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Hey guys!

I have some videos I own all rights too that feature some world famous often searched people in them, that allign well with my active niche. I want to gain maximum exposure to my website/forum and channel for them. I have read alot about the on page SEO and I think I have that locked down.

But for off-page what can i do to ensure these videos go viral?

To clarify, this isnt funny pictures or anything, so it wont appeal to everyone, but those interested in my niche, will really find this a golden gem and within the niche it will be liked by everyone for sure.

So my question is, how do I market it / what do I do for off-page SEO ?
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    Build High Quality Back Links to your videos with your choice of keywords that are in the description and title of your videos, Use Social Booking marking sites and write key word rich articles and make sure you add your key words and promote the videos on your social media accounts and you will get high rankings with your videos.

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    Thanks, is there anyone you guys would recommend to hire to do this for me?

    The on-page I feel I can manage, but im not sure I have the time to build the links and so on.
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    Hey Fastcolt,

    I thought that I'd just let you know that I've developed a YouTube Software Tool called "uTube Analyzer Pro" which helps you to know which keywords are easiest to dominate both the first page of Google & YouTube. All you have to do is import a good sized keyword list for your niche, click start, and uTube Analyzer Pro will go off scanning the first page of Google to find all of your competitors in your niche and then it will let you know which keywords that you could easily dominate both Google & YouTube with.

    Please let me know if you'd be interested and I could fill you in a little more. Also, I have a FREE ebook guide on how to rank your YouTube videos to the top, so I could send you that as well.

    I hope I can be of some help/value to you.
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    When it comes to SEO, one of the best tools is link-building. You can write quality articles, do social bookmarking, submission to site directories, utilize the power of networking, optimizing your social media presence and don’t forget the power of guest blogging.

    >>>Get your websites ACTUALLY ranked by checking these out: Quantum SEO Labs, Home Page Link Building & SERP Ability. Want to get rid of negative listings? Check out Reputation Enhancer.

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    There are a lot of things you can do to market your videos and to help them climb the ranks in YouTube. But it really depends what you are after. Whether it is a personal video you just want people to watch, or whether it is a marketing medium that is used to bring traffic to your website. If it is a personal video, buid links and try to build the links that will actually bring you traffic. If you are going for the marketing medium. I recommend adding a little juice to spruce up the vibe.
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    You can syndicate your video using services like TubeMogul. I'm not sure how that works because I'm not heavy on YouTube marketing (I use it for the free traffic and a quick SERPs boost for my money sites) but try a search on this forum or Google for more information.
    I Sell What People Want. The Money Is A Bonus..
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