Facebook iFrame Lead form?

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Hey guys!

Does Facebook still allow iframing lead forms for generating leads?

If so, any how to's? or any direction on what the best means for generating leads via facebook?

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    I have seen a lot of companies that have lead generation type forms set up in their group of applications so I’m assuming this is still an acceptable practice. One thing you could do is model your landing page after a fangate. You could require visitors to enter in some basic information in order to gain access to some type of content like a video, an image or a white paper or some kind of download.

    Here is also a post on Hubspot that offers some ideas,

    5 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads From Facebook

    Hope that helps,

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    Yes Facebook still allows this, however you have to use a 3rd party app. May I suggest this one:


    As for methods. You can run a FB ad and have it land on your lead form tab. This works very well because you clicks are highly targeted and FB ads tend to cost much lower than other venues.
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    Awesome! Thanks Warriors!

    I will deff look into this! I hear alot of people are doing well with Facebook + Lead Generation, so id like to get a cut of the action

    If anyone is in the EDU lead gen space, I can give you TIP TOP payouts for leads

    PM me

    again thanks guys!

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