How to build an email list?

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Hi Guys,

I am planning to build an email list.

Do you have any idea on how to do it?

Any strategy you have employed that converts well?

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    what type of email list you need to build ?

    means particular niche ?
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    If you plan to build an email list, you have to set up an email opt-in box.
    Then, use email marketing providers like Aweber and iContact in order to collect email addresses, send and track emails.
    You also have to use a free gift and/or sign-up page.
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    If you want do it your self then go on your local search engine and store email for your data base .
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    If you want to build a list, build a landing page and give away a good freebie. The big key is to offer them something original and that will give them some value right away.

    Then once they are on your list be sure not to just bombard them with offers. You want to give them something of value in most emails so that when you do send them the offer they will open it up and read it.
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    first thing you need is a half decent squeeze page and a good free offer

    if you give away garbage or rehashed garbage then you will burn your name before you even begin

    getting traffic to your squeeze page is actually the easiest part

    the most important part which you need to focus on is creating a good squeeze page that converts at at least 35% - 40%

    create a good free report/course to give away

    create a good one time offer to use to build a buyers list

    you need to make sure you have a half decent funnel in place before you even start to send traffic to your squeeze page

    a great way to test your squeeze page and front end offer is to buy some solo ads to see what your conversions are
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      You can buy digital products with master resale rights like ebooks, software and scripts, video/audio courses, etc.

      A good website for cheap resale rights that I use is (not affiliate)

      Make sure that the item you purchase allows for free giveaways and only invest in a product that you yourself would pay for. Read the sales page and modify it to make it better.
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    Im also thinking about doing some email list building for my product. but wonder if it would destroy a product brand..
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    Hi there,

    The fastest way to build an email list is to provide relevant value (to get them to sign up) and then keep that relationship alive. It's important not to spoil them (too much free stuff). You want to get them into a mindset of buyers, not of freebie seekers. You may even want to charge them for joining the list something trivial as $0.1 to make sure you eliminate freebie seekers.

    Also, people are more and more after something interactive, something they can't use. 12 steps courses, 50 page PDFs and so on are not so hot anymore so try to come up with something different, something to get them involved right away, not only a consumption device.

    Good luck,
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    Here is a YouTube video that helped me out. It shows you what plugin to use that supposedly boosts your building a list strategy by 300%! I have just started using this and it seems to be working pretty well, but not 300% yet.

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    Originally Posted by ivelnal View Post

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to build an email list.

    Do you have any idea on how to do it?

    Any strategy you have employed that converts well?

    Hello! I am hosting a webinar on building an email list and generating more leads with Facebook. You can register here if you would like to join! If not you can always register and get the recording afterwards.

    Hope that helps!
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    actually u have to make use of warrior advertising many many people will see whats the hot cake provided in this forum so better u have budget go for advertising ...u can get many many reputed emails via this process
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    If you need to grow your email list quickly, there are a number of services that will allow you to rent or purchase email names. However, doing so comes with several risks. Most list purchases or rentals are somewhat expensive, and you may not make your money back as quickly or as regularly. Additionally, a rented or purchased list means that you are buying email addresses of individuals who have not been exposed to or shown and interest in your brand or product. This may mean that they are less likely to respond to your email, and may even mark your email as spam. This could create domain reputation problems for you with future email sends. Finally, if you do choose to rent or purchase a list, be sure to use a credible agency. If you rent or purchase a list that includes a high number of bad email addresses that will bounce or be undeliverable, you will incur sender reputation penalties that will impact your ability to email market moving forward. While buying or renting an email list can help to quickly grow your email list and show returns, proceed with caution when soliciting and buying lists.
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    1. Create a new Group in Address Book and name it whatever you want your distribution list to be called.
    2. With that Group still highlighted, create a new contact (using the + at the bottom of the name column).
    3. For this new contact, check the "company" box so that the Company name is how the contact is listed. Make the name of the company the same (or similar - or not) name as your distribution list name.
    4. Copy and paste ALL of your email addresses (all at once) into the email address field for this new "person." I use the format firstname lastname <> - each address separated by a comma.
    5. Close Address Book

    Now when I type in the group's name in Mail, everyone gets my email. It's admittedly cumbersome and not as easy to edit as one might like, but it is fast and functional. The other down side is that everyone on the list sees all of the other email addresses. Hope this helps.
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    First you need to collect the email id of the concern person and then maintain it in excel sheet, this way you can create a database of the email id.
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    HI Ivelnav!

    Yeah some great tips above as always here at the W.F.

    You should focus on building a "BUYERS LIST" as much as possible.

    This allows you to build a list that is proven to own a credit card and are willing to pay for information rather than just looking for FREEBIES all the time.

    You can build a buyers list by creating your own high in demand information products and selling them here as a WSO.

    You can get tons of ideas by looking around the forum and seeing what people want answers to and simply create products based on answering their problems.

    When they buy your product you can add to your "BUYERS LIST."

    This can all be done within your autoresponder with just a few clicks.

    Hope any of these tipe help you out!

    "Recognize that you don’t know everything about everything. Challenge yourself, and make yourself learn something new every chance you get."
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    A great way to get started would be to get an autoresponder such as Aweber or Mailchimp.

    Set up a squeeze page with a few pages on it that you will use for a product that you create. Set up some ads on forums and other places and put your product on places like clickbank.

    Make sure to collect the email.
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    Is the money Really in the list?

    You bet it is. Even if google decides to make another change it won't effect a good list. Although todays market it is a little bit difficult to get people to sign up to a list, it is all in the tactics that you implement. An ethical bribe works well if you give away more than an ebook.
    I have been studying other marketers lists and many are whiners because there sign up rate is down and they believe that there is no market for lists anymore. However, if you write good, useful material and an ethical bribe to a video, webinare reply, video plus an ebook many will sign up.
    You will need
    * Good useful material messages
    * Create an ethical bribe
    * presell your list
    * Never Lie
    All in all the list still works and will always work, that's a proven fact.
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    Originally Posted by ivelnal View Post

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to build an email list.

    Do you have any idea on how to do it?

    Any strategy you have employed that converts well?

    Whatever niche you are planning to build a list in, it generally boils down to giving something away (for free) in exchange for their email address. So first get a free giveaway ready, this could be an ebook, a program, a software, or any other product that could serve this purpose. That it is a free product doesn't mean it shouldn't be of value. I'd suggest creating something you would purchase and not ask for a refund. That way, you are giving something of great value.

    That said, where to pay even more attention is on your squeeze page. Many people have had good conversions with video squeeze pages. But hey, you can set up two different pages and test them out yourself.
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    1. use getresponse or aweber
    2. choose a niche
    3. give something valuable (related with your niche) + email optin

    good luck
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    Originally Posted by ivelnal View Post

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to build an email list.

    Do you have any idea on how to do it?

    Any strategy you have employed that converts well?

    Build email list is always stick to few simple steps only. MOST basic is try and error, change method and move on.
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
    I can show you how to do this.

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