebook too!
    actually ...

    there's a whole bunch more, just check it out, coz
    Im too lazy to type anymore

    WordPress › Wordbooker « WordPress Plugins
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    I use for this purpose.
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      Originally Posted by liza86 View Post

      I use for this purpose.
      Yes, no matter where I am can use this with ease. is quite good. I agree.
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    Hi there,

    I've been doing PHP and MySQL coding for years, and am on a journey to find out the following things:

    (and they are sorted by priority)

    1. How can I auto-post to facebook when I or a customer post an article on one of their websites (i.e. article posts on their site and simultaneously a link back to is posted to their facebook business fan page via an API)?

    2. How can I point my facebook fan page to one or more RSS feeds so that those feed posts will post to my facebook fan page

    3. how can I cross-post between facebook and twitter (obviously that's two questions)

    4. and a issue that really keeps me up at night, when I go to a site and read an article, how does it know that "John Studebaker" my facebook friend and 3 other friends like this? pretty cool and disturbing at the same time..

    Thank you for anyone who will help, and I need step-by-step directions
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    Ping fm is great and I use it but you may want more flexibility, in as much as you may want certain blog posts on certain Twitter/FB accounts.

    To achieve this you can not find an easier or better service (free) in my opinion than this one: : feed your blog to twitter and facebook

    It works like a charm and you can set up multiple feeds going to multiple accounts basically enabling you full control of what is posted where.
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    I know that I am a strange cat, but I prefer to customize what I post to each, according to the audience I have on each.

    As a result, I don't want a real auto-submitter.

    Instead, I use: Shareaholic - Share, Discover and Connect with the Best of the Web.

    It is a FireFox plugin that I can click to post to Twitter, FaceBook, Reddit, StumbeUpon and much more...

    When I create that post in my blog, I go to the page, and I hit the Shareaholic button to customize how I describe my tweet, post, etc. about my blog post.

    I also use it to post other interesting things that I find online...

    Because I have trained my audiences that I will give them more reasons to pay attention to me, than the posts that I want to promote.
  • Profile picture of the author Cordell is what i and my partner's use for this. Hope this helps.

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