How Do You Get Followers On Twitter (without getting reported)?

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Hello there! Thank you very much for reading this post from me.

I have become more active here since I really need to get my business going and helping people being able to help other people.

And one thing I will need to do is to get followers on my Twitter-account but I know I cannot just tweet random people who are interested in marketing since that would be like approaching a stranger in the middle of the street (it freaks most people out).

So, what have been your successful tactics (short-term stuff) and strategies (long-term stuff) to get followers on your Twitter account?

(And yes, if it is well-targeted people following you who shares your interests, that is even better if you would like to share that too!)

I have tried just writing random marketing tips to people and it freaks them out so I need to approach the whole thing a little bit differently...

I guess I should collect followers by having links to my twitter-account and guest blog, submit articles to databases etc., and such??

Thank you very much in advance & Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, Fellow Warrior! / Max "MaxTheMarketer" K.
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    You want to find some followback teams and start following people in those teams. You can use any good twitter bot that does mass follow to up the scale. They will follow you back and that is how to build a large list of followers fast. However be careful to stay within certain follow limits otherwise you will get your accounts banned pretty fast. Here is a list of some followback teams to get you started:

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    Thanks you for sharing ! :-)
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    The Marketing niche is going to be difficult to gain new followers because people don't like being marketed to, tips or not, and those accounts can be pretty blatant about it.

    How often do you tweet links? People may be seeing "marketing" then some link and are afraid to click it because they don't know where it's going to go. So weary of it already they may unfollow, or worse, report you for spamming them. So I'd cut down sending out links if you already don't send a lot.

    Twitter users need to connect to people. To you.

    Be more you. They may be able to handle your marketing tweets if they know you better.

    I'm not sure this is helpful, but while I don't have 1000s of Twitter followers I've held steady around the same amount for over a year now with follows/unfollows so something must be working.
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    The moment you posted your Twitter question here, gave your more followers.

    Well this is is a strategy that I did to build up my list of followers. It is a strategy that I learned from a video on YouTube. Search the term: twitter dowry

    The guy needed to raise $10k worth of money for a dowry! Guess what tool helped it? Twitter!

    Using that strategy, you can add a mix to it. I did this before but eventually stopped a little and focused on web projects.

    I made a blogpost that have tips from a known marketer (Frank Kern, Mike Keonigs, John Reese.. etc) Then I tweet about the blogpost: #FrankKern Tip; Develop your core influence and stuff.. http:/bitly./linktopost

    Then I go to the profiles of those known marketers and follow the followers that seem very active on twitter.

    I was able to increase my followers to 1000 in a few days.

    You'll always keep losing followers by the way, if you don't tend to talk to them and sometimes if even don't tweet a lot on twitter.
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    Yes internet marketing and that too facebook and twitter become lot of spammy now a days, there is a lack of genuinity in twitter followers, if you really want to build good list, just need to spend time on providing quality information that is useful to readers, then your content will go viral and automatically you get followers
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    I tweet about 5 links a day to stories on my solar energy blog. I have well over 28k followers. All organic. But the only problem, very few click through to read my stories. Any suggestions on how to increase click-through's? my twitter account is
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    I use twellow for targeted followers, or I search and follow on twitter. For untargeted I use software.
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    Hi Max - I'm not a super power Twitter user and haven't dabbled in follower software for awhile.

    With that being said I've found that if you simply do a lot of retweeting of other experts tweets then you will get retweeted and followed yourself. Basically, the more I tweet the more I get shared and people add me.

    Of course I use to pre-schedule my posts. This helps a lot too.

    Thanks for the follower resources everyone.
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    Hi Max, here's a post I wrote a while ago about gaining Twitter followers naturally.

    Good luck!
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    I simply searched for my targeted audience and followed them, a lot of people automatically followed back. The result was 4 days after I created my account and completed my profile, I had 196 followers
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    I like to post YouTube videos and have a link to my Twitter on their. Seems to be working pretty great!
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    1. Follow other people -- especially those with picture avatars rather than the generic Twitter icon. 2. Share information that can be beneficial to other users, such as information you learned about a website you tried.
    3. Use the "@reply" method when responding to other people. Type the "@," followed by the Twitter user name, such as "@yasirkhan," before your message to that person. This will send the reply directly to that user and will also be viewable by that user's followers.
    4. Get involved in online events that include #hashtags.
    5. Refrain from Tweeting too much. Limit yourself to 20 Tweets a day at the most.
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    Follow people on twitter is important.

    Follow and follow back is the way to make friends on Twitter, and even in real life. The one-way follow is for famous people, celebility, but not for average people, like you and me.
    So, do not afraid follow people, when I see people have big followers, I normally will take a look at their site, because I want to know what make so many people follow him.
    See, this is the power of more followers.
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    I have actually tried a couple of popular twitter automation tool and they delivered the results. Using them, you would only be gathered TARGETED twitter followers and developing a decent following/follower ratio. Although, the main element to make your twitter profile grow in popularity would still be useful and likeable content. Hope that helps.
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    I am not going to say that this happens all the time because I know that it does not. But for me, if someone starts following me, I will be likely to follow them back as long as they are not too far out there for my liking. Maybe if you follow a few more people, they will return the favor to you and follow you back?
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    there's a weird thing i noticed in EVERY SNS...

    for example, in Youtube... I have comments that are +1d up to the top of popular videos IN MY NICHE... they get me ZERO subscribers.

    But the moment I leave a personal message on someone's wall, i get a 40% subscribe/follow back rate. See

    In twitter it's the same, If you tweet out the secret to immortality, nobody will follow you even if you start to trend. But if you just tell a stranger, "good tweet. thanks."

    you hve a 40% chance they will follow you. Weird.

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