3 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Traffic

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Hi Warriors,

I know there's many newbies who are interested in getting more traffic from social media. I personally am a HUGE fan of social media traffic and I've used it heavily to build up my blog traffic. In fact, social media helped me generate 8,500+ visitors to my blog in only 34 days.

So, if your having trouble driving traffic through social media, I want to share with you 3 tips that should help you see a spike in your traffic stats this week.

1.) Cackle - this is a fantastic wordpress comment plugin I use on my blog that has been responsible for sending me a typhoon of Facebook traffic. This commenting system basically allows your visitors to post comments to your blog and it automatically cross posts the comment to their social network status, including Facebook, Twiiter, and Google+ to name a few.

So for example: If you have cackle installed on your blog and I comment on your post saying how informative and helpful it was, the comment that I leave on your post will automatically post as my Facebook status update with a link pointing back to your blog post, bringing you more exposure and traffic from my network of Facebook friends. This is extremely powerful and is a wonderful way to drive tons of Facebook traffic to your website, plus get more engagement and interaction on your own Facebook page.

2.) Visibli - This is a quick and easy way to see a visible spike in your social media stats TODAY with hardly any extra effort.

Visibli is a neat little tool that helps you to retain the visitors after you share an external link. For example: Say that you want to share an interesting blog post with your following on Twitter. You can share the link via this service and when a person clicks on it, they'll be taken to the external link you shared but at the top of the page they will see a personalized toolbar with YOUR information on it.

This is really cool because it's sort of like they're taking your site with them around the net. This is a great way to be social and share others people information while still pointing them back to your blog site, thus creating more traffic for yourself and retaining your readers.

Quick Note: When you're creating your personal Visibli bar, you want to make sure that your bar has the same look and feel as your blog does. You want to create a feel of the reader browsing content within your personal framework and it'll increase the chances of them returning to your blog.

3.) Connecting with influencers - In my book, this is THE most effective way to get a TON of social media traffic. By connecting with influencers in your niche that already have a large following, you can leverage them for traffic, plus build long-term beneficial relationships that could lead to future endeavors such as potential JV's and affiliate opportunities.

One of the easiest ways to do this and the way that I did this when I relaunched my blog was to do a Top 7 or Top 10 blog post highlighting the top influencers in my niche. You can see an example of this here.

What you want to do is a roundup of the best tips that you've learned from these influeners, maybe some great content creation tips, traffic tips or marketing strategies. Compile them all into a blog post with pictures of the influencers, the tips that you've learned from them, links pointing back to their blog (or the specific post you learned the tip from), and a link pointing to their Twitter page. You can even take this a step further by adding a quote from one of their blog posts. This will show the influencer that you've really done your homework and that you value their insights.

After you've created your post and it's live, you want to reach out to the influencers and let them know about your post and that you've included them in it. Reach out to them thorough email, and all the social networks that you can find them on - mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

When you email them you want to let them know how much you appreciate them and their content. Let them know how they've helped you, mentioning specific posts of theirs that you found especially helpful. Then, you want to let them know that you've included them in your top 7 or top 10 post and leave them the link to check it out.

You don't want to blatantly ask for them to share your post with their networks. They will usually naturally share your post with their networks because you've included them and you've gone the extra mile to connect with them on a deeper level. To make this even more effective, before doing your top influencers post, you can begin commenting and interacting with them on their blogs and on the social networks - sharing and retweeting their posts. This will aid you in getting on their radar as well and they'll remember you when you reach out to them with your post.

For those of your looking for quick and effective ways to tap into social media traffic, I hope you found this post helpful.

If you have any other quick and effective social media traffic tips or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

See ya' around the net!

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    Great! Thanks for the tips!
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    Great post, I'll Check out your Tips as I am an Active Blogger and Article Writer.

    Would you like to get paid to get traffic to your website?

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    I will definitely have to try these tips out.
    Thank you.
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    Hi Thanks for the post it is really helpful

    Tom Langdon
    Helping you succeed online!


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    1) Cackle

    I don't like commenting sites that are tied to my social media accounts. If I want to post to them, I will. I sure don't want sites posting my thoughts on articles I don't want them to. If I see a site that has that commenting option, I won't leave a comment. Plain and simple.

    2) Visibli

    I used them for a while and they worked nice, until I noticed they started double posting everything I linked to in my Twitter feed. Then I wasn't happy and turned it off. Went back to Bit.ly and Hootsuite stats.

    3) Connecting with influencers

    This is the one solid idea of the bunch. Good points and way to approach them.
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      Originally Posted by taylormarek View Post

      1) Cackle

      I don't like commenting sites that are tied to my social media accounts. If I want to post to them, I will. I sure don't want sites posting my thoughts on articles I don't want them to. If I see a site that has that commenting option, I won't leave a comment. Plain and simple.
      I feel the same way. I know that some people like using their Facebook login as a way to post comments because it saves them time/the hassle of creating a new account but I prefer to keep them separate. It's worth a try to see how your own audience responds but you might be better off with the usual name/email/website field in the end.
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    Thanks for sharing. For number 3, you can also interview them. That way there is a connection, and if they link to your site, that will help, too!
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    thanks for sharing i also want to these tips
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      Originally Posted by ravi1234 View Post

      There are many ways to increase your social media traffic. The three ways are -

      1)Share a lot of content

      2)Create Taller Images
      1)I need sites about love, peace, happiness, meditation with lots of photos that I can share. Any ideas?
      2)How do you create taller images on Facebook?

      Make the world a better place! Spread some Love, Peace and Happiness! Join The Happy People!

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    Using Influencers is the best tip here - especially if you form a related group for your niche, that way you can use each other to build the traffic.

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