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Does anyone know how to display Amazon Affiliate links in a Facebook fan page. When i do it shows image but also shows the code?
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    Could you provide any example? As far as I know, you can remove the code once it appears by selecting and del. Then the link will stay.
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    You can make your affiliate links on a custom tab using an IFRAME app. Then you can have several links on a page and sort of create a sales page / tab. First Social has an IFRAME tab that anyone can use for free.
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    Hi, midlandi


    1. You need to cloak the links.
    2. Sign up for free on
    3. Install plugin Simple Url.
    4. Add there affiliate link, it will generate cloaked link!
    5. Copy cloaked link to your facebook

    It must be helpful!
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    Does anyone else know anything about Facebook stripping your Amazon Affiliate link code and inserting their own? See this article:

    tinypineapple's "What's Really Going On With Facebook Link Previews and Amazon Affiliate Links"
    "When you post an Amazon affiliate link on Facebook, FACEBOOK DOES NOT REPLACE YOUR AFFILIATE ID WITH THEIR OWN in the preview/thumbnail links.

    What they do instead is throw your affiliate link out the window entirely in favor of the one that Amazon is insisting is the canonical link, and that canonical link doesn’t include your affiliate ID (so HARD CHEESE!), but it does contain a snippet of code that gives Facebook (rather than you) credit for the referral."
    Sounds like the same thing Pinterest does. The explanation at TinyPineapple is beyond my scope - can anyone else here confirm this? And if so, does cloaking links change anything or stop Facebook from stripping the affiliate ID reference?
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    I have just checked my amazon aff links and they still have my ref ID in them. I shorten my links with tinyurl with custom alias.
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    You can cloak links as suggested or forward your own domains to particular products you can also simply promote the products on your blog and send people there to find out more about them/purchase them.
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    As far as being allowed by FB I'm not sure. However, I've read that for most people who do that, they do not do well. It feels to spammish to their followers. That said, some people DO manage to do well going that route, so it's kind of up to you, your fans/followers, and how everythings all set up.
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    I suggest you cloak your affiliate link to keep conversion ratings up!
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    I figured out the issue with the .org site and fixed it. Believe it or not all I needed to do was save the permalinks. No changes just save them after I did it worked fine. Sort of odd.
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    fb does not like direct links to affiliate products, just use pretty link plugin, it works like a charm and has tons of features like click stats, hope that helps.
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    I see a lot of people putting direct affiliate links on their fan pages, but my personal opinion is that I dont like to spam my fans, otherwise I would lose them. Instead, I link to my own site where I have a product review and get a chance to presell people on the product.
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    The cluelessness of this forum never ceases to amaze. There is a very simple, Amazon-approved way to add affiliate links to a FB page. If you haven't figured it out yet - which takes like 5 minutes - then I have no idea how you are going to figure out affiliate marketing.
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    Most social networking sites have strict policies regarding spam and since affiliate links alone generate around 90% spam over web and social networks, affiliate links are not officially welcome by social networks. However using redirection and URL shortning, many are still promoting their affiliate links over social networks. Though they are successful so far, however social networks are putting more filters in place to track possible spam via affiliate links and once you are caught, its all over
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    that is so cool! i never knew you could cloak your links, so awesome

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