How to go 1 million likes in Facebook

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Hi guys,

Just would like to ask of what is the best way possible to get Facebook 1 million likes? The indusry niche is in entertainment etc.
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    make a viral content - it will spread ;-)
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    Post a very compelling and engaging topic, add a very popular music video, and share unusual photos in your page. You can also post a poll or quiz relevant to your site.
    Tweet the links of your contents and post them to other sites.
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    Good page is necessary for more like.
    If you make an informative page you can get more like easily.
    It will take time to get 1 million like.
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    Definitely it will take time for million of like so dud keep it up
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    The key is in getting interactive with other pages in your niche. Share their page with your fans. Participate in their discussions, debates...Its a goldmine. It gives you massive exposure to your target-market.
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    Just give some unique information that the people want and find interesting. Give pictures to go with the topic as people are more attracted to pictures than just plain text. Post at regular periods and reply back to comments made on your post. And remember the saying that slow and steady wins the race.
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    Create posts that are very interesting. You must also know the trend so you will be able to cater the people the newest and hottest stuff about it. Also, don't forget to use other strategies in spreading your Facebook page. Join related websites, groups, blogs etc.. not only to be updated but for you to have a bigger grounds in promoting your page. It will also be good if you can ask the people of your page to help you in advertising it.
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    What for to hit 1 million likes?? Any advantages?
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    how to make a viral content??
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    Value is the first key to get 1 M. Focus on video(youtube) directed content. Try to share great free content with backlinks.
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    Your post will have to be attractive and catchy. You can also share music videos, unusual photos. You can get more likes by posting current happenings.
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    Post memes. Post cats. And generally just post stuff that makes you smile when it appears on your own FB newsfeed.
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    You may arrange a fb contest with your page and advertise about it.You will get maximum output
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    You should be persistent on your social media tactics if you want to get everything naturally.
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    Create a video like Gangnam Style......
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    I don't know what you are going to do for this? Has any advantages?
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    Interesting, funny, engaging, touching and breathtaking content can easily go viral, make sure that you keep interactions in your page, you can also start some photo submission contests which will make contestants your instant PR for likes and visits..
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    1 million 'Likes' is a huge amount, but it should always be 'quality' over 'quantity'...

    I have a FB page called 'Gardening News' - it's taken me a while but I now have a very engaging group of 31,000+

    Feel free to check it out and look at some of the techniques I've used to keep it 'engaging', interesting and fun...

    Monitizing a fanpage can be tricky but again brilliant when you find something that works. I always try and make everything a 'win-win', for both me and the ALWAYS offering something that they need and find benefitial.

    Even un-related products to the niche can be positioned...once you know your fans, how they act and behave, then anything is possible.

    I not long ago joined a new 'network' which is taking the internet by storm. I have been so impressed with it and the amounts of monthly recurring income its generated with minimal effort I wanted to offer it to my FB fans (30,000 at the time) - I finally came up with an 'angle' I could use, again it had to be a 'win' for the fans that were interested....

    Two months down the line I now have fans from a Gardening niche making thousands a month on the internet!

    So do you need 1 million fans... No.

    Happy to help those that want to be helped.

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    People like daily updates on fashion, news, entertainment so even if someone is having a facebook page about furnitues prople would like to see nice and daily updates on it with new pictures.

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