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I've just set up a business facebook page, my challenge is (don't laugh) but I cannot reply and like their page from the page I've set up so I am having to log into my personal fb page and and tell them it is from me I put my business page name in so that I have returned their like.

I think that I must have set up the page wrong in the first place any advice would be welcome thanks in advance:confused:
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    That is exactly how Facebook Works, You can only reply, like and interact on other people pages/ fan pages etc.. utilizing your own personal page!

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    yep, that is pretty much how facebook does it. they only want people liking things.
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    Hi, Rosalie. I have both a "regular" and a "Like" Facebook page. It is helpful to me because I have so many people already on my "regular" FB page.

    I can give them my Public Like page address when I contact them using the Message feature on each person's page.

    I just went to my "Like" page and saw that the Likes I have there are for other pages, not for people. So I think you have done your pages right.

    Try visiting your Edit Page - Manage Permissions area on your Admin Panel to see if you can change something there. And explore all your settings there too.

    I also have OK'd the "follow" function on my regular (personal) FB page, which makes things easier for others.

    FYI: I have not heard about the new Facebook Search Graph yet, Sue, but I look forward to learning more about it.
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    FYI if you do not want to log in and out of your fb page to get to your business page, use google chrome, then you can go incognito and be logged into both at once.

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