Is there any way to "sell" a Facebook fanpage?

by KidCash 22 replies
I have the #1 fanpage for the PlayStation Vita, but I've moved on to marketing with YouTube. I'd hate to see this successful fan page go to waste so I want to to know, is there any way to sell someone admin access or something. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here's a info graphic I made of it:
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    Umm, i have seen quite a few listing here on the warrior forum, in the "websites for sale" section. You could give that a try..
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    i think you can try using flippa for that also
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      Originally Posted by Rony Ronch View Post

      i think you can try using flippa for that also

      how can you sell it on flippa? you don't own the Fan page...Facebook owns it.

      What if the account connected as the admin gets banned or hacked. That page is gone isn't it?

      I always figured it wasn't worth buying because you receive something you don't technically own...more like renting the this incorrect?
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        Facebook fan pages can't be sold on Flippa, but they can be included as part of a website sale, as long as they are clearly associated with the website being sold.
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    How many likes you have and how much you asking?
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    Originally Posted by vix557 View Post

    I am interested in selling my fan page that has 778,000 fans! Let me know if you're interested and I will give you more details. PM me
    Hey Skype me OhioBlue8, I'm very interested...
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    Personally, could not find any info on the issues on Facebook itself. I would highly guess they would not be a fan of selling pages. The risk of them taking a page is high, in that they own them anyway. I would vote no to selling, but I sure would like to have that

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    Flippa won't approve that, I tried it with a page that had 9000. I ended up selling it on ebay (as a website) for $175. Disappointing, but I was done with it anyway. The market is getting flooded with these since FB has started cracking down on pages with "bought" fans... Put up a small WP website, and pimp it.

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    Its possible I guess. There are some buyers even here in this forum. Best of luck.
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    Yeah, I have two ideas one is flippa- I am suggesting on my experience with flippa.
    another is direct contact of your competitors.
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    Legally - Nope facebook has made it very clear that you do not own the page or the site and because you don't own the page, could you legally sell it?

    That being said, people still do it at their own risk of course, in a case like this you may want to find someone to manage the page on your behalf instead, then this comes with its own set of risks.
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    Against facebook rules, but people still do It. I have seen a few sold as well, but It's all about the stats.

    Also to anyone replying to the new posters In PM or Email saying their selling stuff, please don't contact them, most likely you're going to be scammed.
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    I am looking to buy a facebook page, please contact me with number of fan + price.


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    The answer is yes. I know a guy who's business is only selling facebook fan pages and twitter accounts.
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    Originally Posted by vix557 View Post

    I am interested in selling my fan page that has 778,000 fans! Let me know if you're interested and I will give you more details. PM me
    How it works? I mean if you sell the fan pages to me, my facebook's fan page will get 778,000 fans!? However, if the fans find that, do they will leave me?

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    You could try selling it on ebay. I have bought multiple websites off ebay and sold a couple as well. People are definitely looking and its worth a shot if you already have a well established ebay account.
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  • My Question would be, are you making any money with your site? If so how much? I would love to know more about the income of the site!
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    The best place I can suggest is ebay.
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    If your facebook fanpage is famous or having pr then somebody of same interest or business definitely buy it. Just post your offer on social networing sites and their groups and communities and on your page too.

    Enjoy Life.

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