If you were Mark Zuckerberg & you were to launch FB tomorrow - how would you promote it?

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Title above says it all, let's see the type of answers we get floating in - should help some of us.

Thanks in advance to contributions made.
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    If you were Zakhar and you were launching a website soon, how would you do it?
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    He kind of did it the best way.... by telling his friends... But if I had it my way I would do a funny parody video, something that would get tons of views and at the end say "sponsored BY"... BOOM... tons of visitors...

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    I'd promote it on Face book.
    Hey Patrick...you beat me to that answer. LOL.

    If FB did not yet exist, there are still loads of other social media sites and forums and places you could advertise so it's still possible for things to go viral. Lucky for Zuckerberg that he was in the right frame of mind at the right time and ,Voila! billionaires galore!
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    hhmmm probably using the same methods he used... quirky ideas like hot or not and going for those who are constantly online... STUDENTS
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    Buy a ton of ads on Google Adwords and just blast my local community through ads.
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    Invest a lot into PPC
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    Articles and Press Releases.
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    start it in a university first exactly how he did
    copycat marketing
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    Considering that Facebook is the most successful social networking site ever and made Zuckerberg a billionaire, I wouldn't do anything differently.
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    If I were Mark Zuckerberg I'd have an entirely different perception of how things work in the world. It's really impossible to say what I'd do to promote it because of the sheer difference in our mindsets.
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    I wouldn't bother much on promoting it .
    When Zuckerberg first started FB , he just told a couple of people from his college campus about it , they started using it, saw the potential and reccomended it to others.
    What i've learned from this is that if you offer a good product with potential, it's enough to tell a few people about it and than just wait and see what happens. If the initial response is weak , it means that your product is not good enough and needs improving.
    It's not worth investing huge amounts of money into a product you haven't tested on a smaller target group to begin with.
    My best websites/products/pages started out that way.
    So bottom line is : have patience , test test test / improve improve improve and it shall happen.
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    I will promote it...
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    Market a Facebook clone?

    Easy. Every successful social network has started with a similar pattern.

    1. Start network in school that you or your friends are in.
    2. Focus on female users get them to join.
    3. Spread to nearby schools.
    4. Around this time someone at these school should start sharing hot chick pictures from your site on Vesti(IGN), 4chan, and etc. These are the people who will start the viral. Remember make it so only those who have an accound can view the rest of the pictures.

    I had accounts on myspace and facebook for years originally just to see the pictures. I didn't actually use either personally till they went mainstream. But that doesn't matter. If they are logging in they are an "active" user.

    See how this works?

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