How to Rank and Market your YouTube Videos: Step by Step Blueprint

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So I've decided to put together a brief but comprehensive guide to YouTube Marketing for the readers of this forum. I get asked how to rank videos in YouTube several times a day by my clients (I'm a local SEO consultant and an online backlinks broker), and I find myself amazed at how misunderstood certain elements are. Ranking Videos is not Rocket Science. Many times getting a video up the SERPS is much easier than ranking a site or even a Web 2.0 property.

Over optimization penalties do not come into effect. Backlinking penalties don't matter, and hey videos are cheap to either make yourself, or outsource for a few bucks, yet they can bring amazing amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site/product/cpa or just for the Ad revenues. And you have two separate (though obviously related) platforms where you can get your traffic; The SERPs and YouTube Search.

So here's the Deal
Step by Step:

1. For every product/niche you are targeting you want to create a separate YouTube channel. So if you're targeting "Lose Weight in 30 Days", get create a channel called "Lose Weight in 30 Days" or something very close "Lose Weight in 30 Days Fast" "Lose Weight in 30 Days Guaranteed". This will be a major SEO boost to your videos. More importantly this channel will allow you to successfully market all related keywords: "Lose weigh in 30 Days Review" "Best Lose Weight in 30 Days Product" "Learn How to Lose Weight in 30 Days", etc.

2. Your Title Means Everything. Your title is the single most important onPage factor for your video. Title your video exactly the keyword you are targeting. "Lose Weight in 30 Days" is your title. Don't put anything else in there. If you're going after "Lose Weight in 30 Days Review"
that's your title.

*** A little side note here, before you start going after "Make Money Online" check out the videos first. If they have 20,000+ views and have been around for a while, and are on a popular channel with loads of subscribers... do yourself a favor and look for something else

3. Description. 2nd most important onPage factor. Place your keyword first, then your url. i.e. Lose Weight in 30 Days: and then put a nice keyword loaded description. YES you can keyword stuff here. Mention you keyword at least 3 times, use LSI permutations and all that other fun stuff.

4. Tags 3rd most important onPage factor. Use up all the tags you can. Keyword stuff like crazy, but also use the recommended tags that YouTube provides (their so nice to us). If you’re not using up all the tags, you are leaving out potential search streams for your video, and depriving it of full SEO merit. YouTube allows a maximum of 30 characters for any single tag, and a maximum of 500 characters for all combined tags. So use them up.


Alright, your Video is as optimized as it's ever going to be. Time for the offPage factors.

1. Views. You need more views than your competing videos. It's really that simple. If you don't have more views, chances of you overtaking a video especially if its been around a bit longer and is also onPage optimized are slim. You can purchase views directly, although you really need to look for something called "slow views", and not the bot style mobile views that you could do 10,000 in 3 hours (no joke) as these are really being heavily discounted by YouTube now.

Better yet, get singed up for some social exchanges like AddmeFast, YouLikeHits, Vagex, and leave your browser open 24/7 collecting credits for YouTube Views. If you have an old PC laying around gathering dust, now's the perfect time to hook it up, and let it become a tokens collector on these sites. In a few days running 24/7 you can have enough credits for 20,000 views. Or buy them, its up to you, but you need the views.

2. Use the exact same services to get you videos tons of "likes" comments, and subscribes to your video channel. You would never just have views without these other metrics coming into play, so make everything look as natural as possible.

3. This is the one that most don't know about, and this will make or break your whole campaign. Video embeds. The code from the YouTube Video used on other sites. This is huge. The references actually show up under the video (sometimes). Embed everywhere you can. Use the video on your Blog, paste it on your Fanpage, paste it on your personal Facebook wall, Web 2.0 properties you control (Think Squidoo, Multiply, Weebly, etc.) and anywhere else you can.

Here's my personal list of sites accepting YouTube Embed Code Directly for Sharing:

The great think about these sites, is you can just paste you YouTube code right in. They are high PR, high Traffic sites, so if you have an interesting video you will get views and possibly conversions. They will boost both your internal Youtube Rankings, and google SERPs


And that really is YouTube marketing in a nutshell. If your also after google SERP placement then you need to have these 3 elements dialed in, as well as backlinking. YouTube videos are much much more resilient than say a website, or even Web 2.0 property when it comes to what you can get away with as far as blasting it. Social Bookmarks, Wikis, and some nice Forum Profiles work really well here, and just some Fiverr gigs will do the trick.

A world of warning Scrapebox AA (auto-apptove) comment blasts are a Big NO NO now. I've tested this vigorously, and they just drop even Facebook pages now. I wouldn't even use them to index my backlinks now, and so am suggesting you stay away from them for YouTube videos also. However a few niche related manually placed comments would be a great addition.

A Few Other Top Tips:

-give your channel some authority in your niche. If your target videos are on weight loss, be sure to include a few on "healthy living" "dieting tips" "keeping fit", etc. Not only will this give you channel and all its videos a nice boost in authority which will translate to better rankings, you now also have a very nice sales funnel in place, so that even if a viewer wasn't particularly captivated by the first video of your they saw, they might well like the looks of one of your other videos which are auto suggested by YouTube.

