How to post Automatically on Google Plus page

by clarajames 10 replies
I am not sure about what Google is saying about this but I wanted to know that how can I auto post on Google+ page my new updates on blog as soon as they publish on blog. Is there any script or widget or any plugin for this? Can anyone tell me about this?
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    Can you plz tell that on which CMS your blog is running? Is it wordpress, joomla or some else.
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    Is your blog on the wordpress platform?.
    If yes, then you can try this plugin WordPress › WPGPlus « WordPress Plugins

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    You can check this:

    It's for Wodporess and API for plain PHP.
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      Originally Posted by okapy View Post

      You can check this:

      It's for Wodporess and API for plain PHP.
      Hi guys, newbie here. :-) Just wanted to chime in that I recently bought the commercial version of the WordPress plugin and the Google API definitely works. I should note that it has auto publishing capabilities for Pinterest as well. Finding these two features in one plugin is unheard of and a personal godsend for me. It is a PAIN to set up though, but once you're rolling it's a major time saver.

      Also not mentioned is that it offers 3 different ways to auto publish to G+ as well: image posting, normal status updates, and finally where your post is included as an attachment (the most popular way to publish to G+) The image posting provides the capability to grab the featured or first image of your post and add it to your G+ photo album automatically, and finally it can also convert your WordPress tags into hashtags. This is probably the most valuable feature because it allows for a straightforward way to utilize your WordPress tags to inject your posts into the most popular hashtag streams on G+.

      Hope this helps!
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  • Clarajames,

    There isn’t a lot of support out there for this yet but you do have a couple of options. If your Google Plus page is a business page, you can do auto posting with a free version of Hootsuite. I’m sure there are probably some other similar platforms that will do it as well.

    Alternatively, Chrome has an extension that will post automatically to any Google plus page however it has some drawbacks. You must have the browser open for the post to take place (even if its scheduled in advance).

    Social Media Management Dashboard - HootSuite

    Hope that helps,

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      Place you blogs RSS feed into your google plus account .. Then every time you update your blog with new content it will syndicate automatically to your google plus account !
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    Place you blogs RSS feed into your google plus account .. Then every time you update your blog with new content it will syndicate automatically to your google plus account !
    Care to explain how to do that?

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    I guess Social Networks Auto Poster does not work for Google+.

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    You can actually use Hootsuite to automatically post your blog posts into your Google plus account.
    You can start adding your social network accounts for auto posting.
    In your case, just enable the Google plus account on your Hootsuite account by selecting Connect with Google plus.
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    I use hootsuite's rss feed feature to auto pst to g+ it works great ;-)
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