What's the best Video Editing software for making YouTube Videos?

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Just a quick question...

What do you think is the best (and easiest to use) video editing software to make promotional videos for your sites and for You Tube?

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    Right now I just downloaded some editing tutorials from Youtube in order to use my standard windows movie maker, you don't always have to get that overpriced stuff if you're not planning on something too elaborate.

    Besides if you're going to use other video editing software, you can always go to youtube or the other major video sites like I did for tutorials.
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    Hey Jeremy

    Here's a bit of Advice for you..

    If you are just starting out, then use JING!

    FREE, FAST AND GREAT for at least starting with!

    Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.
    Get It NOW.

    And No I am not affiliated with it!

    Focus on making some money before spending more of it!

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      Windows Movie Maker compresses your video files on output so if you are doing live motion video you will end up with crummy looking video because it will be double compressed when you upload it to youtube.

      While I am not going to go into detail on youtube optimization strategies here...

      It does not matter what editor you use for youtube as long as you can save your master in a DV avi format.

      The key is to upload your video to youtube in the least compressed format possible taking into consideration Youtube's file size limitation.

      By uploading the the least compressed format possible you will increase your image quality.

      I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum but again you can use any editor that will output in a lossless DV avi format.
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    I use camtasia... But if you are just starting you can use zing
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    I think Sony Vegas has the best combination of full-features and fairly quick learning curve. FYI, there are good versions you can get for under 100 bucks, like Vegas 8 Platinum.

    As others said, download the free trial first to see if you like it.
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      I own almost every video editor on the planet I think...LOL but:

      I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for almost all editing. Best value (about $90), most features, lowest learning curve, very flexible.
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    Hi Jeremy,

    The free solution can be Windows movie make. Avid Free Dv (Avid Free DV Software Support) & Jumpcut.com (online service) and camtasia free edition for screencaptures.

    Paid solutions are Adobe Premier and for more check out this link,
    List of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Here are some open source solutions,

    Welcome to virtualdub.org! - virtualdub.org
    jahshaka.org - Home
    News | t@b ZS4 Free Video Editing Software

    Hope my post is helpful to you.

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    Have you tried Animoto? very easy to use and you can make high-quality video!
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    edit videos for youtube, I usually used window movie maker and Youtube movie Maker, I think the two softwares are better than others, if you want a good quality on youtube , I think you can try . You can download it from makeyoutubevideo.com
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    Cam Studio
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    Smoke signals works great.

    But if there's a high wind, I prefer keeping it simple - Windows Movie Maker. There's a very helpful forum for it over at Movie Maker Forums .
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      Windows Movie Maker
      It's the easiest and the best.
      if you need more than that use Camtasia Studio
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    I also love using Sony products. I've also bought stuff off Josh - I'd listen to him.

    I also came across a really cool guy called Bill Myers and bought his excellent video production series. He has a really cheap yearly subscription ($10 I think) and he really puts a lot of effort into it. Heaps of really cool short tips for making movies. He will give you the exact settings for great quality clips for you tube and camtasia. I save them as save options so the clips come out very clear and clean. He goes under the you tube name of GuerillaBill. Heaps of great clips for video creation and editing and saving there for free. Once you start watching him you'll just want to keep watching.

    Bill Myers Online

    guerillabill's Channel - YouTube

    Another cool site I've found for taking quick screen movies is www.screenr.com . You arrive at the site, press a big button to start recording, when finished it sends you a copy, saves a copy on the server and also posts it to you tube for you!

    Making videos is fun.
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    As others have said, it depends what kind of videos you're going to make. For screencapture and Powerpoint, Camtasia is far and away the best IMHO.

    For live action videos I use Serif MoviePlus HD Video Editing Software – MoviePlus X5 from Serif (not an affiliate link). You can upload to YouTube directly from the software - which is handy!
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      I've never found the need for anything other than Movie Maker.

      There's a reason for this though. My work is static. I develop logo's. Animation would take away from the artwork which should shine statically.

      It really depends on what you're trying to achieve.

      I don't need the bells and whistles other video editing software provides.
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    For the price and quality I don't think you can beat Sony Vegas.
    I think you get a lot for under $100. Good thing it was an internet
    marketer who made this software you'd be paying $997 for it.

    -Ray Edwards
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      I had a rep (or so it seemed) oddly contact me to try out a trial of Sony Vegas recently. I'm happy with what I have but on second thoughts it's always healthy to step out the comfort zone!
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    The thread title is loaded. There is no best software for making YouTube videos.

    There are best choices for software for the type of video you are making. There are best choices for easy use. There are best choices for best output quality.

    YouTube cares not one bit what software you use. It's irrelevant.

    Some YouTube videos are raw and unedited - no software involved, straight from the camera.

    Some YouTube videos were edited in Hollywood studios using the most whiz-bang software available.

    It ALL depends on what type of video you are doing and personal workflow preference. Get some free trials, check them out and decide what you like, you will find personal preferences.
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    I use Camtasia for everything. I LOVE this program. The 30 day trial is good but I went ahead and purchased it. The screen recording is great! Vital for internet marketing demo videos.
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    I would say:


    Windows Movie Maker




    Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere

    Obviously with the advanced options you can do more but it depends on what you need them for.

    For a simple YouTube slideshow or video stick with Windows Movie Maker.

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    I use the editing function within Camtasia. That does most things.
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    I use Sony Vegas for all my Youtube clips. It's very easy for use, it's fast and you have everything you need with that software.

    So, my vote for goes for Vegas.

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