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WOW!!! Such hype about YouTube views, my head is spinning. So, the question is in the most simplest form. Can you rank on the top for your video on YouTube without any hard work, backlinks, etc... just only by doing the title, description and tags perfectly? or do you need the views to give you that extra kick up the ladder?
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    Yes you can rank, but only if the specific video / niche doesn't have that much competitors. For example it is almost impossible to rank a video in weight loss niche, however if you would like to rank a video about ants it will might get better ranks.
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    I have a video ranking #1 for a very competitive term on YT Search, I have comments disabled, I backlinked the video with really low quality links (profile bl's), and fed it with a few 100,000 views to kickstart it. But it took about a year to worked tho.
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    Yeah, just take it like a blog post. If you're wanting to rank for a high comp keyword on Google you're going to have to build links and get traffic.

    I don't recommend using Fiverr at anytime, but I have ranked YouTube with Fiverr traffic & backlinks before...but like the person above said, it takes time.
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    The single most important thing about your video is what the viewer sees before clicking it.
    The second most important thing about your video is the title.
    If you put out dozens of videos for your subscribers each month, it is very likely that you are not hitting over 100,000 views.
    Keep your video short.
    Get to the point.
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    Youtube ranks based on link popularity and viewer/LIKE ratio.

    So if you get a high ratio of LIKES before you get 100 views... you could end up on page one for a search.

    This is the process I use to do that. i get about 5-12% likes: Youtube Marketing: How To Boost Your Sales by 351%

    It's the link at the bottom. I would have copied and pasted here but i hate how big the videos come up autoembedded! Sorry!

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