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Hi WF Family,

Is anyone here using the Social Media Bar to increase social media exposure? I have noticed a lot of people using this lately and went to the site to find it's only a form. Please describe your experiences with it. Does it help any? Please advise.

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    what do you mean by social media bar? You mean social media bar as in a plugin on facebook or any other social media site?
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    Its Basically a clever URL shortner that can grab pics on the internet for you and create a image thumb nail of your choice to describe your site without actually having those pics on your sites content.

    *** In Simple Terms****

    When you share a link on facebook, FB automatically grabs a thumbnail preview of the web site you are sharing, with social media bar you can create thumb nail previews of any image you would like just by having the Image URL.

    Pretty Cool if you ask me... I use it some times when I am trying to promote my site with a specific image..

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    The addition of a social media toolbar to your website can provide a wonderful user experience and large marketing exposure. The connection between your visitors can be tightened up as they will be able to share news directly with each other. The social media revolution has taken a sharp turn for the best with these fantastic new toolbar software packages.

    Both easy to implement and customize, a social media toolbar is the perfect way to garner more attention and page views from your users.

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