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Hi Guys

Tumblr is an awesome site that can be used to benefit our businesses in many ways.

I've worked with Tumblr for a little while now and have good experience working with the site. I have actually wrote a guide about working with Tumblr that I give away with one of my WSO's.

I have copied and Pasted my guide below and have removed any promotional material - hoping to provide only value.

I hope you find the details useful

Update - Free theme added on following post

A Guide To Working With Tumblr

Some Important Notes

We can benefit from Tumblr in many ways, some I make notes on further in this guide, but first it's important to understand that Tumblr like any website will not appreciate Blogs that blatantly look to be built for the sole purpose of self promotion.

By nurturing our Tumblr accounts, we not only build trust with Tumblr and its user base, but we gain some Huge SEO benefits which I will be making notes of further down.

So it's important that we try our best to provide value when we can. In this guide, I will be noting a number of methods in which Tumblr can be used including a few best practices and some tips.

Unlike other websites that do not allow community members to monetize there blogs, Tumblr on the other hand actually allows us much flexibility to monetize our sites.

Tumblr is a page rank 8 and has about 118 million visitors a month.

Understanding what we want to get out of our Tumblr Blogs

It's very important that we understand what we want out of our Tumblr Blogs because Tumblr can be used for a number of reasons, each one having a slight twist in the technique that we will use.

Here are some of the methods we will cover in this guide:

1. Using Tumblr for HIgh page rank Do Follow backlinks (Excellent for SEO)
2. Using Tumblr for Targeted traffic
3. Using Tumblr to increase hits, views
4. Making Money with Tumblr

Method 1 -Using Tumblr for High page rank Do-Follow Backlinks

In this method we will be using Tumblr to gain high page rank do follow backlinks.

We all know how important Do-Follow backlinks are and with Tumblrs authority I will show you how we can increase the page rank of our own Tumblr blogs.

I stumbled across this method while I was working on Tumblr and testing the site. I managed to get 7 of my newly built Tumblr blogs page rank in under 1 month.

Three of my blogs got a PR1 another three got a PR2 and one of them got a PR3.

Method explained

If you make a post on your Tumblr blog pointing to your website then this link will be Do-Follow and do-follow links not only help in the SERPS but also pass the authority to your sites.

In this method, we will be building the page rank of our own Tumblr blogs and then pushing it to our own urls.

This method is by far my favorite and is also an awesome way to start all your Tumblr blogs to gain good authority and trust.


The Tumblr community loves to share posts made by other users. Tumblr actually makes it very easy for a user to share another users post by placing a re-blog link next to every published post made.

When another Tumblr user re-blogs your post then a link back to your blog will be created. This Link back will be Do-follow.

The idea with this method is to gain as many Re-blogs for your own posts as possible.

We will also look at an easy method in which we can gain do-follow backlinks to our Tumblr blogs by using Tags.

I have created a Video taking you through the method on the following url. (I removed Video )

If you would like a list of High PR Tags then please let me know and I will get a download link added.

Making a few customizations to your Tumblr Theme can help loads.

I've created a video on this topic but it have removed the link as it has promotional material. The video basically covers choosing an optimized Tumblr theme that uses headings - disabling the showing of posts you liked and users you follow on your page.

The Process The process is simple.

Step 1.
Collect images so that you can upload them to your Tumblr Queue.


1. Funny images work best
2. Animated GIFS get shared loads on Tumblr (Max file size for animated gif is 512kb) - I believe this has now changed to 1mb

Step 2
Compile a nice List of Tags.

1. Post image specific Tags to get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic will increase Followers.
2. Include some High Page rank Tags to get the odd Boost in do-follow Page rank links.

Step 3
Use nice Descriptions - Adding descriptions is not a must but can add value. Many of the Tumblr Themes will use the first lines of your description for the meta data, so it's good for SEO.

1. Quotes seem to do well with all sorts of images. Try to get quotes based on your Niche.
2. Short descriptions such as "Follow me I will follow back" also help build your followers.

Step 4
Upload Images to the Tumblr Queue. It's important to login to our Tumblr blog and setup our queue. The Tumblr Queue will allow us to upload many posts all at once and have Tumblr drip publish them (like a schedule) each day.

When making a post (Photo Post) then it’s important to add Tags and for the source and click through links we will be using our own Tumblr blog url.

1. Post about 1 week + worth of images to keep your blog constantly updated.
2. Add about 7 Tags for each post. Add some of the high PR Tags from the list provided. The software will rotate through the list of Tags you provide on every post.
3. Max Number of Images in the Tumblr queue at any given time is 301

After we have added images, we need to follow other Tumblr users and like posts made by other Tumblrs. This will start to drive traffic to our Tumblr Blogs. As long as we have picked related Tags and Images then you will start to see other Tumblr users Re-blog your work. After a week or two you can start to Re-blog posts made by other Tumblrs. Just add your own unique Tags.

When others re-blog your posts then your post will show up on the blog that re-blogged it. As we set the click through link and source as your Tumblr blog then this will be a do-follow link back to your Tumblr blog.

Uploading your own content works better then re-blogging but when you're stuck for content then this works a treat.

1. Follow and like posts that are in your niche. This will increase targeted traffic and the number of re-blog's.
2. Max followers/unfollowers combined for any one Tumblr blog in a 24 hour period is 200~
3. Re-use the images with most Re-blogs each week.
4. Run the follow and like scripts about 3 times a week. The more you use it the better the results.

Tumblr gives Do-Follow links from the following pages:
1. On Tumblr blogs
2. On Tag pages
3. On Tumblr Theme where the Theme shows Likes and Following list.

It's important to keep our queue updated so that new posts are being published each day. Uploading posts to your Tumblr queue can be done once every one or two weeks but we should upload enough posts till you get time to post more.

