How much should I charge for my social media marketing services?

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Im launching my own social media marketing mgmt/consulting business & working on my first price quote right now. This guy doesn't have a ton of money but really needs my help & will jump for the right price. I also really need to sign my first Im nervous I'll quote too high.

My services will be working with Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest. Whatever network makes the most sense for each business will determine the amount of time/content devoted to each.

1. Initial Social Media Potential Assessment & Recommendations.
I will do this for every client in order to determine what platforms they need to be on. Help them identify specific goals, target audience etc. Basically, I will ask them a bunch of relevant questions, then research it all and come back with an overall/general but insightful social marketing recommendation based on targeted customer, industry, geography and competition.
This will vary greatly from business to business. I had not originally planned to charge for this, but it can often require alot of time and effort. But I'd like to have a set fee if possible. (NOTE: I already did this for the person I am quoting right now and didnt charge...the time I spent putting that info together is actually why I decided I should charge for it).

Once the initial assessment & recommendations are given, the client can choose to have me either:

1. Set up & customize (with profile pics/cover photos etc) their social media accounts/pages (if they do not have them).
2. If they already have pages...I can enhance/spruce em up if needed. (SMALLER SET ONE-TIME FEE)
3. If they need to create any tabs..(SET FEE RANGE PER TAB)

If they want to maintain their own postings & updates...then they can stop here OR sign up for
for a full service plan with:
1. Dedicated activity/content maintenance...number of updates/posts/tweets will vary depending on industry and set objectives. (set monthly fee ranging on time required)
2. FB Advertising Campaign- (set monthly fee for placing, creation and design of ads (Seperate fee from their advertising budget).
3. Contests will be a seperate fee as well.

I know that this is a pretty wordy post...but I cannot decide how much to charge.

ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll gladly accept ballpark figures : )

It would also be very helpful to hear what all ya'll are charging.

please help!!!! Thanks in advance!

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    This may not be a great help to you but its pretty hard to price :-)

    But try and see how much value you will be adding to the company you are helping...

    So if your efforts bring in an extra £1000 for the company then you could charge a percentage of that figure...

    I use to do it on a rolling scale in the past so the more traffic I bought to a site the more I would charge.

    I have actually now wound down my service offering to companies as clients are just a headache and I actually make more money driving traffic to my own sites :-)

  • Profile picture of the author Lena Williams
    Geographical position plays a bigger role in social media marketing. People from Europe will value social media marketing and they will be ready to pay high price for it. On the other hand, if you get into countries from third world, they will not value it because they are reliant in viral marketing till now.
  • Profile picture of the author dengkane
    I agree with Danny's opinions, you can evaluate how much value you can bring to your clients via your services first, then it will be easy to promote to your clients.
  • Profile picture of the author Danny Cutts
    Well its a tough one that....

    Maybe tackle it like an affiliate product? Get a commission for every one you sign up?

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    Yikes. So glad I posted on here. I am setting myself up for failure with this one! I think that for this client, I should probably just offer to create their profiles for them etc and map them out a plan. Then let them take over the reigns.
    I don't want that much riding on my shoulders for $150/ month.

    What about setting them up on everything and giving them direction -for $150 flat fee?

    I'm stressing myself out. Couldn't sleep last night.

    Thank you all for your thoughts.

    What about my general services for other clients?

    What do I need to change? Please help!!!
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    Oh and I live in the rates would be much less down here

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