What Is The Best Site To Buy Facebook Likes From?

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Can anyone tell me what sites they've used, how quickly those sites have delivered on their promises (or if they even delivered).

Any info about stick rates would also be greatly appreciated.

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    Most of these like providers, provide bots and spams. Its better to have 50 real and legit people then have a list of 5000 bots and spammers. Try to invite all your friends and tell them to share
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    My vote for such things would be Fivrr.

    Not only can you buy services, but you could offset the costs by offering your own. Very handy!
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    I have ordered likes from fiverr before. Its good if you are looking for getting your numbers up but not so great if you are looking to convert them.
    Most of the gigs on fiverr follow through with the orders and stick to rates. They are also very reasonably priced.
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    This may sound crazy, but what about getting facebook like from facebook? Facebook ads has provided me about 400 likes in 2 months against a 3 dollar a day budget with a CPC of around 13 cents. Not too shabby IMO.
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    I have never purchased likes before , so my statement is pure opinion...

    First of all I would try to build a fan page of excellent content and a Solid call to action ( click like button and opt in email )... Be sure to give something of real value away for free ( No Junk ) !

    Don't try to sell some one the first time they land on your fanpage ( I don't think FBers are looking to be sold at FB on a Fanpage , Yet ! )

    Make your fanpage offer completely irresistible !

    This should get you likes and email opt ins to your email list for your offer... Now with every thing set up and in place to go viral ! You need to start to drive real traffic and demographically appointed prospects to your fanpage.. (EX) Forums , blog commenting , video marketing , ppc , Facebook and so many other ways !

    I think Buying a few likes is not a bad thing , you need 25 to brand your fanpage anyways & it helps it look popular in the beginning to other real visitors... however I would not expect anything else out of the likes you purchase !

    One thing that may or may not work for you at this point after everything is set up is buy a gig at fivver.Where they share you link with their friends list ( beware their FB friends list may not be target to your offer at all ) It may be worth a try for five bucks though if their list is large !

    Good Luck !
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    You need 25 "Likes" to acquire a username (VanityURL) and fiverr.com is perfect for getting these "Likes" quickly. I have done it 3 times and they were delivered within 2-3 days. Avoid those offering thousands of "Likes" because they are untargeted fans and useless for marketing purpose. I just get them so I can get on with acquiring a username.
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    Fiverr is great to get you started, but the old fashioned way is still the most effective.
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    hey have you thought about Twiends its free and you can get as many followers as you want
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    I used a service on Fiverr to get 250 links. Some services offer to invite 250 or 500 people but don't guarantee actual likes. The person I used guaranteed 250 likes and he did get them. Having said that, in the couple of weeks since about 50 of them have unliked, so I ended up with about 200 likes which is not too bad. It's enough to give my page likes so it doesn't just look like an empty page with no likes
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    Its really useless to have fake likes as you would never convert them instead get 100 quality likes from your friends.

    You can even offer discounts to all your clients if they like the page, this way you would know that everyone in your list is genuine which eventually would result into higher conversion RATE..!!
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    many people on fiverr are just plain old scammers

    that's why Nigeria is the biggest provider of gigs on fiverr

    likes are very useful for the image of your business

    people who cannot get likes they will always be jealous and say the opposite
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    I would not by my fans at all, get your own traffic to it and bribe them to like your page. In my signature you can see an example. I have not sent any traffic to it yet. I customized the like vault script from one of the WSOs. if you need any help please let me know
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    There's also YouLikeHits - Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, YouTube Subscribers, Website Hits

    Ive used them they are ok. Its real visitors at least because you agree to give them so many points for liking you or following you, if on Twitter. You can either buy points from the sites to award to the others or you can like and follow yourself and collect points that way.

    There's also JustRetweet Twitter Retweets, More Traffic, Followers & Retweet Tool which is for Twitter so apologies but the reason i mention it is there maybe something similar for FB, but if there is i don't know what it is.

    I did pick up quite a few likes by asking the peeps on Twitter to like me :-)

    Anyway. Good luck

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    The best is youlikehits, because there are most active users so you won't wait long for likes. Most of Fiverr sellers using YLH on their gigs.
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    Your own site.

    People visit your site, read your content and go .."Wow, this is great"

    Then they click on like.

    Its pretty easy really. There are a lot of people already using this method.
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    I using youlikehits.com .
    I using money to buy those point and i can get like easily from user.
    Their likes is more quality while they likely to stay longer compare to others which maybe fraud facebook likes.
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    You should look at sites that offer advice or tips for people using Facebook, like allfacebook.com...they might have useful information.
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    Are you only set on paying for Likes? I have attached an article which explains different free ways to help increase FB Likes, it might help you....Tool Uses Chat Window To Solicit Facebook Likes On Websites

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