1. We will be uploading images that will get found by other Tumblr users.
2. Other Tumblr users will re-blog our uploads and give a link back to our Tumblr blog.
3. Our posts will get found on Tumblr Tag urls which will also give us a link back.
4. If a Tumblr user is following us or has liked our post then we will get a link back from this as well (Theme needs to be enabled to show Following and Likes).

All The links above will be do-follow. Before you know it then you will soon have a nice follower base and high page rank links pointing back to your Tumblr blog. On the next page rank update you will see the true page rank of your blog reflected.

Having High page rank Tumblr Blogs allows you to add your own links to them. You can add your own links to your Tumblr blogs whenever you like. The links will be Do-follow links.

I prefer to place my own links in the Description section which can be changed from the Customize Theme > Description section. I have added a piece of html code further below in this guide in the Extras section. Just follow the guide and add your own links to your own blogs. Don't under-estimate Tumblr Links. Follow the method above, add good image uploads and choose a nice niche.

A slight twist to the above method

The method above is the quickest way to build page rank for your Tumblr blogs, however it is always possible to add any link of your choice as the source and click through link. Every time a user re-blogs the post then it will link back to the url you entered. You will find many of the Re-blogs will be from high page rank Tumblr urls. All the links will be Do-follow. This will allow you to gain Do-follow links for any url or your choice.

Like posts and Follow users as often as you can. It will help build your followers. When a Tumblr user follows you then every time you make a new post it will show in the Tumblr users Dashboard when they login. This will gain you more exposure, more traffic and more Reblogs.

Tumblr users love images. If they see a funny image then they are not shy to hit the Re-blog button and Re-blogs are backlinks.

Method 2 -Using Tumblr for Targeted traffic

In this method we will be using Tumblr to get targeted traffic.

Gaining targeted traffic is very easy and your results will continue to improve as you continue to work on your Tumblr accounts. Results for every niche will vary.

In this method it's very important that we keep our focus on our Niche. We will...

1. Use Niche Specific Tags.
2. Use Niche Specific Images
3. Follow Users based on Niche
4. Like Posts based on Niche
5. Re-blog Posts based on Niche

The more Tumblr accounts you can manage in a niche then the more exposure you will have.

The Process

Step 1
Collect Images, Tags, and Descriptions for our posts

1. Try to use images related to your Niche
2. Use Only Tags targeted to your Niche
3. Use quotes based on your Niche
4. Think of Images as link bait. Post a good image and you will get many re-blogs. Getting a Re-blog means your Click through links will be on other blogs and seen by all their followers. This will drive much more traffic.

Step 2
Upload Images to your Tumblr Queue. Add your tags and the urls that you wish to send traffic to as the click through links but keep the source as your own Tumblr blog.

1. Post about 1 week + worth of images to keep your blog constantly updated.
2. Add about 7 Tags for each post.
3. Adding links to external pages away from Tumblr works better for traffic generation after you have built a good list of followers.
4. Use links that provide stats such as the bit.ly feature

Step 3
It's important to Follow and Like as much as possible. The more you Like posts and Follow users then the more exposure your Blog will get. Liking Niche specific Posts will ensure you gain Niche specific traffic. Liking posts and following users will also get you more followers. When your posts get re-bloged then the links you are promoting will also be noted on other Tumblr Blogs.

1. You can follow up to 200~ users a day - Use it as much as possible
2. Like as many posts as you can. (Not sure of Tumblrs restrictions)
3. Re-blog posts from other niche related Blogs

Note: Tumblrs tend to have a Facebook and Twitter account. Linking your Facebook and Twitter to your Tumblr account will increase traffic and followers from all social networks.

Method 3 -Using Tumblr for Increasing Hits and Views

In this method we will be using Tumblr to Increase Hits and Clicks. It really doesn't matter if the traffic is targeted here.

For this method then we will use Tumblr based on hot topics. This can be done in many ways. Tumblr has an Explore page which lists many popular Tags and blogs http://www.tumblr.com/explore

Or we can use something Like Google Trends http://www.google.com/trends

Once we have picked a Topic, it's important to find related images, tags, followers and posts to like even re-blog. We will then do exactly the same as the previous method.

The only real difference in this method is that we are targeting topics that we know are hot and that will have good traffic numbers associated with them.

Some niches on Tumblr are very popular, and if you find the right one then you can be sure to always have traffic at your disposal.

Method 4. Making Money with Tumblr

While doing my extensive research on Tumblr, I found a number of guides written by users that are making money from Tumblr using a number of Twists. I came across users making up to $35+ a day and others making even more.

I have removed all the links due to the terms of this forum. The links were topics discussing techniques using Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates, adfly and some other networks.

You would basically follow the same steps as above but instead setup the click through links as your affiliate links or monetize your tumblr blog to show adsense, CPA offers and then send the traffic to your tumblr blogs.


SEO Optimized Tumblr theme (As noted above)
Find the top Tumblr blogs
Example of Site using Google Adsense - Offers great Tumblr Themes
How to Add Google Adsense to Your Tumblr Blog

Add links to your Tumblr Blogs.
You can add links to your Tumblr blogs so that they show on every page by editing the HTML of the theme or by adding details to your description box which can be found on the customize theme screen.

By entering the below code in your description box you are able to add 2 links on your Tumblr blog. The links will show up in your description section of your blog under the heading Sites I Like. Add your own urls and keywords. If you want to add more links then just repeat the code.

<br><br><b>Sites I Like</b><br>
<br> <a href=" http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com /"> YourKeyword </a> <br>
<a href=" http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com /">s YourKeyword </a>


Thanks and hope this helps


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