How to grow a sustainable web brand.

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Hi guys. I just launched a new site: Toms Sport Report this is a continually updated one page sportsnews site, (you can say its the "drudge report" of sport).. I have never promo a "one pager" before so this is new to me and i hope you guys can give ae old time warrior some good advice..

What im looking for is a way to grow a sustainable web brand, reach journalists, bloggers, online/offline news organizations, interested in my my field. Im going to use "pieceofcakepr" for PR next week but what else should i try?

How would you promote it? Remember this is a one page news aggregator site so no seo posts/articles/pages.. Thank you for your valuable time and any help is much appreciated.
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    Still working on it but this was not about my design but how to promo it.
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    your best bet would be twitter and facebook. They can give you free traffic. Other than that your website should be bookmarked by users. also try going for major pr releases and guest post coverage. Initial traffic building will take time.
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    Have someone work on social media 24/7 to engage your followers, Use media buys to reach every major sports website out there, use retargeting to increase brand presence.

    Press releases once a week? Get featured in google news, try contacting local radio/news papers for advertising although this depends on price

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