How do I gain traffic on my Facebook Page?

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I am currently working for a company called Lavish Life International, ( and I am having trouble gaining an audience. What are some steps that I need to take in order to capture my target market?

Little bit about our company:

-We are an exclusive market place for High end timepieces, boat craft, aircraft, exotic cars, and loose stones.

-Are target market are those in the 1%

-We do not have any geographical boundaries

Any help would be appreciated!
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    Oh yeah and our Facebook page is
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    Use FB advertising.
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    You should Try Google Adwords, You seem to have a particular niche that is catered to a percentage... Create a subscription newsletter and send out e-mails... invite your personal contacts to your FanPage... Via admin panel.
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    like other peoples comments on competitors facebook pages. works like a charm for me
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    ... where's the "like" button?
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    When you make a facebook fan page, which links back to your website, that page can drive plenty of traffic
    1.Login to your facebook account, and switch from user, to page.
    2. Open another tab with
    3. Type "intext:yourkeyword"
    Ex: intext:kitchen
    You will get a list of facebook pages similar to yours. Go make some commenting on those pages.
    Your comment should appear on the right side of that page.
    Repeat process with similar words.
    If everything done properly, in the morning, you will see traffic increase.
    You can use this, and similar techniques on other high authority sites, just find those where you can comment and leave backlink, be creative. Therefore, instead of commenting on shitty blogs, you are doing it on high authority pages. Once you start getting traffic, this will ring the bell in Google, and he will rank you better in SERPS, which will give you SE traffic boost.
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    Try to keep posting new things daily on your fan page.
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    FB advertising has become very efficient and a good source of not only traffic but also sales. You could try that.
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    Run an online promotion! You can raise brand awareness and if you do it well, it can drive you sales too. There are a lot of easy to use tools out there in the market which can help you in this, you just need to find a decent prize to giveaway
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    Online advertising and constant, compelling updates on Facebooks that appeal to your followers and encourage's them to share the content
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    That's a lot for fans. Good jobs now get more
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    You need a good number of REAL Likes to start adveritising , because with only 165 likes i dont think that are enaught .!
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    I think you can try, Google adwords or advertising.
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    You could try commenting on your competitors, FB adverts and ask your friends to share.
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    1. Write Well and Write Often
    2. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines
    3. Use and Update Your Blogroll
    4. Harness the Power of Comments
    5. Syndicate Your Blog's Content with an RSS Feed
    6. Use Links and Trackbacks
    7. Tag Your Posts
    8. Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites
    9. Remember Search Engine Optimization
    10. Don't Forget Images
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    I would recommend you to improve your search postion in google serach. try to increase your website pagerank via creating backlinks from other sites related to your niche

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