-Youtube now gives you the option to feature other channels on your channel. Make use of this to again gain higher authority, and create a much more rewarding user experience (to which they will want to come back). Obviously don't feature channels that are in direct competition to yours, but something related to your niche would work very well.

Hopefully this has been an informative guide to you guys. Remember, you won’t get very far unless you take action. So go ahead and put these techniques into use. Come back and let us know how it worked out for you.s
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    Well I'm glad everyone enjoyed this :rolleyes:
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    Its an awesome post. Nice of you to take the time to write this long post. I have heard of video embedding in the past and how it can have an effect on video rankings. I will really try this thing out now and lets see how much impact it will have on the video rankings.

    Can you specify if you have tested different video lengths and do they have any effect on the rankings?
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    Thanks for sharing this post... I appreciate the hard efforts of your legwork and I will certainly benefit from this.

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    Thank you for the great tips
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    that is great,thanks!
    how long rank a youtube video?
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    thanks for sharing. i have read a wso that contains all these info and i must say good work for sharing this for free
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    how keyword in youtube appear in page one google ?
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    Hey, firstly, thanks for writting up such a long and informative post.

    Now, i'm curious about these view exchange sites like vagex, youlikehits, etc. Isn't it against Youtube policies to use them? I mean, don't get me wrong, i would be glad to use a couple of them to increase the views on some of my videos. Who wouldn't?

    But doesn't that just increase your chances of your video getting erased, or your account banned? I would be pretty damn frustrated after i gained 1 - 2k views to suddenly wake up a month later with my account banned on youtube.
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    Nice contribution - Thanks for posting.
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    Also, never forget to use social media because it can positively give you quality traffic and brand awareness.
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    Quick question - What's your opinion on using your keyword twice in the title?
    Blue Widgets - Blue Widgets are the key to success.

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    Nice info
    Thank you for sharing
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    Just so you know I've been blasting my videos with scrapebox links for 6 months now and they have not done harm to 1 video yet. But I don't use AA lists. I harvest my own lists relevant to the niche I'm targeting, write a bunch of somewhat relevant comments, some vague asskissing comments, then hope for a small percent to get approved, which works well.

    What I find works best with youtube is targeting as many different keywords as possible with as many videos as possible. Instead of rushing videos and submitting crap for all these different keywords, make 1 high quality video, and upload it multiple times by making slight changes to the video. I usually have an intro/outro that is just an ad, and I shorten or lengthen the time of the intro/outro to make each video "unique".

    This way I have 1 high quality video, uploaded 20-25 times, targeting multiple different keywords that the video is relevant for. Then I backlink them all with scrapebox and some free auto backlinkers online. For select videos, which are likely to be my best target keywords, I will order a fiver gig to blast it with natural likes/views/subscribers/comments (I order a 2 month drip feed service).

    One of the hardest things to do with youtube, or anything for that matter, is "proper" keyword research. Sometimes, you can research 1 keyword for hours. Especially if it appears to be a low search keyword, but you believe that a lot of people are actually searching for it. Sometimes I will research 1 long tail keyword for 2-3 hours straight. Checking competitor backlinks, how long they've been targeting that keyword with their site, what google says, what youtube says, how optimized sites are, if there are google places ranking (for local keywords), how many videos on youtube target that keyword etc etc.

    Often times I find myself using a lot of "calculated intuition". Its hard to explain. But I do a ton of research on keywords, then get to work uploading tons of youtube videos. Then I have to make an estimated guess to figure out which ones would be the best to promote, and which ones can rank without promotion. Eventually, after a few weeks / months, many of those videos land on page 1, and its usually the videos I'm not expecting, that rank in the top 3. But I still believe keyword research is important, because you should get a higher % in the top 3 positions of google. Like instead of uploading 100 videos and only having 10% hit the top 3, you can have 20-30% hit the top 3.

    And thats basically how I approach it. Like a science.

    Doing it this way really works great. >>>ESPECIALLY<<< if you are targeting a niche that hasn't really been saturated yet on youtube, which is what I'm doing now. You need that leverage in both niche selection and keyword selection.

    So my best advice, take A LOT of time doing keyword research. It will help a lot.
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    I am a Newbie and just joined this forum a couple hours ago. I hesitated a little because of the $10 registration fee. Fate would have it this is the very first post I read.

    I just started two weeks ago making daily You Tube videos and putting them up on my blog. Wow then I read this. I would think this information is worth at least $200 to anybody like myself who is scratching his head trying to figure out what to do next. This post is fantastic. I printed it out and then made a "to do list" to promote my videos based on this post. I am very excited. This is so clear and helpful. Thank you so very much Nikita A Beriozkin !!!
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    great thread
    i think i returned 4 wsos about youtuberaning that i bought. i tested all of them and they were junk. this method actually makes sense
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    great guide
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    Really comprehensive tutorial.
    Thanks for sharing, got some good tips that I didn't know about previously.
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    Great Article! Also I would recommend a little social juice to spice it up.
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    Thx for this big post, was pretty insightfull.

    That being said:

    This isnt applicable for all niches right?
    Maybe Im blind but I cant find a post video/share video button ANYWHERE here?
    Could someone point me to it ?

    They explicitily say that uploading your own videos will result in a ban, doesnt that make it a horrible idea?
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    Thanks again for the great share. Definitely answers some questions I've been receiving.

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